8 Signs that you are a TV addict


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TV addict

TV has been in the picture for more than 7-8 decades now and this idiot box (as it is referred to fame) is one of the most preferred medium for dissemination of news, entertainment and even general knowledge. Later came the internet which swooped TV aside, yet it remains the most important mediums for so many kids and elders. Several channels have been in the existence because of TV and have been showcasing a lot of things, whether they are newsworthy or entertainment worthy. Children have nowadays got easily drowned into the channels they are watching and do not look up alive until and unless they are shouted at a million times by their parents. Not just children, even youngsters are in the same league. If you are also one of those, then look for signs of being a TV addict.

Top Signs That You Are a TV Addict

1Watching the same thing

Watching the same thing

Watching the same thing again and again isn’t a new deal for the TV addicts. Even if a program is on repeat and a show is repeatedly telecast for the fifth time, you will end up watching it because you find it more interesting to sit in front of the TV continuously for 2-3 hours.

2There is no time limit

There is no time limit

And for some, there is no tab on the time limit. As long as you are watching TV and watch something that you love, you don’t have to bother about the number of hours you watch it. For some, it could be ranging for a fixed time period that involves just watching their favorite show and for few others; it’s all about staring and juggling channels.

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3By hearting the show

By hearting the show

Every time you watch something, you want to make sure that it has been by hearted by you and that you remember it very well.

4Time and channel number

Time and channel number

You know which channel telecasts what show at what time without fail. Since you have been watching it all day, every day, you know everything like a textbook

5Don’t visit the theatre

Don’t visit the theatre

You don’t really visit the theatre much because you would instead sit and watch the series, movies on the TV. You wouldn’t want to waste much of your time and money on this. You prefer watching TV shows and deliberately wait for the movie to be telecast on TV. It’s all fine by you.

6Classic TV set

Classic TV set

You make sure that you have a classic TV set and you don’t compromise on the quality of the TV. You would prefer a 40 inch, LED TV which has woofer system so that you can get the theatre effect right where you are sitting.

7You call over people

You call over people

People coming over are never a problem for you because you love to watch TV with your friends. As long as you have popcorn to crack open or a pizza to break in and a coke, you are all set. Otherwise, you always have your mother to make your breakfast or snacks.

8Current cuts are hatred

Current cuts are hatred

It starts to irritate you if there are current cuts often. That is, when you lose your temper badly and starts to get irritated on the Electricity board. You complain, get irritated, don’t wait for the current patiently and all other drama happens.

TV can be your best friend anytime during the day. A day without anyone or a day with everyone, your love and passion for TV watching never dies. It doesn’t matter what channel you see, you have to make sure that the TV is about 24/7. That is why people call you a true lover of the idiot box!

-Pavithra Ravi

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