Traits you should know about a Capricorn person

Capricorn person

If you are dating a Capricorn person, there are a few important things that you should know about them. They are the stubborn yet lovable kind of rams that you can find in the zodiac world. This sign majorly governed by Saturn, so they are mostly stubborn, go getters, authoritative and so on. So, they may not be the lightest hearted people nor will they be your crying shoulder. They don’t give up that easy but are one of the most down to earth people who are most often reserved too. So, if you want to know more, go ahead and read the traits you should know about a Capricorn person.

Top Traits to Learn About a Capricorn Man

1They are industrious

They are industrious

They are extremely the kind of men you wish you could be with. Yes, they are serious about their work and don’t budge even if a storm is alerted. They are extremely strong headed people who believe that their work stands first. This obviously would mean that you may not be first in their priority list. While you always wanted a man who is serious with his work life, the Capricorn man would be too serious about it.

2Down to earth

Down to earth

You don’t have to be contended with pretension when you hang out with them. They always make sure to keep their emotions and feeling true and real. They are the most down to earth people and do not boss over unless need be. They are also the kind of people to whom you can speak the truth. They appreciate kindness and truthfulness.

3Reserved in nature

Reserved in nature

Capricorns are a lot reserved that you think. They hide their emotions most of the times and you should have all the perseverance and patience to pull words from their mouth. They are reserved because they think they are not good expressing people. But if you gain their trust, they are not the same. A little extra mind exercises are needed to get things out of them and if you are good with that, you won’t find it hard at all.

4They are dedicated

They are dedicated

They are the most dedicated kind of people amongst every other zodiac sign. They can shower true and compassionate love towards you and if they are committed, they make it seem very meaningful by doing whatever you want. It may take a long time for them to feel comfortable with you that way. But the waiting period is worth it post the period. You can definitely believe in them because they are not the player kindest.

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5They play safe

They play safe

If you are a person who is extremely junkie kind and are expecting the same kind of a man, then they are not that kind at all. They play everything very safe and don’t like the adventure part at all. They plan everything and look at the big picture. They are not spontaneous and think a hundred times about what they want to do. If you are looking for someone with whom you want to settle down and make a family, then this is the sign you should look for. They like making lunch or dinner for you instead of eating out. They like soft music over blaring sound. They drive, keeping the destination in mind. They live for the future than the present.

6Closet romantic

Closet romantic

They are not great orators, they may not like adventure, but all of that would vanish when they spend time with you in a four-walled room. They are definitely not expressive in public. So, if you are expecting a surprise party or a trip to Paris without telling you, that’s not what you can expect. Instead, they will plan everything with you and definitely be more than romantic inside the bedroom. The added advantage of dating a Capricorn person is that if there is any fight or misunderstanding, they give you the space and time that you may want. They don’t torture you with constant cheeky messages and make peace without a proper solution. They make sure to talk it out and clear the air around the situation. That is a huge plus.

7They are scared of failure

They are scared of failure

The major downside of this zodiac is that they are scared of failure and that fear could make them feel dull. Never try to hit their ego because they are the fragile kind of people. So, if you are going to hurt their ego, be careful to come up with ways you can resolve the same post the hurting episode. The fear of failure may not be a good thing, but they are hard strivers who will swim back and get back on feet. It may take time, but they don’t give up.

8They don’t know mind games

mind games

They are straight, plain and simple and like people who speak to their face. They don’t understand sarcasm or mind games because they are not such kind of people. So, if you keep thinking if your person is blatant and blank, that is because he/she is just like that. They don’t think about mind games. They are pretty serious people.

9Resourceful and creative problem solvers

problem solvers

Capricorn people are amazingly resourceful and give you creative problem solutions. They may not be great orators, creators or anything of that sort, but they don’t lack imagination at all. With their future planning capabilities, they give the soundest advice you can ask for and don’t hesitate in giving you an easy way out. They understand the other person’s necessities and give them the space.

-Pavithra Ravi

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