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Everybody loves to look beautiful, and gorgeous every day. Makeup is the most beautiful part in a woman’s life. It makes every one of us look natural and stunning. You will enjoy every part of makeup, and be it starts from applying a concealer, or applying a blush. Makeup gives the gaze, which can be very attractive and appeal to everybody. But, some of you may be a beginner and want to start with some little tricks to applying makeup. It can be a little daunting while using makeup for the first time. So, here is the guide on how to choose foundation makeup, and look ravishing everyday.

Guide On Applying Foundation

1Choose your type

Choose your type

There are mostly two types of foundation – liquid and powder. Liquid foundations are, hence, been branched into moisturizers, like CC creams, BB creams, and many more. But for a simple verification, liquid moisturizer is something that is very liquid-ish or wet. There are many kinds of cream foundation available, which mostly feel like a paste. Powder foundation is generally loose. Some people use either liquids or powder, while others use both.

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2Find the right shade

Find the right shade

A foundation shade that can match your skin tone, can be quite difficult. You cannot decide, the shade only by just looking at it. You have to test them out. Test them on your own before buying, at any makeup counter. You can try by testing them on the inside of your wrist, or in your neck. The suggestion is, ask for a right shade at the makeup counter. If you don’t like any shade, you don’t have to buy them right away, and if your shade match, then you can find the same shade in any makeup line of your choice.

3Pay attention to skin

Pay attention to skin

Remember, that finding a foundation according to your skin type, is also as important as getting a foundation that can suit your skin tone. For example, if you have an oily skin, then you try avoiding using sheer and illuminating foundation because it can make your skin much shinier. Also, if you have dry skin, then using a matte foundation is a bad idea because it can make your skin appear drier. If you have breakout problem, then try a foundation that can contain blemishes fighting ingredients, like salicylic acid.

4Find out the best coverage

Find out the best coverage

All the foundations are created differently. There are three types, like medium, sheer and full coverage foundations. Sheer coverage foundations and tinted moisturizers can provide very light and more natural look. Medium coverage foundations are a little heavy for cover ups like marks and blemishes.

Foundation with full coverage, are generally thicker and hides basically everything. It can be good for photos and special occasions. You can also find foundations with different finishes like satin, matte, illuminating, and much more. Matte is something that gives a shine less finish, Satin can give a finish of a sheer glow and illuminating can provide the shimmery effect. Test out various options, before deciding what’s best for you.

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5Good primer is a must

Good primer is a must

When you are wearing makeup, a primer is your best friend, no matter if you have an oily skin or not. You need to put a good primer if you want, your makeup to last all day long. Basically, primer’s even out the skin, and just like a painter, smooths the canvas for your foundation. Remember to let your primer sit for a minimum of 10 minutes, before applying foundation.

6Blending is important

Blending is important

Remember, that while applying foundation, blending is the most important part. Suppose, if you are applying liquid foundation with a brush, then you must go with a stippling brush. It will press the foundation, on your face in a stippling motion. Even you can try a tear-drop shaped sponge, for liquid foundation. Or else, if you are using powder foundation, then try a kabuki brush or any large powder brush, that depends on your preference.

7Foundation is a first

Foundation is a first

If you are trying on a liquid foundation, then apply your foundation before concealer or any type of powder. Basically, if you are using a heavier foundation, then you won’t need much of a concealer. If you are able to see blemishes or dark circles, even after applying your foundation, then try blending concealer. Or, if you are using a powder foundation, then try applying your concealer first or else everything will mix together.

8Start lighter

Start lighter

One mistake that every beginner does is, they try to go overboard with the heavier foundation coverage. In the beginning, try something light coverage foundation and remember to not use a ton of it. You can try adding more, but if you put too much then it may look thicker and heavier and you might have to start over. Try to easeyourself into it.

9Always set foundation

Always set foundation

No matter what kind of foundation you use, that is, liquid or powder you always need to set them with a setting powder. A setting powder is a translucent powder and not a powder foundation. It can make your foundation coverage last longer, and also controls oil.

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