16 Pretty Silk Thread Bangle Designs- Impressive Fashion


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16 Pretty Silk Thread Bangle Designs- Impressive Fashion
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You will love making your own styles. Your own styles and designs give you hope for tomorrow’s fashion. There is a chance letting the fashion grow within you. Some of the accessories give you a free hand of working on your creativity. One of the most handmade accessories which are loved over all India are silk thread bangles.

The silk thread bangles taking traditional accessories to the next level. You can make these bangles for yourself and choose something of your choice as it is much customized.

Have you all already tired some of the silk thread bangles? Then look at the other trending designs of silk thread bangles. If you are bored of the same glass and coloured bangles, then you need some lovely designs of silk thread bangles. We gather the silk thread bangles that we loved, just to show the Indian fashion and tradition lovers.

Silk Thread bangles- Silk Is Not Just Soft

1. Plain thread bangles

Plain thread bangles

Plain silk thread bangles are unique looking. You can make the plain silk thread bangles which look chic. The bangles with plain thread look stylish and you will wonder at the magic that threads when wrapped around the bangles. You can also include various colours to make the plain thread bangles. The multi coloured threads bangles will steal your heart with the classy colours and combination.

It is also an playful activity if you want to make it at home. You can choose your favourite colours and combinations even for your specific outfit.

2. Thread bangles with stones

Thread bangles with stones

Stones can an accessory grand and traditional. The silk thread bangles are mostly of Indian traditional colours. The shining stones over the traditional coloured threads gives the bangle a pretty look. You can adorn hands with the stoned thread bangles makes you look perfectly dolled up. You can choose both the thin or broad bangles for this to make thread bangles.

It is also an easy task to make the stoned thread bangles. Choose your favourtie colour threads and make an attractive traditional bangle. You will keep on making as it is enjoyable and pretty looking.

3. Thread bangles with pearls

Thread bangles with pearls

Silk thread bangles can get some extra ethnicity with the pearls attachment. This is going to be a lovely combination of colourful silk threads and shining pearls. You can choose contrast colours to make the thread bangles with pearls.

We would like to give you a unique idea for pearl thread bangles. Choose a light colour thread and choose coloured pearls to pair with the wrapped thread. Or you can also choose such fashionable ready made thread bangle. Such designs and ideas keep you away form outdated styles.

4. Thread bangles with dangles

Thread bangles are breathtaking and with dangles they look even more attractive. When you want to doll up to the fullest, you will love wearing the well decorated bangles. The dangles make the fashionable noise in a classy way. You can choose the traditional dangles which make your hands look beautifully furnished.

To not feel heavy and loud, you can choose light weight dangled thread bangles. Then, it can be the best accessory for your Indian traditional look. Thread bangles can also fit the bridal hands as it is royal looking.

5. Thread bangles with golden sequins

Thread bangles with golden sequins

The golden sequins make the simple bangle look beautiful. You can choose silk thread bangles with minimal golden sequins. You can pair the bangle with every special outfit. It is a wonderful choice for night parties and functions.

If you have an idea of making the thread bangles, then choose the golden sequins of different sizes. It makes a fashionable design as it is shown in the above image.

6. Chain wrapped silk thread bangle

Chain wrapped silk thread bangle

The silk thread bangles look fashionable with chain wrap and giant pendent. The pendent is an outstanding creative idea to make the bangle a special accessory. It is a pretty designer bangle that modern women love to wear. The chain makes the silk thread bangle a voguish accessory. You can slip your hand into the bangle along with both ethnic and western outfits. You can make a unique style statement with the chain wrapped silk thread bangle.

All you need to do is, choose a bangle with pretty colours combinations.

7. Thread Bangles with flower designs

Thread Bangles with flower designs

Silk thread bangles with the flower designs are captivating. It is perfect Indian design when the golden sequins turn into flower designs. The bangles are can be a pretty choice for modern Indian brides.

You will start to match up the flower designed silk thread bangles with your brimful ethnic outfits. The bangles are special with and flower designs. It is perfect for occasions like weddings, festivals.

