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A relationship with your in laws can be exciting, surprising and very different and you may not expect certain things to happen. But, a marriage can change quite a bit of that. The key to getting into someone’s heart is always through cooking. So, you can always catch up and impress your in laws if you know how to cook good and well. Food never fails to touch the heart of people and that is very true in Indian society. So, if you are thinking how to impress your mother in law or father in law, you can go ahead and read this article on some recipes that you can make at home after your marriage to impress your in laws. Remember that every meal counts and it is just the way you make it and serve it. Presentation is very important. So, don’t worry – Get going, cook and impress!

Top Recipes to Impress Your In Laws

1Start with something simple

Start with something simple

You can always start with something very simple because when you start simple, you can gain the trust and then you’re an achieve the big ones later. May be start off with dosa-chutney or idly-chutney. Chutneys are really easy to make and there are so many varieties for that matter. So, don’t worry about how you are going to make. First, decide what you want to make and start simple. If you are looking for a better option, you can do Poha or you can also make Upma, which can be healthy too. Make it a point to impress with the breakfast and the other things will follow

2Elaborate lunch

Elaborate lunch

Lunch is always where you make an elaborate entry. Once you are done with the breakfast, you will get your first few reviews on how you made it, so that will make it easier for you to analyse who likes it how and what they like too. Some families may have a same taste for everything and some may variety of opinions. Know their taste and make an elaborate lunch. You could start out with rice, sambar, rasam, side dish or go in for chapathi + side dish. If you don’t want both, there is an easier way and that is – Make some mixed rice and a raitha. That would do the trick actually which could be anything like lemon rice, tomato rice, coconut rice, puliogare and so on and so forth.

3Keep your kitchen clean

Keep your kitchen clean

Make sure that whatever you do, you keep your kitchen clean and tidy, because no one wants a dirty kitchen at all because that can gross them up. If you have made an elaborate lunch or dinner, always take the cleaning process as a priority. Make sure you clean all the cabinets, the tabletops, the cutter and the vessels. You can serve food and then clean, but some would prefer cleaning as their first option and then serving food. Either way, make sure you don’t make a big mess after you cook well. That is surely a turn off.

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4Take special interest

Take special interest

Make sure you take special interest in what people in the house want. Your sister in law may want a particular item which your Mom in law wouldn’t have made. That could be your USP into making people like you. You can do that for her and catch her there. That would be an easy way to impress people. Most importantly, impressing father in law with food is the easiest. HE will not judge you, he will have a change of taste and will talk well if you take good care of him. So, problem solved!

5Eat with the family

Eat with the family

Nowadays, nobody waits until everybody eats and then sits for the meal. Indian society has changed a lot. So, always prefer eating with your family so that you can have a good discussion during your meal. That is very important because you need to bond with the family and bonding happens over the meal. If you are serving, you can serve for others and then serve for yourself. That way you won’t be caught off guard not knowing what to do. If you are in a big family, you can consider asking someone for help too. It is the best way to bond and impress your in laws.

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6Ask for help or advice

Ask for help or advice

It is nice if you can learn from your in laws as to how she managed cooking. Most Mother in laws likes to tell their story about cooking and funny experiences about their marriage times. So, catch hold of your mom in law in that way and ask her tips for better cooking. Even if you cook better than her, don’t let that become a way of handling things. You can ask for advice which your mother in law will be happy to give and share. That way, the kitchen will be an open place for the both of you.

7Celebrate cooking

Celebrate cooking

Not everyone can love cooking. Cooking is an art and you need to know that only if you love it, you can excel in it. Don’t cook just because you want to impress your in laws. Even otherwise, try to love and experiment. That way you will start loving the cooking time and it will get easier for you to impress your in laws as well.

-Pavithra Ravi

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