5 Happening Destinations For Christmas Vacation to Have Fun To the Fullest


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Christmas Vacation
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Christmas time is vacation time for many. After all, you get to see the decorated world and the beauty is worthy of your time. Every corner of Christmas is lightened and brightened. Visiting a place where you can have more fun and more of Christmas celebrations will be a great start for your new year too. Few places may make you feel this will be the best Christmas ever in your life. There are happening destinations where your Christmas vacation can be fun. So, let the plan go with some wise choices which can be fun and happening for this Christmas vacation. Check the below destinations that are meant to be happening for you, this Christmas vacation…

Destinations For Christmas Vacation To Have The Unforgettable Time

Every movement you planned must be cherished. So, it is much important to pick a destination to have the unforgettable times. Plan your Christmas vacation, to visit the below destinations which will give you the bunches of unforgettable times. All these destinations will let you have the unforgettable times of your Christmas vacation

1.Blissful Time in Goa

Goa is a captivating place in general but during Christmas, the beauty of Goa enhances. To have the blissful time in Christmas vacation you must choose Goa as your destination. in Goa you have a set of experiences you should not miss. Anyways you have the high party life in Goa.

Blissful time in Goa
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Attend a Midnight Mass

Apart from it you can attend a midnight mass and remember that Goa is the domicile of 400 churches. You can enjoy the heights of heaven with Christmas dinner. A good meal is not to fill your stomach but also your day. You will surely feel filled with the dinner in Goa during Christmas.

The Tradition of “Burn the Old Man”

Going that far for a vacation, you cannot miss the tradition “Burn the old man”. This is the tradition that happens every year. It simply that a statue made of several old clothes and hay will be burnt by Goans believing that to take off all the worries of the passing year, to start a new year.

Fireworks on the Beach

Let your eyes watch the real shine and lights on Christmas. The fireworks on North Goa beaches can be the most beautiful scene to watch on your trip to Goa during Christmas.

Sunburn Music Festival

Let your head spin and hands sway with the music in Sunburn fest. Christmas goes incomplete without music. You can have the best party with music and will get to see the Indian musicians too at this event. This will be the youthful part where you find all the youngsters in their music world.

2. Joyous Pondicherry

The old churches in Pondicherry and the decoration makes the city spectacular. Get ready to have the joyous Christmas vacation in Pondicherry and you will feel happy choosing as your destination. Moreover, December is the best time to visit Pondicherry. Many of the restaurants give you the extravagant and lavish dining.

Joyous Pondicherry
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Explore the Christmas Market

Every corner of the market is themed with Christmassy. The most happening place in Pondicherry and you can’t miss having a look at it. The fairy lights and Christmas trees and the decorated windows make the Christmas market a must watch the place.

Have a Culinary Pilgrimage

As it is the festive season, you will get enjoy the traditional flavoured food in many eateries. How can you leave the chance of having the best dining in this beautiful place? So, you can make a chance to taste the traditions in Pondicherry and you need not go in search for them. You will get to experience the best culinary pilgrimage.

3. Cheers all over Cochin

Christmas is always charming in Cochin. Your stay will be pleasant on in Cochin with cheers all over. You will cherish your experiences of Christmas vacation in Cochin as it is the best destination to be in. The way Cochin welcomes you on Christmas is sparkling and you have the best experiences with little things there. The streets of Cochin will be decorated, lighted and orchestrate. Everything reminds you that it is Christmas and you should cheer just like the city does.

Cheers all over Cochin
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Cochin Carnival

If you are loving the watch the different cultures at once place, then you must attend the Cochin carnival. North Indian dances are part of the carnival. You will have unlimited fun with competitions like beach football, kayaking, swimming and many others.

4. Attractive Lansdowne

Lansdowne will be beautifully decked for every Christmas. Lansdowne is attractive with more shine and glitter. Your heart must be craving for a peaceful and happening place. So, choose Lansdowne as your destination for this Christmas vacation. Every corner of Lansdowne will attract you with festive essence.

Attractive Lansdowne
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Christmas Tree Lighting

You must visit Lansdowne just to have a glance at the biggest Christmas tree with lights. You will have free evening live music, holiday drinks, and many fun activities. Every movement is worth to be captured here.

Lansdowne Christmas Market

Aberdeen Pavilion, has the market of 120 vendors. You can have fun visiting Lansdowne Christmas market. You will find several foods, handmade crafts. There is also live music. Taking a horse ride and wagon ride will make the time happy.


If you are looking for a package of activities which can be full-fledged fun for this Christmas, then make a visit to see this. You will have scotch tasting, traditional food, highland dancing and many children activities. The midnight fireworks can be the highlight to watch.

5. Amusing Shillong

People think North East can’t be the destination for Christmas celebrations. Now you can change your thinking and look at amusing Shillong. You will find Shillong as beauty with accessories like lights, colours and stars all over. Shillong can be the perfect destination for your Christmas vacation. You will be overwhelmed watching the city in Christmas time.

Amusing Shillong
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Local Music Bands

With live local musical bands everywhere in Shillong will keep your festive mood on. You can rejoice with music.

Traditional Cuisine

You will get to have lip-smacking dishes in Shillong during Christmas. Will you get a better time than Christmas to have the traditional cuisine. Who would not love to taste the delicious dishes to have the best Christmas experience? Do not leave the yummy cakes there.

Decorations in Police Bazar

The little city will amaze you with Christmassy everywhere. You must visit decorated Police bazar to feel the Christmas. The dazzling lights and the Christmas themed decorations will embrace you in the most festive mood.

The more you explore the more you will be happy. As Christmas is meant have a happy face and smiling gestures find the places where you can get them. Going to the places where you the essence of Christmas will make your festive mood great. All these places have the best activities to do during Christmas. We wish you have the fun and spiritual time this Christmas choosing the above destination your vacation.

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