Efficient Hair Care Tips Using Neem or Margosa


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Hair Care Tips

Indian lilac or Margosa or commonly known as Neem is being used in Ayurvedic tradition for more than a thousand years to maintain health as well as overall well-being. Neem tree’sroots, bark, gum, leaves, fruit, and even seed kernels and seed oil is used in the main therapeutic preparations for both the internal as well as topical use. It is extremely important tree, which is native to the Indian subcontinent, but it also grows in certain parts of the Middle East as well. It also have many antibacterial properties in it, that can be beneficial for hair care tips, too.

Amazing Neem Hair Care Tips

Every women dreams of having a long, shiny as well as healthy hair. It does not matter whether you are born with a healthy hair or with an unruly mane, it is very important to take care of those hair tresses. If you are really tired by using the chemical laden hair products, which always makes big promises, but can also disappoint you when comes to show results, then stop looking and just read this efficient hair care tips using neem leaves or oil and find out how a simple DIY with neem can be so miraculous for the hair.

1Enhances the hair growth

Enhances the hair growth

Neem has a regenerative property, which can help to reduce the hair fall. An oil, massage in the scalp by using neem oil, can also increase the blood circulation in your scalp and help to enhance the rate of the hair growth.

How to use

Add your favorite essential oils, like the olive, almond, coconut, or jojoba, etc with crushed neem leaves and boil it properly. Before applying, cool down the oil and then apply on the scalp properly.

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2Conditions Hair

Conditions Hair

Just as neem can be used to moisturize the dry skin. It can also be used as a natural made conditioner to help your dry or frizzy hair.

How to use

Make a paste of some neem leaves, that is boiled in water as well as honey. Then apply the paste into the hair, following a regular hair wash, and then your dry as well as untamed tresses will be conditioned, dandruff-free and also without any frizz.

3Can treat all scalp-related problems

Can treat all scalp-related problems

How to use

Another type of hair mask, which can help with deep conditioning the hair, can be done by mixing the available neem powder with amla, shikakai and reetha powder with water and some drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to the hair and let it sit for at least about thirty minutes, before washing off with regular shampoo. The ingredients on the pack can help to keep the scalp problems at bay while also retaining the moisture in your hair and also preventing hair dryness.

4Keep the scalp healthy

Keep the scalp healthy

How to use

If you are applying Henna on the hair regularly, then you can add two tablespoon of neem powder with your Henna powder, with one tablespoon of yogurt, black tea, lemon and one tablespoon of coffee and mix them properly. The Henna can help to moisturize the hair while neem can keep the scalp healthy.

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5Treats Baldness

Treats Baldness

Mostly people believe that baldness is just a cosmetic issue. But the very lesser-known fact is that the baldness can be the result of some long-term treatment with many heavy drugs. These cases of baldness can also be cured by using neem.

Neem can help to make the hair strong, fight against the hair fall as well as restores the lost hair. The regular use of the neem in hair masks or using the neem water to rinse can promote the hair growth. Neem can also trigger the normal functioning of your scalp and then ensure the regrowth of new hair.

Different ways to use neem leaves for hair

1. Neem Oil

Neem OilYour scalp can get affected by many types of factors. Such as dry scalp, dandruff, flaky scalp, etc as they can stimulate the hair loss. Besides, the excessive sebum (oil) production on the scalp, can make it oily and then it can lead to hair thinning! It can clog the pores of the scalp and also prohibit the hair growth.

By applying neem oil it can address all the issues. Neem oil is just the topical treatment for any scalp infections. Heat some neem oil, remember to not boil it, then massage it on the scalp. Then later in an hour take bath in warm water. Try to apply neem oil twice every week.

2. Boiling neem leaves

Boiling neem leavesTake a handful of neem leaves and then boil them in water. Let the water to boil until the color changes. Allow the water to cool down and then remove all the neem leaves. After shampooing, rinse your hair with water. This remedy can also eliminate the dandruff and open up the clogged pores that is caused because of dandruff.

3. Grind the neem leaves

Grind the neem leavesAnother type of method by using the neem leaves for hair loss is by just grinding the leaves into a paste. First get some fresh neem leaves and then grind them in fine paste. You can also add some splash of hot water to make the paste.

Apply this paste on your hair from root to tip of your hair. Try not to ignore the scalp. Wrap the hair place shower cap to avoid dripping. Shampoo your hair after one or even two hours. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Try to grind the leaves coarsely, or else even after shampooing you can find leaves stuck to your hair.

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