Some secrets that are okay to keep away from your lover/fiance


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It is obvious that you and your lover/fiance talk a lot and share everything under the sun. It is also a good way to have a real connection and bonding with each other. But is it always okay to tell everything that you think to your fiance? You and your guy can talk for hours. You tell him how your day was or about the gossip queen in the office. Sharing is important in your relationships, but that’s not always true! Squash the old saying, that telling him every last detail will lead to a healthier relationship. So how much is exactly too much?

There is always a thin line between being faithful and being truthful. Being faithful means, you need to tell him everything no matter how good or bad it is. In a relationship, if you have the guts to say whatever you think, it wouldn’t work out every time. Filtering certain secrets from sharing it with your fiance can save you from embarrassment, unwanted arguments and definitely the awkward silences. So, here are some really great tips on few secrets in relationship that you can hide from your fiance which is okay!

A Few Secrets That Can Be Kept Away From Your Fiance

1Past exes-

Past exes

Leave the past in the past. Often, this particular topic on exes may crop up, but be very careful when you choose what you say. Sure, you might want your guy to know how many exes you‘ve had or your guy may come up with the topic saying he wants to know. But girls, remember, He definitely doesn’t want to know any details of your ex. You never know what is his threshold on numbers. May be he is thinking two and you end up saying four. That is sure going to hurt him.

Besides, you definitely do not want him to have images of you with the exes in his mind. But all said and done, you can always tell him you have had relationships before. You don’t want to hide the part of having previous relationships. So always be careful to skirt the topic and change it into a clearer subject where you tell him that you do not want to share such unwanted details which sure doesn’t matter anymore to you.

2How you spend money-


There are certain details you shouldn’t be over sharing with anyone but yourself. Why would you tell him how much you spend on what! That is none of his concern as long as he doesn’t pay for any of the bills given by you. Even if he pays your bills, make sure you maintain a proper log on what he has paid for. This is not because you can create a fight later. This is only to keep a check on who has spent how much. Plus, If he says you spend too much on shoes or pocketbooks, tell him you bought them on clearance and not to stress about it. Create some ground rules so both are clear before a big fight arises.

3Your flirtatious habits-


Come on, everyone flirts. This is basic and everyone knows it. You can never deny that because flirting is humane. So if a guy checks you out in your gym or talks to you in the park, do not run to your fiance to tell him about the incident.

1. He might be too insecure about this and go into weird assumptions

2. He will act too cool, but will refrain from being normal to you. So you can just feel good about yourself, talk, flirt and never think about it.

Also, be sure that your fiance is also going to flirt around whenever there is a chance. So never act like you have not done stuff when you find out about his flirting encounters.

4Never express your dislikes about the mother-


Nope, no matter what! You should never express your feelings about his family or mainly his mother. No matter how tight you and your man are, blood is always thicker than water. Sure, he can diss them, but keep your comments to yourself, even if his Mama is a queen. It generally turns out to be a calm, before a storm. So keep the lid closed and never try to figure out what would happen if you open it. Always keep your comments low about what you think about the family. You sure can keep away from sharing this.

5You hated something that he presented-


This is another NO-NO! Never ever tell him you hate something he got you. Doesn’t matter if it is an old gift he gave you three years ago or the one he gifted yesterday. Guys aren’t the best ones to pick out the things you like. Your friends sure are, because they know your taste and what you like.

Though guys are aware, they just aren’t all that good at picking up something you might like. They pick up what they think is nice and screw up. But, you just have to pretend that it is an ‘Oscar’ to you and speak good things about it. They will never know if you wore it or not, even if you actually did not or did wear it. So, if you do not like something, just hide it in your closet and forget it. It is better to do that, than to open the lid of male ego.

There are few things to keep your relationship happy and going. Sharing is good, but every minute detail, might do worse than good. Certain things can die with you and that includes even what you want to say to his face sometimes. These small changes in a relationship can sure make it beautiful and trustworthy. So the next time you want to say something, quickly skim through in your head if it may open the ego lid or not. Not only are you saving it from him, but saving it to talk at your next meet with your dear friends. So remember, your savior friends can bare all this. Give your fiancé a miss on such topics. It is worth it!

AW- Pavithra Ravi