Bridal ‘Maang Tikkas’ – A Elegant And Beautiful Look


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Fashionable Maang Tikkas

Jewelleries have been the most essential part of every Indian women as well as Indian bride’s complete look. Everything from ‘Maang Tikka’, earrings, necklace, bangles to toe ring is given equal importance in adorning bride’s. These bridal jewelleries, make a bride look more graceful and stunningly beautiful. Just like other various stunning bridal jewellery pieces, ‘Maang Tikkas’ are one of the most inevitable part of Indian Bride. By decorating the forehead of the bride, ‘Maang Tikka’ increases the elegance of the bride’s look. Moreover with time, this beautiful jewellery piece has developed into various styles and designs.

So before you buy or select any ‘Maang Tikka’ for your wedding or your friend or cousin’s wedding, let me explain to you the significance of a ‘Maang Tikka’ along with various types of Fashionable Maang Tikkas, you can try in your pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding ceremony and post-wedding ceremony.

Significance of ‘Maang Tikka’

Significance of Maang TikkaThis Indian bridal jewellery is most commonly accessorized with other jewelleries. But it serves one of the most important significance in the bridal jewellery. It is said that these bedazzling ‘Maang Tikkas’ have a spiritual purpose of the ceremony. It is supposed to be denoting the two souls in the marriage. It is believed the point in where the ‘Maang Tikka’ falls is the ‘Ajna Chakra’. This ‘Chakra’ is represented in two petals, considered to be the symbol of the scared union of the couple which includes spiritual, physical and emotional levels. It also represents the wisdom of the bride that she carries into her marriage. It also believed to protect from bad energy.

Various types on ‘Maang Tikkas’

1‘Sirmaang’ or Single Strand Tikka

Sirmaang or Single Strand Tikka

This is a simple ‘Maang Tikka’ which hang from the gold chain, attached above the bride’s forehead. The chain lays across the hair line looking like an aesthetic symmetry. The tikka have a small pendant which looks like a jhumka at the end, exactly where the forehead meets the hairline.

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2‘Dauni’ or Double Strand ‘Maang Tikka’


This type of ‘Maang Tikka’ gives a regal look, it is made of two elaborate chains or the chains can be doubled up and spread across the head. This joins the forehead with the pendant and falls by the hairline. Sometimes this pendants have extra reinforcement added to it making it a little heavier with added gems and jewels.

3‘Jhoomar’ or Side Tikka

Side Tikka

This type of Tikkas are basically being seen in Muslim wedding or most of the time worn by Muslim bride’s. This type can be laid apart from the Bride’s hairline, lying parallel to the side part. This Tikka allows the bride to part her hair in any different ways, showing off this dazzling and beautiful hair piece. It draws attention to the pendant with its unique added asymmetry.

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4Hairline Hugging ‘Maang Tikka’

Hairline Hugging Maang Tikka

In this type of chained tikka, the chain hangs right below the hairline. The chain which is attached with the pendant falls in the part of the hair. The best part of this tikka is it sparkles and draws attention as it surrounds the face.

5Multi-Chain Tikka

Multi-Chain Tikka

Multiple chains surrounds the bride’s hair with this extravagant tikka look. In this heavily jeweled tikka, the kundan set stones are reminder of Mughal times. This type of multiple chains can go with simple hairdo and can hold heavier pendant.

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6Hidden ‘Maang Tikka’

Hidden Maang Tikka

In here the chain of the tikka can be hidden underneath the styled hair, looking like the pendant hangs right below the hairline. This can provide a subtle look as the tikka looks like a fancy 3D bindi. But it is secured in it’s place and not fall from the hair. It is a simple way to style with your bridal outfit.

7Pure Gold ‘Maang Tikka’

Pure Gold Maang Tikka

This a simple hairline piece made of gold. It is considered as a core accessory with matching earrings and jewellery. Gold tikka draws attention to the bride’s outfit and adds elegance to her look.

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8Multi-Strand ‘Maang Tikka’

Multi-Strand Maang Tikka

In this type of tikka, the bride’s head is encircled with fabulous jewels and sparkles. It has multiple chains, which support the multi faceted tikka in centre. This is a statement look which highlights the focus on the bride’s face and her accessories.

9‘Thalaikkachchu’ or South-Indian Style ‘Maang Tikka’


South-Indian style ‘Maang Tikkas’ are made of ‘Mathapatti’ or thick band that hangs against the hairline. Most of the time they are decorated with gold or coloured stones that are matching with the bride’s sarees. The round tikkas on the top two sides represents the ‘Suriyan’ or the sun on right and ‘Santiran’ or the moon on left. These artifacts are pinned into the hair directly, behind the large jewellery. They are originally known as ‘thalaikkachchu’ or ‘thalai saman’.

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10Maharashtrian Style Tikka

Maharashtrian Style Tikka

In this type of marriage, the bride wears a headpiece of blessed string and the tikka is worn to compliments the look. Most of the time the tikka is of single strand, so that the pendant can hang right above the headpiece. By this style the bride can show her beautiful ‘Maang Tikka’ while wearing a religious headpiece.

11‘Mor Patti Maang Tikka’ or Drape-Style Tikka

Drape-Style Tikka

This is a drapping style tikka made with ‘Pachchikam’ jewellery from 16th century. The central tikka or the pendant hanging is called the Borla. It derived it’s name from the jujube fruit called ‘ber’ in Hindi because of the similar shape. The shape of the borla most of the time is crafted with stones, crystal, rubies and pearls. The chains are sometimes heavily accessorized with beads to match the earrings. This creates a vintage elegance with the glamour and frames the bride’s face. These type of tikka is mostly worn by the women from Haryana and Rajasthan.

We might have even seen Aishwarya Rai sporting this tikka in her movie ‘Jodha Akbar’.

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12The Chand Tikka

The Chand Tikka

The ‘Chand’ or moon type of design is a common type of motif in the Indian Jewellery. This type of motif is an uncomplicated and elegant look for tikkas. Inside the gold outline of half moon, the set is made with kundan or pearls dangling. With the thin chain the focus is generally ensured with the stunning tikka.

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