5 annoying habits of yours that your partner hates

Annoying Habits

Things that started off to be sweet and quirky during the start of a relationship, now might not be the same. This holds good for both of you! You may be annoyed with a certain things your husband does like watching TV continuously, not getting involved in the household matters, etc. But have you wondered that this could be the case from his side too? He could have a list of things against you and you may not even be noticed or questioning your behavior because you might be busy with other things. Well, so we are, to help you know what are the probable things that may annoy your partner. All of the below might not be the same for every couple, but most of them could be extremely true. Give it a read and try to ask your husband if your annoying habits actually irritate him.

Top Things That Annoy Your Husband

1Bringing up an old story

Bringing up old story

Women, no matter what was stuck in the past. This doesn’t change unless they get a deadly forgetting disease like amnesia. Well, jokes apart, bringing up old dirt isn’t a great idea at all if you think it can save you from answering your husband. Firstly, it is very important to know that, every person makes mistakes and it is humane to be wrong. But pricking on it every single time you talk or have an argument doesn’t make anything better. Instead of talking about the past, try to analyze what went wrong and where you or he was wrong. This way, you can save an exhausting session of blame game and pin pointing on his past. If you realize, with the pricking and poking, he might lose interest in having even a normal conversation with you because he sure is scared of what kind of argument will break out the moment you have a problem. This could affect your marriage in the long run. So, try to shift your focus from the past to thinking what you should be doing next.

2Unnecessary extra details

Unnecessary extra details

Well, this could be a huge annoying factor for your husband. How about cutting everything short and getting to the point instead of giving all the details, or actually, extra details? When you are in a relationship, things like this wouldn’t matter much, but once you are married, both of you want things to be straight and immediate. Yes, this could even be the long hours of talking. You should cut to the chase and let him know what he has to know. Giving him extra details, every time during a conversation might piss him off. For example, if you are talking about your college alumni meet, you could always just stick with whom you met, what you did and how it was, instead of making him go through what your friends wore and where they got it for or talking about some unknown person or incident. This doesn’t mean that you should alter your words. It just means that extra details are not always required. Extra details sometimes are fine, but not every time. Few annoying habits could be avoided. Isn’t it?



Well, this gets thrown at every woman’s face. Doesn’t it? Overspending could be a black break on your relationship. It is believed that in India, 25% of the couples get divorced because of the wife’s overspending. It’s absolutely bizarre, but true! So, the next time you are thinking of buying the scarf you are doubtful of wearing or the dress that doesn’t fit you, but you think it will once you reduce or the unnecessary table cloth that will be shut behind the doors, you can generously avoid it. Yes, men get irritated when you overspend, whether it’s your money or theirs.

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4When you have pun intended phrases

intended phrases

How often do you say ‘K’, ‘Whatever’, ‘Nothing’s wrong’, ‘Fine’? Many a times? If you have been doing the pun intended phrases, you should know that your man probably hates you for doing so. Women intend to leave the men in dark for whatsoever reason, so that they can figure out and get back on feet. But men are not born with magical powers. You need to communicate things very clearly to them; otherwise, they may end up not figuring out at all. Do not use pun intended phrases because they will end up getting annoyed, stop searching for answers, and eventually lose all the interest in the relationship.

5Social Media obsession

Social Media obsession

Technology has changed everyone and everything around us. When your husband is in the middle of a meeting and you call him up to ask him accept your candy crush request, or pestering him to like or comment on your post/photo, randomly adding people to your list or plainly reflecting your mood on the social media, could be a huge break between the two of you. Guys are addicted to social media too, but they know their limits. There are very few men who go overboard. But most women don’t know the limits and could be over obsessed with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! So, if you are doing that, stop it right away. Take a step back and relax.

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-Pavithra Ravi

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