21 Funky Earrings – The Perfect Accessories For A Stylish Woman


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Funky Earrings
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A woman changes her appearance according to her mood. When she wants to feel feminine, she goes for elegant and delicate accessories. When she wants to look funky, she chooses all the colourful and unique colour combinations. The women love to play with the accessories.

Right now which mood you are in? If you want a funky, then check out these earrings. Earrings are the most beautiful with stunning designs. To make the earrings funky, the colours and shapes play a bigger role.

It is not an easy task to find the funky earrings from different kind of earrings. When you have a collection of funky earrings, you will never fetch or struggle for a fashionable look. Let the fashion love be expressed out with your fashion choices. These funky earrings will make it easy for you to make a classy appearance.

Funky Earrings To Updated In Fashion

1.Wooden Flower

Wooden flower

When wooden turns into a flower shape it is no more a wooden piece. But a beauty that meant to be appreciated. If you want to appreciate the beauty, just choose it for yourself. Go funky with wooden flower earrings. Not only flower-shaped, wooden earrings are also carved with different shapes. The pair of giant wooden studs make you look funky with simplicity. If simplicity is your style, then you will pick a funky pair of wooden earrings.

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2. Multiple Dangles

Multiple dangles
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Dangle earrings are ethereal but for this time choose multiple dangled earrings. Your earrings are going to be your style assets with multiple dangles. Let your earrings make a style statement with delicate hangings. Though it is artificial jewelry, it makes you look naturally beautiful. To make your look grand and classy, you can choose beads and pearls woven dangles. Look at the above multiple dangle earrings.

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3. Metal Leaf

Metal leaf
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Metal leaf earrings look funky and eccentric. It is a traditional design with contemporary style. It is total fashion jewelry and you will have the earrings in multiple shapes. You are going to love to wear these earrings with traditional outfits like kurtis. You can also pair the earrings with semi ethnic outfits like short kurtas and gowns. When you want to look unique, you can take the help of this kind of funky earrings to style yourself.

4. Hibiscus Flower

Long tassels

If you are looking for flower design earrings, you will never a shortfall of the varieties. Look at the above funky flower earrings. The giant stud earring is also available in different colours. The pretty colours and the beauty of the hibiscus flower make you feel girly. You look truly funky with hibiscus flowers earrings. You can pair the earrings with the western outfits for a super and instant funky look. You also look colourful with these earrings. Do you love such stuff?

5. Long Tassels

Long tassels
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The tassels are both elegant and funky. A stunning look comes with long earrings. If you feel the tassels earrings are no more in fashion, then choose something unique. The simple tassels attached earrings may not be your kind of accessories. Choose the earrings the tassels earrings that are attached to pom poms, rings or floral studs. The way tassels hang on your ears is simply cool. You will admire your own appearance when you pair funky earrings.

6. Crochet Made

Crochet made
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Crochet is a trending style all over. If you are looking simple and funky accessories, then go for crochet earrings. Crochet earrings are also available in various colours. You can also choose something heavy where you will have embellishments attached. You can also choose the flower crochet earrings. The flower crochet earrings make you look stunning. You will start collecting the compliments wearing the crochet funky earring. Look at the samples attached which will grab your attention in first sight itself.

7. Dream Catcher Earrings

Dream catcher earrings

Dream catcher earrings are super cool. If you are bored of seeing everyone wearing the dream catcher colourful earrings, then go for metal earrings. You are making your accessories expressive with the super cool designs. Choose silver or black metal earrings. Metal jewelry is a simple and beautiful choice for western outfits. You look ultra-posh with metal earrings and which makes you look special and adorned.

8. Pom Pom Earrings

Pom Pom earrings
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Pom-pom is rings are pretty and it looks colourful. A bun of pom-poms can make your earrings funky. If you are choosing multi colour pom-pom earrings, then you can pair it up with various outfits. The pom-pom earrings don’t make you feel heavy but still a unique style. When you see a pair of pom-pom earrings, you are going to feel pick it as they look pretty. And go with the funky look wearing the pom-pom earrings.

Pom poms and tassels are a super combination for funky earrings.

9. Marble Earrings

Marble earrings
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Marble earrings are extremely grand with a simple look. The soft-looking marble makes the earrings classy. Marble is not only with pastel colours but also in bright colours. Marble earrings are going to be the fanciest and elegant. Let your simple outfits get some style with funky marble earrings. You can balance your style with outfits and accessories. So, you can choose these funky marble earrings for your casual outfits.

10. Pastel Clay Earrings

Pom Pom earrings

Pastel colour clay earrings are the prettiest and make you look perfectly funky. These earrings come with lovely multi pastel colours. You can see the above images where you have the earrings with multi pastel colours and shapes. Earrings made out of clay take the beautiful shapes and become funky. You can pair the funky clay earrings with your western outfits and look fashion soaked.

