Top benefits of early morning Yoga


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Yoga Tips

Are you not an early morning person? Well, not many are! But, when you taste the fruit of calmness and natural spirit, you can soon become one. Early mornings are generally very productive than other times of the day. For about 5000 years, researchers have a say about yoga and its healthy effects on every woman. Yoga is touted to be the best medicine for both physical and mental health of a woman mainly because as women, you have a lot of multi-tasking that has to done. But, obviously you don’t have to be an expert in yoga already. If you are a beginner, here are a few easy position and postures that you should inculcate in your routine to become an expert soon.

On a physical level, yoga helps you increase your flexibility, stretching abilities, concentration on a particular work, etc. On a mental level, yoga gives you the much needed peace, silence and clarity in decisions. You are definitely going to learn how to be energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to performing yoga every day. Trust us, it also helps you fight stress levels by cultivating peace in your mind. Here are some benefits of early morning yoga for women

Yoga Postures To Improve Physical, Mental Health In Women

1Increases emotional health

Stress buster

Yoga increases your emotional health to a large level. You get the stability to actually fight against important decisions of your life and get through the rough patch with ease. A study has actually proven that yoga has the powers of helping mentally ill people living with schizophrenia, other psychiatric conditions, and sleep problems.

2Stress buster

It decreases back pain

Early morning yoga is quite a stress buster considering the different kinds of silences and mild sounds you hear. Yes, when you practice yoga early in the morning, the serene and silent atmosphere will add up to the atmosphere’s peace and give you inner happiness. Yoga is a great way to get rid of stress that accumulates daily in mind and body. Yoga postures such as pranayama and meditation are the effective techniques to release stress. You can also experience how yoga helps in detoxing the body and de-stressing the mind.

3It decreases back pain

It decreases back pain

Studies have proven that yoga can decrease chronic back pain than the usual health care. Since yoga is a natural treatment by itself, you get to experience the new you. Though the pain levels may not decrease drastically, you are sure to see the difference when it comes to medicines. You might not need as much medical help as you used to take in.

4Increases immunity level

Increases immunity level

Human body is a beautiful mix of soul, body and mind. You need to balance all the three using something that can enhance your power. Yoga is the best way to do it. Yoga increases immunity levels and keeps a check on your restlessness. . An irregularity in the body, affects the mind and restlessness in the mind can manifest as an ailment in the body. Yoga postures massages and strengthens our organs and muscles, breathing techniques and meditation releases stress and improves immunity.

5Better body

Better body

Who wouldn’t like a better body? Yoga will release the muscles and make sure you reduce appropriately. Continuous yoga will help you reduce drastic weight in a very healthy manner. Yoga helps you stretch your legs and hands and makes your body easily flexible. You tend to reduce both in body and it helps you relax your muscles.

6Impeccable energy

Impeccable energy

Yoga boosts your energy and spread positivity around you. There is an innate energy that will grow within once you do yoga. Yoga helps you feel fresh and energetic after a hectic day where you are handling multiple tasks. Yoga also benefits you immensely by leaving you refreshed and recharged in the middle of a hectic day with simple techniques and meditation

7Better flexibility

Better flexibility

Include yoga in your routine to get benefits from your own body. Regular yoga stretches and tones the body muscles, it also helps to improve body posture. This would in turn help you in relieve of body pains due to incorrect posture. Actually speaking, yoga also helps in great sex and active physical relationship with your partner. It increases the adrenaline rush in your body, stabilizing your hormones.

-Pavithra Ravi