How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Goa


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Destination Wedding in Goa

Did you watch Bollywood hit movie “Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani”? In that movie actress, Deepika Padukone’s friend Kalki Koechlin gets married in a “Destination Wedding in Jaipur”. In the same way, here we will be talking about Destination wedding in Goa. Now just deciding a place for a destination wedding is not enough. You have to plan a lot of things before you travel to the destination.

When deciding a place you need to keep many things in mind. Goa has many beaches, resorts, islands, hot drinks, and full of enjoyment. Planning a destination wedding in Goa is not a cakewalk. So, here is the guide on how to organize a destination wedding in Goa.

Destination Wedding in Goa

1Save the Date

Save the Date

He proposed you and you said ‘yes’. Now, you have decided to have a destination wedding and the place is Goa. What next? You have to now plan a destination wedding in Goa. For that firstly, finalize a date for your wedding, which is suitable for both of you. If you fix a date during peak season, you will get a huge blow in regard to your budget. So, pick your date wisely.

2What’s Your Wedding Style?

What's Your Wedding Style

If you are having a destination wedding in Goa it doesn’t mean that you can have only a Catholic style wedding. If you are a Hindu, you will definitely want to have a wedding in a temple or a beachwedding. You can then opt for a reception party at a fort or a resort or a lavish 5-star hotel or at the beach itself. It depends on your budget and your taste.



Now fixing a budget is very important. You don’t want to spend the huge amount on accommodation itself. So, when you plan a destination wedding in Goa, make sure you decide a proper budget. Plan your ceremonies and events according to your budget.

4Book Venue

Book Venue

Once you’ve decided your budget and how you want to exchange rings, research on what all options available for your wedding venue. Goa has many resorts, luxury hotels, and beaches. Once you have decided the venue, go and personally visit the venue. If you like it, then book it immediately. Make sure all arrangements are made properly. You don’t want the crisis in the last moment.

5Guest List

Guest List

Since it’s your wedding, you want all your family, friends in your wedding. So, finalize the guest list. Decide on those who are extremely close to you and should be present in your wedding. Keep your guest list concise as you have to bear their expenses like accommodation, flight tickets etc.

6Wedding Formalities

Wedding Formalities

Find out all formalities needed for your wedding as it an outstation wedding. Find out if you need any marriage license for performing your wedding in Goa.

7Hire Wedding Planner

Hire Wedding Planner

As yours is a destination wedding, it is not possible that you can manage everything all alone. Hire wedding planners who will plan your destination wedding according to your taste. Talk to your planner and tell them how you want the decoration. Ask them if they can provide some discounts in booking vendors for all necessary arrangements like decoration, catering etc.

8Arrange a Celebrant

Arrange a Celebrant

Now for any wedding you need celebrant, it can either be a pundit or a priest. If yours is a Hindu wedding, talk to your wedding planner to arrange for a local pundit who will conduct all rituals. If you have a pundit in your mind, ensure you make all necessary arrangements for his travel and stay.

9Book Tickets

Book Tickets

Once you finalize your guest list, start booking tickets. If you book tickets for Goa in the peak season it will be highly expensive. Get all your bookings done well in advance may be 6-9 months before the wedding date. By doing this you will get a discount as you will be doing group booking.

10Book Accommodation

Book Accommodation

After you book tickets in advance, book your accommodations in advance only if your wedding venue and hotel are not the same. If you book accommodation at least 4-6 months in advance, you will get discounts.

11Book Transportation

Book Transportation

Wedding destination doesn’t mean you will just get married and come back. If you are going to Goa, you definitely want to travel, do some shopping, sight seeing and party. For all this, you need to book a bus, car or some bikes. This is one of the most important factors. You can also ask your wedding planners to arrange for transport.



Now after you decided your guest list, start sending invites. Your guest might be aware of wedding in Goa, still send out formal invites and get the final confirmation before booking tickets. You can have unique wedding invites, as yours is a destination wedding.



Goa is popular for cheap liquor. So, if you are very modern and your guest love to have alcohol, you can ask you wedding planners or hotel to arrange for good offers on alcohol. You can also get drinks from outside.



Now, without music and entertainment, your destination wedding is not complete. Couples nowadays have theme weddings like Cruise for their guests. Local bands are cheaper in Goa.