11. Painted Earrings

Painted earrings
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Painted earrings are amazingly painted with floral and intricate designs. You can have a glance at the above image, where the girl’s face is painted. Such pretty designs will give you a unique look. You also get the earrings with the Indian traditional designs as shown in the other attached image. Filled with Indian traditional designs but makes you look funky. The designs that are painted would be nature or traditions inspired. So, it is all precious and stylish to have such earrings. You can undoubtedly call them funky earrings.

12. The Giant Geometric Shape Earrings

The Giant geometric shape earrings
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The geometric earrings are making the style statement. If you have any idea of making a style statement, then simply choose giant geometric shaped earrings. Moreover, women want sleek earrings sometimes. Then geometric earrings must be in your accessory collection to fulfill your fashion wishes. Women are loving to follow and wear giant earrings, especially geometric. That is why we would like to give this funky earring for a chic look.  The funkiest earrings in modern time.

13. Windmill Earrings

Windmill earrings

Windmills earrings are coolest for your western outfits. The earrings are made of leather. The modish look comes to you instantly with these earrings. As leather earrings are in fashion, you can pick this for your new unique look. You are going to rock the look and it will be your best choice. The unique look comes with unique choices. All the choosy selections must be worth your time. So, go for some funky earrings like the above.

14. Spiral Earrings

Spiral earrings
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Looking at some of the accessories, you go awestruck. But you should never forget to stay in fashion skipping such funky earrings. One of the funky earrings that you must-try is spiral earrings. You can have a glance at the above image that is showcasing the sample of spiral earrings.

The spiral earrings come in various beautiful shapes. You can make a lovely appearance that you were trying to get with other expensive accessories.

15. Heart-Shaped Earrings

Heart-shaped earrings

Heart-shaped earrings are extremely elegant. You can see how well the earrings are layered. You can pair the earrings with the semi ethnic outfits. As you would search for suitable and fashionable accessories, you must grab it off. You can make heart-shaped earrings as one of the funkiest options for earrings.

You will become a fan of the heart-shaped earrings. No wonder if you get obsessed with the heart-shaped funky earrings.

16. Bell Earrings

Bell earrings

Bell earrings are metallic and they look unique.The perfect traditional earrings that suit your traditional outfits. You can accessorize your casual ethnic look with the bell earrings. A drop of bells looks wonderful with the details and intricacy. When oyu want to look traditional wearing the simple ethnic dresses, you also want some simple but quirky earrings. So, oyu check out the bell earrings which contributes well for your causual ethnic wear.

17. Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly earrings

Butterfly earrings are extremely pretty and sleek. You can choose both metallic and coloured earrings. Generally, butterfly earrings are coloured. But you can keep it unique metallic butterfly designed earrings. It looks quirky and funky which you must not miss to look fashionable.

It is a unique choice to get on the butterfly earrings which look modish fully. It is a unique design that you are going to love and it makes you carry the delicacy. It can compliment your classy western outfits, Indo western outfits as well.

18. Embroidery Earrings

Embroidery earrings
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Embroidery earrings are the perfect funky earrings and they also look prettiest on a young lady. You can make a classy style statement choosing the embroidery earrings. Embroidery is a fashion all over and it looks adorable on earrings. The breathtaking designs of embroidery makes your look stylish and funky in a decet way.

19. Starfish Earrings

Starfish earrings

You must make the strafish earrings your own which gives your compliments. The aqua life fans will love the starfish earrings. It makes your look funky with the pretty colours and shape. You can wear these earrings for causal beach look and you are going to look voguish with the funky starfish earrings.

20. Seahorse Earrings

Seahorse Earrings

Seahorses are adorable looking creatures. The design of the earrings is funky with the shape and colours. This is again for a beach look that suits for parties. You can go funky and classy at the same time wearing seahorse earrings. You can make style statement with these fancy earrings. These are the funky and dreamy earrings that you must include in your accessories collection. You look updated in fashion with aqua based designs and accessories.

21. Swan Earrings

Swan Earrings

Swan earrings are the most beautiful with the quirky style. You mostly get swan earrings in stud form. Swan earrings are good for casual wear as well. The pretty swans are going to style your ears and be the best accessories for you. You look funky and ethnic with the swan earrings as it is an Indian traditional design.

If you look at the above image, the swan earrings are wonven with diamonds and it look ethereal.

You can make the funky earrings part of your accessories kit. When you are attracted to the designs of funky earrings, try it on. Then your collection starts to become fashionable. We have covered the latest and breathtaking earrings which will make you feel chic. Just say- It is time to adorn your ears with funky earrings.