Importance of coconut in Hinduism


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Have you wondered why coconut plays such an important role in Hinduism? We offer coconuts not because it is a random practice that was started out of the blue. It in fact has one of the most important and sensible scientific reason behind it. Offering coconut actually has saved human lives. Do you want to know how? Well, in the olden days, the ritual was very simple. Anything that is considered to be pure had to be offered to the almighty.So, unfortunately people used to offer young unmarried girls or boys to god since they were in the purest form. A lot of sacrificing of young people followed while Adi Shankara, a guru who followed Hindu religion extensively,brought coconut into the picture! It has a very symbolic representation of its birth into human lives. Here are a few elements of the importance of coconut in Hinduism

5 Important reasons Of Coconut

1Coconut as supreme offering to God

supreme offering to God

A Hindu ritual always has the presence of coconut by breaking the fruit on the ground.It is considered very auspicious and the Puja rituals don’t begin without a coconut. There are a number of reasons why coconut plays an important role. Coconut in Sanskrit means ‘Sriphala’ which is the symbol of almighty. Coconuts come in picture into many occasions good or bad for that matter – Weddings, new constructions, festivals, homas. Since the fruit is considered auspicious, it is seen almost in all the Hindu temples so that devotees can offer it to the God.

2Why a coconut?

Why a coconut

It sure is one of the most interesting symbolism created.The coconut resembles a lot like human head if you notice closely. While the coir signifies human hair, the inside part which is the hard nut resembles our skull. The water inside the coconut is considered as the blood and the white kernel is the metal space inside the skull. Though the concept is freaky and scary, the fruit sure has bestowed as a savior for human life playing a huge importance in ritual and spiritual belief.

3Coconut – selfless bestower

selfless bestower

Kalpavriksha is the name of the coconut tree which is also considered for giving everything it has. While the leaves of the tree are used for covering enclosures and thatching, the inside part of the coconut which is called the kernel is good for health when you eat it. The water inside the coconut is highly pure and unpolluted which acts as an excellent re-hydrating agent even for severe health issues. The coconut water has many benefits. The water is a great thirst quencher, can be applied to bruises or burns or rashes. Coconuts can be used for several purposes like carvings, decorations, soaps and essential coconut oil. The best part about nurturing a coconut tree is that, it isn’t very difficult at all. Once you do the normal practice of sowing, watering – it grows endlessly and helps the mankind.

4The reason behind breaking a coconut

breaking a coconut

Did you know that the three round circles on the coconut is considered as Lord Shiva’s own eyes? That is why coconut is considered important for every ritual and is kept in a pot of rice and mango leaves before starting a Pooja. It is said that by breaking the coconut, the wishes of the person who is doing it will be fulfilled. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the three lords who are always there where coconuts are present. The belief is that, if a coconut is kept in the pooja, the three lords will come and bless the family. Many a times, some coconuts are not broken or given as Prasad so that the three deities are in the house till it is broken.

5Coconut in the form of Prasad

Coconut Prasad

In temples, coconut is given as Prasad for all the devotees. It is a sign of purity and since Prasad is given to all, it is believed that it purifies heart mind and soul of a person. That is why anything starts and ends with a coconut for both purity and drishti.

Hence, we know the importance of coconut and how it plays a large part of purifying human health and soul and the significance is stark sharper here. Hinduism is always known for customs and traditions and remind people that following the same is as important as worshipping the almighty.

By learning the importance of coconut, we are sure you have gained some insights on this subject matter. Let us know if it was useful for you. Comment and share your thoughts.

-Pavithra Ravi