Signs that you are the guy’s rebound girl


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Rebound Girl

If you are thinking and confused wondering if the guy you are dating is really into you about the relationship he wants with you, or just because he missed his ex? Not many believe in the concept of rebound girl. But, knowingly or unknowingly, if a guy starts to date you as soon as he breaks up with a long term relationship, then you are the rebound girl, no matter how much you deny the fact. There are a few signs you can find out with if you are the rebound girl for him or not.

But most of the times, while you think that the relationship is going well and everything, you won’t see the fact that he is just using you for sex and to get over his ex. There could be apprehensions if the jerk you’re dating is using you or not. Don’t worry; we are there to help you see the signs. So, we are going to explain the signs that your guy is just using you as a rebound girl.

Signs That Prove That You Are The Guy’s Only Rebound Girl

1If he doesn’t care about you

If he doesn’t care about you

The perks of being in a relationship are the special attention and the care that you get from the other person. If the guy doesn’t ask you your daily events or about how you are feeling for the day, then he is just using you for sex and doesn’t really care for you. Well, when you are thinking of all the ways to help him out and get him back on his feet, he is just thinking of banging you over and over again. If you feel that there is no care or affection in the relationship that definitely means that the guy is using as his rebound girl.

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2NO importance given

NO importance given

Of course the person who cares would understand and recognize those things that are important to you and genuinely try to take effort to incorporate those things into your life. If you have to keep repeating the same thing again and again when he knows you don’t like it, or if he asks you over and over again about something you have mentioned 10 times already, it means that he is simply not paying any attention to you. Like we said, the previous point also states the part where if he doesn’t care, then that’s a sure sign. This is also one important sign, because a guy who loves you or at least respects you will give you the importance you need or should be given.

3There is no love making

There is no love making

There is a huge difference between love making and sex. There are also some signs where you can find out if he just wants raw sex or is there some love in the sex. Does he cuddle you? Kiss you for long? See if there is intimacy and love in the sex you make. If it is raw and doesn’t make you feel special, then there is something wrong with the whole approach. Well, but you can’t depend on this as the sure shot sign because, most guys don’t get the difference between sex and love making even if they like you. This could be the least in the list and can’t depend much on this. But you can still find out about the way he holds and makes you feel in the bed.

4If there is no emotions

If there is no emotions

Any relationship will have some emotions. If you have been dating for quite a while now, have been going out, and stuff, then definitely there should be some emotions involved in the process. If he doesn’t care or bother about you, you won’t be able to find the emotions in him because he shrugs it off thinking that you are just another rebound girl for him. Men do have feelings and do get attached to women the way we do. There is no exception in that at all. They feel the same way as we feel if they like us. If they don’t, then there is no emotion towards you.

5If he still talks about his ex

If he still talks about his ex

A man will no longer care about his ex if he is with the right person or if that is what you are thinking. Well, that doesn’t happen always. If your guy keeps talking about his ex or some kind of topic arises about her, you can try to avoid it by changing it. But, if he doesn’t pay heed and talks about her or how he had felt for her, that is your sign to leave him. It doesn’t matter if she is there for the right or wrong reasons, it is wrong to keep talking about her. More than it is wrong, it is a sign that he hadn’t forgotten her and now he is using you to get over her. That is a huge slap for you, so get out of the relationship if you feel uncomfortable.

6No meeting with friends or family

No meeting with friends or family

3-4 months is the ideal time for you to meet at least his friends if not his family. If the guy has taken you out, but never behaved like a couple or if he has taken you to places but there has been no sign of friends or family, it just means that he hasn’t told any of his friends about the relationship. If he thinks that the relationship has to be kept under covers for more than 6 months, then it means that he doesn’t want to reveal his relationship with you and is ashamed of it.

-Pavithra Ravi

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