10 Reasons To Be Single


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reasons to be single

So, you broke up with your boyfriend. You are heartbroken and sad. Now you are single. You might be thinking “How can I be single? It is wrong. immediately need to find a boyfriend.” But you are actually thinking wrong. Who said being single is a sin. Stop worrying. Be happy and be positive. Being single is great. And here are the reasons to be single.

Reasons To Be Single

1You can flirt

You can flirt

When you were in a relationship, your boyfriend must have restricted you to talk to your male friends. That is because either he is too possessive or he is too dominating. Now when you have broken up with your boyfriend, you have a very good reason to be single. You actually have the liberty to talk to any of your male friends. You can even flirt with him. There will be no one to stop you or scold you.

2You can Sleep

You can Sleep

When you are in a relationship, you don’t have a fixed sleeping time. You talk to your boyfriend for hours on phone. And at the end, all you get is 2-3 hours of sleep. Now when you are single you can sleep anytime you want. You can wake up anytime you want.

3Focus On Your Career

Focus On Your Career

When you are in a relationship, you have to think about your partner’s needs too. If you are single, you can focus on your career. You can pursue any hobbies you like. You can also work and earn and enjoy.

4Party Hard

Party Hard

You love partying. But when you are with your boyfriend, you can either go out with him or sit at home. You are surely not allowed to go out with your friends to any pub or movie because your boyfriend doesn’t like. If you are single, you can party ‘n’ number of times you like with your friends. You won’t have any restrictions.

5Save Your Money

Save Your Money

Relationship means, date nights, movies, Valentine’s day, gifts, shopping and many more expenses. The main reason to be single is you can earn well and spend your money all by yourself. You can also save your money and use it when needed.

6Freedom to Post on Social Media

Freedom to Post on Social Media

You are not answerable to anyone about what you post on your social media if you are single. When in the relationship even if you post one picture with your male friend, you have to face thousands of questions from your boyfriend. He might even start suspecting you of cheating him.

7More Free Time

More Free Time

Single? Now you have more free time. You can do whatever you want. For example, reading a book, attending the yoga class, learning how to cook, learning a new language, etc. If you are with your boyfriend you defiantly don’t have free time and you have to spend time together.

8Family Time

Family Time

You can spend more time with your family. Normally when you are in a relationship, you are either more on phone or out with your boyfriend. During which, you tend to ignore your family. When you are single you can spend time with your parents, siblings. You can go out for movies, dinners together.

9Silence Around You

Silence Around You

Imagine the silence you get when you are single. There’s no one arguing or shouting in your ear. You can enjoy your soft music whenever you like. No one will be there to bother you.

10Dress Your Way

Dress Your Way

Either you want to wear a short skirt or a plazzo, you can dress the way you like. When you are in a relationship, your boyfriend won’t like if you wear a short skirt. You have to dress according to his choice. This is one of the best reasons for being single.