Romantic movies you can watch this Valentine’s Day


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Valentines Day

What would you like to do on Valentine’s Day? Go out for a date dinner, spend time with your partner, kisses, hugs? Well, how would you like it if you could cuddle up, get under the sheets and watch the classics? It is cold out there and everyone is looking for a reason to stay indoors and enjoy the weather while they sip their coffee. Well, you could make Valentine’s Day special and beautiful now while you watch the classic romantic movies with your partner. Order in some food, dim the lights and watch these movies. Listed down the classic movies to watch on valentines day to have lots of fun and joy.

If you think movies aren’t a great way to enjoy your Valentine’s Day, you are probably underestimating the movies we are going to suggest. These movies are romantic classics and give out very beautiful meaning about love. What is better than watching about love and some classics when you are with your love?

Top Classic Love Movies to Watch On Valentine’s Day

1One Fine Day

One Fine Day

One finds day is a beautiful movie that stars Michelle Pfeiffer and always-hot George Clooney. This movie will tell you a lot you can do in a day and what this one day can do to change your life, forever. The movie focuses on events that happens in beautiful New York during the autumn season. This movie super romantic for its storyline and the romantic sequences that are shot in the famous places of New York like Central Park, Circle Line and so many shots of Manhattan buildings. Well, if you love watching a classic movie that is heavy with love, you should definitely choose this movie. It is one of the best movies and you have no idea how hot George Clooney is!

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250 First Dates

50 First Dates

You would end up wishing you are affected by this disorder that Lucy in the movie has! This movie reinitiates the fact that love at first sight is definitely a true thing. The characters in the movie Henry played by Adam Sandler and Lucy, played by Drew Barrymore are so beautifully characterized that you will fall in love with the couple over and over again. Henry recreates everyday as his first date with his love of life Lucy because she doesn’t remember anything and her memory lasts only one day. This beautiful movie was shot in the fringes of Hawaii. The hero who is a womanizer changes his entire life to suit Lucy’s life and lives just for her. It is definitely beautiful and you will be moved to tears by the movie. Enjoying this movie with your partner can be a definite good idea.

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3My Best Friend’s wedding

My Best Friend’s wedding

This is one of the most different movies that you could have seen. Yes, the movie starts off in a typical way of friends falling in love with each other, but the protagonist doesn’t realize her love until the guy is ready to get married to another lady. Played by Julia Roberts, the movie is an exceptional attempt where the ending is way different and unexpected. She travels to Chicago to break the engagement, but what happens after that is wonderful. Well, I wouldn’t want to let out too many spoilers. So, watch the movie for Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney and the beautiful Cameron Diaz, who plays an important role too.

4My Big Fat Greek wedding

My Big Fat Greek wedding

This movie is typically a Karan Johar style movie and you will be able to relate to this movie since a lot of Indian marriages happen in the same way. This movie has a lot about big fat wedding, relatives, people from different mind sets and background and how they fight to get together. Do you there can be any more close symbolism of the movie to our Indian marriages. Well not! The movie is definitely worth a watch for all the beautiful things the couple do to come together and stay as a happy couple. If you think this sounds a lot similar to 2 States, you may be wrong. There is definitely a different storyline, so watch it for its essence. You will love it when you watch it with your partner. You could also talk about what all you have to or had to do to get together! It would definitely be a nostalgia!

5Made of Honor

Made of Honor

Made of Honor is a movie that can be watched by couples who were friends before they dated. You have Mc. Dreamy aka Patrick Dempsey, who is the hero of this movie and girls, you can drool all over him. It is a storyline closely related to that of MBFW. You would love to watch it if you love to laugh, cry, sing along and be happy. This is a happy, lovable movie that will not disappoint you on the romantic notes at all.

6Addicted to love

Addicted to love

When you try to break up your ex with the girl he is dating, it could be quite interesting right. Well, here it is all about two individuals who get together and plan to break up their own exes who are currently dating. The plot is funny, interesting and very lovely too. Played by Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick, the movie shows how these two end up falling in love finally during the course of trying to get their exes to break up. It is a funny, cute and easy going love story. If you love to laugh, give this movie a definite try.

Valentine’s Day can be all about love, but it can also be a little about amazing classics. So, watch the movies, enjoy the dinner date and advance happy Valentine’s Day to you!

-Pavithra Ravi

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