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Hair Care

Almond oil has always been used for its many health benefits as well as a beauty aid. It is a very popular product in Southeast Asia and in the Mediterranean regions, where the almond tree was first time discovered. The almond kernels and the oil extracted from were credited to promote heart as well as skin health. The almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, proteins, monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium and zinc. Almond oil mainly comes in two variants; bitter as well as sweet. The bitter oil is extracted from bitter almonds, which contains a glycoside called amygdalin which can turn into a toxic hydrocyanic acid when processed. Mostly almond trees, that grows in the wild can produce bitter almonds which have many other varying degrees of glycoside. They can also have many fatal consequences if get ingested. But, bitter almond oil does have some type of medicinal properties, and can be safe for external application, but must be avoided because of the high risk of poisoning. The sweet almond oil, which comes exclusively from edible almonds which is, Prunus amygdalus var. Dulcis, latin for sweet almond oil, is selectively cultivated for the sweet taste. This oil is popularlyused only for skin and hair care. It is also used in many culinary preparations. So here, are some hair care tips by using almond oil.

Hair Care With Almond Oil

1Long and healthy hair

Long and healthy hair

It is not only the scalp, but even the hair shaft can also get benefit from almond oil. The glands inside the scalp produces an oily substance that can form a natural protective coating on each strand of your hair. But, your hair can also become too dry as well as brittle from the frequent use of shampoos that can strip of the hair of natural oils. This can also result in breakages as well as split ends which reduce the length of the hair.

To restore the protective layer, apply almond oil to the hair right after washing with gentle organic shampoo. First, dry your hair with a towel and remove the excess moisture. Then rub the oil in between the palms and then run the hand through the length of your hair to coat strand evenly. Then leave your hair to air dry, combing sometimes with a wide-toothed comb just to separate the strands. This treatment can give the hair a nice sheen, making it more manageable as well as tangle-free.

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2Get rid of split ends

Get rid of split ends

Unhealthy hair has never been a good sign. But the dirt as well as the pollution, along with the busy schedules, can make it worse. If you do a regular massage of the hair with almond oil can also prevent split ends.

You can also mix almond, olive oil, and castor in equal proportions and then massage the hair with the mixture. Try to apply this mixture once or even twice a week, and then feel the difference.

These three oils can incredibly benefit your hair as they are pretty loaded with many essential nutrients, which can promote the hair growth and then strengthen the hair. Almond oil has antioxidants, vitamins, and many essential minerals, which can help to restore as well as rejuvenate your hair follicles.

3Enhances shine and leave-in conditioners

Enhances shine and leave

Whenever you wash your hair, try to gently massage few drops of this miracle oil. It can help to condition the hair and keep it soft, hydrated, as well as shiny.

Almond oil’s light texture can make it one of the great substitute for more shine enhancers or even leave-in conditioners. It also has amazing moisturizing properties, because of the presence of many essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

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4Treats Dandruff

Treats Dandruff

If dandruff is the reason for you not to wear your favorite black dress, then it’s time you give yourself a warm almond oil head massage.

Almond oil, can effectively cure dandruff by removing all the dead cells from the scalp. It can also nourish the hair and also by keeping the hair troubles in a bay. Almond oil is considered a very great emollient, that can clean the skin and removes the dead cells. The quality of Almond oil also helps to fight the dandruff and keep the scalp clean.

You can apply the mixture of some powdered amla and almond oil generously on your hair and then leave it for about thirty minutes, then follow it with a hair wash. This can surelysoothe your scalp and ensure a dandruff-free hair.

5Reduces Scalp Inflammations

Reduces Scalp Inflammations

Your scalp is exposed to dust, pollution, heat, as well as chemical styling products. This can lead to inflammation of the scalp. If it is ignored, then this inflammation can also cause an acute case of hair fall as well as dandruff.

Try massaging an almond oil and see the results for yourself. The content of fatty acids can moisturize as well as can soften the scalp tissues and improve the blood circulation. This process can soothe the inflammation.

6Control Hair Loss

Control Hair Loss

Some studies say that every day humans lose around hundreds of hair strands, but mostly it does not affect the total hair volume, as because of the new hair growth which can replace the old. But if the hair fall is much more heavier than the normal, then the scalp can also show many visible signs of hair thinning which is very disturbing. This mainly happens because of the exposure to the environmental pollutants, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, and stress.

Sometimes the deficiency of magnesium as well as calcium can be the cause of poor hair growth and hair loss. Zinc is also another important mineral for a perfect healthy hair; deficiency of zinc can cause alopecia, which is characterized by thinning of hair. Almond oil is considered rich in all of these minerals.

You just need to use almond oil regularly to control the hair loss. Just warm one tablespoon of oil and then apply it on the scalp every night after the shower. Rub the oil gently until most oil is absorbed in the scalp. Leave it overnight for better results.

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