8. Thin thread bangles

Thin thread bangles

The thin thread bangles are pretty for women with delicate hands. Sleek is always fashionable. So, you can choose these bangles over other routine glass bangles. The thin silk thread bangles will never fail with traditional look. A woman who loves to wear a big set of bangles, can choose thin silk thread bangles. Her hands are going to look prettiest when a set of bangles join together.

These kind of bangles are suitable for festivals and mini house functions. It suits simple sarees and ethnic outfits.

9. Checker style thread bangles

Checker style thread bangles

Checker style is a classy design for the silk thread bangles. The checks design is a modern design which suits the silk thread bangles. When you want both ethnicity and the modish look, then you must pick such accessories.

As the check style silk thread bangles are made with the multi colours, it is going to look lovely with the combinations. If you want to make the silk thread bangles, choose the fashionable colour to make for yourself. Anyways thread bangles are mostly customized. So, you can choose something that grabs your attention at the first sight.

10. Zig zag design thread bangles

Zig zag design thread bangles

Zig zag is a routine design that you find everywhere. But it is special when the silk thread goes in zig zag way. The zig zag design on a bangle makes it look modish and the ethnicity is still all yours. You can make a super stylish statement with these traditional accessories. The bangles are a fantastic choice for Indian brides as well.

You can wear zig zag designed bangles to stay in fashion and tradition at the same time.

11. Gold thread over the bangle

Gold thread over the bangle

You feel like embracing your own accessories when they are too attractive. Gold thread makes you embrace your bangles. The thread bangles wrapped with a touch of gold thread looks tradition filled. Once you have a look at the golden thread bangles, you will want to own them. It is an elegant wrap with gold over vibrant and traditional colours. These stylish bangles are suitable for Indian brides as it is made for complete traditional and royal look.

12. Pink and white silk thread bangles

Pink and white silk thread bangles

Look at the pink and white silk thread bangles. And we are sure that you are not able to take your eyes off the bangles. It is all about the colour combination here. The pink and white silk threads are making the bangle a lovely accessory. You feel filled and adorned with accessories when you have one such bangle. It is all pretty with the contemporary colours.

When there is pink and white, pearls come to make it more spectacular. So, you can pick the pink and white silk thread bangles which are pearl attached.

13. Thread bangles with peacock motif

Thread bangles with peacock motif

Peacock motif is the most lovely design. Peacock motif is an every trending choice that shows ethnicity. Not only on sarees and jewelry, peacock motif is also attractive on silk thread bangles. It is a tough task to create an handmade peacock motif silk thread bangle.

This is a design that modern women love to choose. Not only peacock motif, you will also find the silk thread bangles with various motifs. But peacock is the fashionable and attractive of all.

14. Black thread bangles

Black thread bangles

Black silk thread bangles are fascinating for real. At first black is an attractive colour that makes it fancy. If you want the contemporary design for yourself, then you can mix black with gray colour thread. This blend of colours for silk thread bangles is super cool. You can have a look at the above image where you have western style of silk thread bangles.

Pair these classy silk thread bangles with the the casual outfits and you will feel like a dazzler.

15. Thread bangles with mirrors

Thread bangles with mirrors

You have seen and tried mirror work for blouses. Now pick the silk thread bangles which are designed with mirrors. The mirror work is enthralling and you may also choose these bangles over other designs. The traditional bangles with mirror are going to make you fashionable. For any next special occasion, you can try the mirror silk thread bangles. Let your fashion be well reflected choosing the mirror silk thread bangles.

16. Square shaped silk thread bangles

Square shaped silk thread bangles are the super fancy. You can choose these bangles for your western outfits. As the geometric shaped accessories are trending, we have listed it in the silk thread bangles. It will be a unique accessory where the bangle is unique shaped with traditional silk thread.

You better keep it simple without any embellishments. Simple is always beautiful.

No fashionable style fails with silk thread bangles. Silk thread bangles can be your first option to contribute for your perfect traditional look. The accessories which give us desired look are always loved. That way you are going to love silk thread bangles. And you are going to wear them over and over again. The fondness for fashion will not stop you when you find something fashionable and suitable for you.

Hope every style of silk thread bangle impresses you.

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