Spiritual Traditional Japanese Tattoos For Women


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Spiritual Traditional Japanese Tattoos For Women

Japanese tattoos for women or men, is considered as both clandestine as well as open, which is precisely what makes them interesting and fascinating. With the back of the rich culture, history as well as allusions to the meanings behind all the images, Japanese tattooing was about all hand made stuff. Machines came into the scene, very late in the Japanese tattoo culture. Japanese tattoos mean many different things. Some wear them as an amazing sign of protection for charm and others as a symbol of devotion.

The Japanese tattoo designs can also be perceived as an amazing symbol of protection to your body from any harm or evil attack. The tattoos are quite very versatile, and can help to cover the entire body by making it look quite beautiful with the colors.

There are many number of images, that is being used in the Japanese tattoo designs. These images can convey a person’s personal beliefs, or traits or one’s character or even aspirations. The images that are used in these tattoo design is also quite very stunning as well as scaring, both at the same time. The designs also includes blend of different themes as well as features making the entire Japanese tattoo tradition, a perfect work of art.

Japanese tattoo designs also involves many features and are known to be of the beautiful artistic styles. The composition is done in such a way which can flow well and even spread to the other parts of the body.


HistoryOriginally, tattoos in Japan were used in the society either for the spiritual purposes, or for conveying the status in the society. It is because of many superstitions, they tended to associate certain creatures with the beliefs, and then use them in a tattoo. Along with this, it is used to identify different classes of people. For example; separating the slaves from their owner. This aspect of the identification is what has propelled a very wide option of adopting tattoos, with more number of people getting them to identify themselves.

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Criminals, on the other hand had to adapt different designs just in order to distinguish them in between the gangs they belong. For example, the Yakuza and the Japanese mafia.

Japanese Tattoos For Women

Japanese TattoosThe Dragon: This creature is considered as a legend in Japanese history and is marked for its bravery as well as the tales of nobility. Dragon is believed be an impressive creature. With the wings and snout which can spit fire, it can just vanquish enemies within seconds. A tattoo design, that features a dragon can be colorful, deeply mystic and inspiring. With its painstaking rendering of designs by hand, a Japanese tattoo for women of a dragon is something that you might be proud to display.

The dragon in the Japanese society is normally perceived as a power which can manipulate the universe for its benefit of people and is also seen as a symbol of wisdom as well as strength unlike the western culture or other cultures where the dragon is perceived to be a terrifying creature.

KoiKoi: Koi is considered as a colorful jewel that is, auspicious as well as brave. Koi is bred especially for its visual appeal, and its carp becomes a living piece of art and piece of jewelry which can breath. By getting a Koi tattoo on the body, you can have an awesome artwork which has come about by mingling of the nature and man on the body.

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Spiritual TattooKanji: It is basically the lettering that is being used to write in Japanese. It is a very simplistic explanation for Kanji. But suffice it, Kanji can also make for very lovely tattoo designs by combining the aesthetical as well as mystical designs, when woven with the flowers, leaves or the petals. It can also make for an exquisite tattoo design, especially when done with hand with the subtle way of shading which is part of the Japanese way of tattooing.

Peony or symbolPeony or symbol of a peony: In the Japanese tattoo designs, the symbol of a peony is considered as a sign of wealth, elegance as well as prosperity. A rose flower without its thorns, just like the image is perceived as the king of flowers and often as a sign of a strong character.

Faces of womenFaces of women: Faces of women are also one of the common feature in Japanese tattoo designs. The beautiful face that is used on the Japanese tattoo can have a very special meaning to the wearer by creating a connection which only the wearer can explain.

The Japanese tattoo for women with the design of faces can demonstrate a very high level of creativity as well as art. The colors that is being used can help to blend quite well with the wearers complexion creating a flowing harmonious artwork. The lady’s symbol on the tattoo can also be perceived to mean beauty, elegance as well as calm.

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