Is Your Weight Gain Healthy?


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Causes Of Gaining Weight

We all have our own reasons of gaining weight. Some feel lazy getting up early in the morning for exercises and some of different health issue. But is gaining weight very bad or really bad? Sometimes we judge people by seeing their weight that they don’t want to lose pounds. But sometimes it is not entirely true. Many people have different kind of reasons to not lose weight, and sometimes those reasons are related to health. There is a lot of frustration goes on in our mind when we see changes in a perfectly fit waist band, few extra pounds on the scale.

Sometimes when we see our body making changes, the very first thing we can do is go for a check up. There can be a lot of reasons for gaining weight unhealthily, for example it can be from vitamin deficiencies to hormonal imbalance to a side effect in prescribed medicines. The best way to know is to consult a doctor immediately. Here are some causes of gaining weight, you can compare for consulting a physician.

Some Factor’s That Causes Weight Gain



Sometimes depression can also cause your weight gain. Remember that if you are depressed and taking anti-depressant pills or medication, then it might be one of the factors for the gain. If you are not taking medication then, may be the feeling of depression correlated with the weight gain. Some published research have shown that people who feel lonely and sad can gain weight quickly.

Depressed people sometimes eat more high calorie and high fat foods and cut back on their exercises which becomes the main cause of weight gain. So, if you are facing depression or taking anti-depressant pills and gaining weight, try to consult someone like a friend or a doctor about your situation and live a happy life.

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2Wrong pills

Wrong pills

There are many kinds of pills that can cause you gain weight. For example, if you are taking birth control pills, steroids, anti-seizure medicines, excess hormones for hormone therapy, migraine and heartburn medications, beta blockers for blood pressure and heart disease, or even breast cancer medications, etc., can get you in gaining a few pounds.

Suppose you suspect that any kind of medication you are taking and is causing you weight gain, then try to find an alternative treatment, if possible, by consulting your doctor and also that won’t be having this side effect.

3Slow gut

Slow gut

Sometimes slower digestion can also be a factor for your weight gain. If you have irregular digestion then medications, lack of good flora, dehydration or low fiber in your gut, then it can be your one of the reason for weight gain.

If you have symptoms like constipation then try a probiotics diet that can help in keeping your digestive tract intact. Staying hydrated can also improve your gut or digestive system along with fiber rich foods. If you are still having trouble in digestive system then go and check with your doctor immediately.

4Missing nutrients

Missing nutrients

Having a vitamin D deficiancy or being low in iron and magnesium can sometime compromise your immune system causing weight gain.

You can try to boost up your iron levels by eating spinach and red meat or increase magnesium by having nuts and almonds in your diet. Try to consult a doctor before going to any conclusion. It will not benefit your health but your physician can provide you with diet tips which can boost your immunity.

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5Getting older

Getting older

Getting older is an unavoidable condition for all of us. When you get older, your metabolism can slow down and sometimes we don’t burn as much calories as we do in our 20s. So, sometimes the best way to increase metabolism is exercising and less food.

To fix metabolism remember to eat proper calories and all the calories are not the same. Choosing low fat proteins and reducing carbs can be a good way to reduce unnecessary pounds and burn down calories.

6PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS happens because of out of balanced progesterone and estrogen in the body. Which causes a lot of hormonal disbalance and leads to unwanted changes like getting fat or failure in getting pregnant, etc. It a type of most common disorder in endocrine happen to women between the ages of 18 to 44

The first thing to consider when you have irregular periods, is go your doctor. Know more about your disorder and how cure it.

7Cushing Syndrome

Cushing Syndrome

Weight gain, which is related with osteoporosis, high blood pressure or sometimes changes colour of your skin tone and quality, making it look like silvery or purple stretch marks on your abdomen and ruddy cheeks, can be a sign of your body not processing food nutrients, the main factor can be the cortisol producing tumor in your adrenal glands. This syndrome is not common, but by this syndrome your arms and legs may look more slender and your fat distribution can be in the midsection of your body.

If you think that you are gaining weight, which is not related to your eating habits or medications or lack of exercises then try to get your urinalysis or blood test done and consult your doctor about the possibility of Cushing Syndrome.

Hope you will find this useful and consult your doctor if noticing any changes in the body. Happy Living!

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