Attractive Dressing Up With Fashion Jewelry And Costume


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Fashion Jewelry And Costume

There are many types of fashion jewelry in the market, but what fascinating inthese jewelries is that it matches with the costume. Making the costume contrasting with the accessories. They can make you look beautiful as well as gorgeous. Another additional point with the fashion jewelry is that they can be worn anywhere and in any kind of parties, like wedding, reception, engagement, etc. they can make anybody look gorgeous, and stand out from the crowd. So here, are some fashion jewelry and costume that you must try next time you go for any function.

Fashion Jewelry And Costume

1Fashionable costume rings

Fashionable costume rings

This is an amazing butterfly stoned finger costume ring. You can wear this ring with anything you want. It can even go with traditional wears like sari, salwar, even with western wears like jeans, dress etc. Make sure that you don’t miss out this amazing ring.

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2Chokers charm necklace

Chokers charm necklace

This necklace is one of a kind neck piece of all time. This can go specifically with matching sari or even dress or gown. If you want to rock your look with this necklace, then do not forget to put minimal makeup. Smoky eyes can be good, but not too dark. You can also try out the similar bangles matching with the neck piece, but only if you are wearing a sari..

3Haskell turquoise costume jewellery pieces

Haskell turquoise costume jewellery pieces

This haskell turquoise costume jewelry set is one of the most beautiful necklace. You can wear them with a sari, or even a dress. Try to be specific with your attire, as if not wore properly, then it can disturb the overall look.

4Costume necklace set

Costume necklace set

This American stone choker necklace can be beautifully worn with a sari. It is best for wedding occasion. As it is a little heavy you can wear it with sari, or even an anarkali dress to match the look. Try to have a simple makeup, specially the lipstick must be in nude color, you can draw your eyes but must not be too heavy

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5Chandelier costume earrings

Chandelier costume earrings

This chandelier costume earrings, is what you must wear alone. Try not to disturb the look by wearing a neck piece. This earrings must be worn with a sari or your favourite anarkali suit. If possible you can try out the ring with it. Minimal makeup is a must. This is something you will cherish forever.

6Fashionable flower costume set

Fashionable flower costume set

Well, as you can see, you cannot wear this beautiful flower neck piece in a wedding. But, you can for sure wear it in any parties in your college or office. This neck piece is beautifully adorned with stone that are cut into flower shapes. Try to wear a matching dress or sari with it.

7Fashion Bracelet

Fashion Bracelet

This fashion bracelet is carved into rose on the joints. This is one of the simple costume jewelry that you can own and wear wherever you want with whatever you want. Be it traditional like, sari, or anarkali, or salwar, or kurti; or western like jeans, dress. The fascinating fact with this bracelet is that it can go with anything.

8Fashion bracelets for women

Fashion bracelets for women

This amazing fashionable half bracelet is studded with diamonds on the joints. Making it the most stunning bracelet. This simple jewelry can be worn with any attire of your choice.

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