Ways in which you can remove holi colors from your body


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remove holi colors

Holi is the most amazing festival that brings a lot of color, happiness and unfortunately irritation also. You cannot deny, but everybody likes Holi and also dislikes it because of the after effects. The problemwith these Holi colors are that they are stubborn at times and the colors do not go away easily like the organic ones do. If you are using an organic holi colors, it is easier for you to remove it from your face or body. But a color that is made at home or color that does not involve organic contentsare difficult to remove from the face. You might feel like you are developing new rashes or itchy feeling even without your knowledge.

Holi is all about colors, happiness and water so when you are playing Holi, you might not notice that there are certain colors that can harm your skin. It is fine that your skin is exposed only on this day because holi comes only once a year and everybody has to definitely enjoy it without having to worry about the skin. While a lot of women might have a problem with this statement, we are here to help you to remove the most stubborn colors offyour face and your body. Check these tips to remove holi colors easily from your body.

Before you decide that you will never play Holi again, just check out these precautionary easy measures that you can take at home to prevent rashes, skin pores and color irritation.

Easily Remove Holi Colors

1Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

They always say that prevention is better than cure and do you know why this is that? Ummm, because when you have something planned in your mind prior to the actual happening, your mind and body will be prepared for you. If both your mind and body are prepared, you don’t have to have the constant fear of what will happen after playing with colors.

Well, I’m not going to confuse you anymore. What I’m trying to say is that every woman and child should oil their hair, face and the body properly before going out to play Holi.The soothing contents in oil forms as a protective layer to your skin. When weight is applied on your face and skin it gets easier to remove the colors after playing. Any kind of oil can be used.I would ask you to refer to coconut oilsince, it has been an age-old practicefor everyoneto use coconut oil to remove colors off their face.

Faceoil, moisturizer and a lot of body wash can do easy magic to removeskin irritation orcolor pigmentation after playing Holi. Well, everybody of course wants to look neat and tidy the next day to your respective office, right? Then try to be more conscious and precocious before you go out and play Holi with your family and friends.

2Use a lot of water

Use a lot of water

While we all suggest that you to play eco-friendly Holi, without water, it is for another reason as well. You need to restore all the water buckets for after Holi drama.Why is that? Well, this is because when you play with these colors, you have to scrub a lot off your face, body and skin with the help of water only.

Before you even think of shampoo or soap, you need to wash your face and body at least for 10 minutes. When water is used, the first layer of colors comes out easily. But the more and more only water is used, the stubborn colors also make their way and come out in a while. That is why you need a lot of patience too for after holi drama. Plus, if you have already oiled your skin, usage of water ends up being lesser than expected.

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3How to remove color from hair

How to remove color from hair

Of course hair is the most important part of any woman’s body. Yes, women spend so much money and time on their hair massage, hair products, hair nourishment, hair spas, etc., to protect their hair. You might be scared and worried that after playing Holi, you can suffer hair fall or constant itching. But don’t worry, we are going to give you really easy and flexible solution to get rid of hair color after playing Holi.

Usage of yogurt and egg yolk mixed in a bowl makes a lot of difference to your hair after you play Holi. If you wonder how is that possible, I am going to tell you that it is a magic ingredient inside the egg and curd that has elements of removing and eliminating color.

Simply add this mixture to hair for about 10 to 20 minutes before you take a headbath. But, if you are not comfortable with egg yolk on your hair, then you can go for fenugreek seeds made into a paste with curd as well. Add a pinch of lemon to it even since lemon also has agents that helps in removing color from your hair instantly.

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4How to remove color from your body

remove color from your body

Like I already said using coconut oil before playing Holi can help a lot of scrubbing off all the colors. But if you still find that there are stubborn colors stuck to your face or body, there is a homemade pack just for you, that you can be used to scrap of all the colors.

Mashed potatoes with a pinch of honey can be mixed with Multani mitti and kept aside for sometime. Since all these ingredients are highly rich in vitamin C, it has the flexibility of removing any color pigmentation from any part of the body. So this easy process can remove color within half an hour after playing Holi.

These are some easy homemade remedies for you to scrape off all the colors after playing Holi. You don’t have to worry about colors when you play Holi because Holi is all about happiness, colors and what you take out of it. It is important for you to enjoy the festival first and these homemade remedies will help you post your Holi drama. Don’t worry girls, if nothing works you can look beautifully colored for 2 to 3 days because after 2 to 3 days, these colors will definitely fade away.

-Pavithra Ravi

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