Ways To Spark Passion in Your Long-Term Relationship

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Long term relationships can bring a break that everyone faces. It is not an emotional break, but mostly sexual! Passion makes life good. It’s the essence of desire: feeling excited! Experiencing a fire within you! Sadly, love often fades in long term relationship (day-to-day life gets predictable and boring). While this experience is somewhat normal, by no means should we resign ourselves to passionless love! Because let’s be honest; if we want relationships to last, passion has to be part of the deal. It’s what keeps us intrigued, interested, motivated and coming back for more.

If passion has faded in your relationship, not to fear: there are things you can do to feel it once again. Here are five ways to ignite your relationship. Enjoy lighting that fire!

Tips For A Bright Relationship

11. Take space and give space

Take space and give space

It is good to take space from a relationship you think is losing its charm. It is definitely a break from your regular life. It is always a great start to an exciting following session of lovemaking. Confused how? Well, every time you give a break trying to do something and stay away from it, the longing gets higher. You can always go for walks alone, take a trip to your mother’s place for a couple of days, take your children to a picnic that doesn’t involve your husband’s company. Stay aloof for a few days physically.

Remember, this is only physical and not emotional. Do not stop talking to him, which will create other emotional issues. So, adjust to your space needing schedule. Sometimes relationships need to be given its space and time. Do not spring on him every time you feel sexual. Consciously induce space to heat things up in the relationship.

22. Leave the room with the mystery-

Leave the room

It is no myth that a woman should discuss every single detail with her partner. It is good to keep things to oneself and not indulge in sharing everything. Contrary to popular belief, your partner does not need to know everything about you. In fact, it’s probably better if he or she doesn’t. Sometimes women confuse intimacy to sharing everything. Intimacy is sharing anything when you are physically vulnerable or when emotionally you lose yourself to one person.

But when you are withholding certain things within yourself, you will notice some extra attention from your partner. It is a sure shot that your partner will want to give you more attention and care because he knows he is unaware of something that you have intentionally kept away from him.

33. Do not overload him-

Do not overload him

A common issue in a relationship is that women generally overload their men with various responsibilities. You expect your husband to be a lover, husband, father, friend, cleaner, handyman and what not! Unfortunately, the more roles we put a person in, the more diluted the relationship becomes.

If one of the main priorities of your relationship is to grow in passionate love, then you have to prioritize that experience above the others. One person cannot be everything to you plus they don’t have to be! This is the reason we have friends, best friends, parents, children and other relationships outside the house. You can always consider throwing some passion at him rather than responsibilities, which is when you can really work on the relationship.

44. Experience yourself as a passionate person

passionate person

Women generally expect the men to woo them, excite them and often cultivate the experience of the men! If you want to feel more passion — in your life and your relationship — then you have to become passionate. Often we rely on other people to make us feel a certain way, rather than cultivating that experience in ourselves. Try and do things that are a priority for you. Do things you like, excites and makes you feel alive! The fire that comes forth when you experience, passion, lets you become an absolutely irresistible person. You get to express your love, sex, creativity to him!

55. Talk sense-

Talk sense

Talk to your husband about your concerns. Remember to be sensitive when bringing the subject up and pick an appropriate time — not when you are in the middle of an argument. Your husband may resist the conversation because there may be underlying issues such as stress, depression or medication that are interfering with his sex drive, but be supportive. If he is reluctant to be open about it, encourage him to look within himself in order to gain insight into his issues. If all else fails, ask him to participate in one session of couple’s therapy so you can start making changes.

66. Make a priority-

Make a priority

Always make your husband a priority. How often do you express value, appreciation and admire him in a really heartfelt and meaningful way? Was it on a birthday, anniversary or holiday, when you actually took the time to remember the value of this special person in your life? Some may struggle to find it even then. It is so unacceptable that women forget the small things their men do to them. Picking up children from school, bringing flowers to the table or even stroking your hair when you work hard are small things he does to see the passion in you. You are the one who has to understand whether you show him the much anticipated passion that keeps a back step in your relationship.

It works wonders if you can enjoy one meal, one night or even 20 minutes with passion. It all needs you to give him your 100% and the rest will just flow automatically.

-Pavithra Ravi

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