Super Easy Toothpaste Pregnancy Test You Can Do At Home


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toothpaste pregnancy test

For a married woman, finding out that she is pregnant can be one of the most overwhelming feelings of her life. Irrespective of whether you plan it or not, a pregnancy can bring in waves of emotion and excitement. And all thanks to the fast pace evolution of science, testing out your pregnancy has become as easy as blinking eyes. Just buy a simple home pregnancy test kit, and it gives out almost 95% accurate results within 10 minutes. Could life be any simple? Well, yes it can be.  Now you can make your own toothpaste pregnancy test at home, and you don’t even have to go out and buy a pregnancy test kit. Here is a simple way to make a homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test.

Toothpaste Pregnancy TestA toothpaste pregnancy test, is basically a simple homemade test, to find out if you are pregnant. A lot of times you may not have the time to go to a Pharmacy Store, or you are travelling, or maybe you just couldn’t get your hands on a pregnancy test kit for some reason. In such cases, a homemade toothpaste pregnancy test can be really helpful. It is super easy to make and it also gives fairly accurate results.

A lot of women have been using this toothpaste pregnancy test to ascertain their pregnancy. This test should always be followed with a proper urine test carried out by a doctor to confirm your pregnancy. This is just a simple way to calm your mind down from all the curiosity if you are expecting a pregnancy.  This test is very simple to carry out, it is cheap, easy and relatively accurate. In this homemade pregnancy test toothpaste of only a certain type is required. Here is what you will need and how to carry out this homemade pregnancy test.

How to Make Toothpaste Pregnancy Test at Home?

To make a toothpaste pregnancy test at home you will need some basic supplies and to test it out, you have to follow, some simple steps. Here is a detailed guide, to carrying out a pregnancy test using toothpaste at home.

What will you need?

  • Plain White toothpaste
  • A clean cup for testing
  • A cup to collect urine
  • A dropper
  • A stick to stir

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How to Perform the Test?

• As soon as you wake up, collect your first morning urine in a clean cup. Make sure the cup is clean so as to not contaminate it with other bacteria that might change the colour of the test.

• In another cup squirt a little bit of white toothpaste.  The amount need not be too much. About half a teaspoon is enough

• Now, collect a little bit of the urine sample from the previous cup and drop a few drops into the cup containing the toothpaste.

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• With a clean stick stir the mixture well. Make sure the urine sample mixes well with the white toothpaste.

• Let the toothpaste sit for a while (not more than 5 minutes) and give it some time to react with the urine sample.

• Check for any changes in colour in the toothpaste. Also noticed if there are any appearance of froth, Bubbles all foam. If you notice any changes in the colour of the consistency the chances are that you are pregnant.

• The mixture may change colour to either blue or greenish appearance. Usually, if a woman is pregnant it tends to also turn frothy and release bubbles.

• If you do not see any change in the colour or the consistency of the plane toothpaste, you might not actually be pregnant.

pregnancy test workHow does the Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Work?

The toothpaste Pregnancy Test works on the same principle as the drug store pregnancy test kit. A woman who is pregnant will have a compound called as hCG in her urine.  This hCG will react with the white toothpaste and cause a chemical reaction which changes the colour of toothpaste into a blue or bluish green hue. It also causes the appearance of the toothpaste to look frothy. After carrying out the test if there are no visible changes in the toothpaste then the woman might not have the presence of hCG in her urine, showing that she is not pregnant.

For best results make sure that you follow simple tips

• Collect the first morning urine sample; it has concentrated amounts of hCG.

• Use only white colour toothpaste, otherwise, it can be difficult to see the change in colour or any other changes in the appearance.

• Make sure that the cup that you are using to collect the sample or to mix the toothpaste is completely clean and does not contain any other compound or bacteria that may reduce the accuracy of the test results.

• Give it a few minutes to react and show proper changes, in colour or appearance.

How Accurate is the Homemade Toothpaste Pregnancy Test?

toothpaste pregnancy test workThere are a lot of factors which work together to give out the results in Pregnancy test at home with toothpaste. There should be no contaminants in the cup or other tools used in the test, the colour of the toothpaste should be naturally white, devoid of any added colouring.

That being said, this homemade toothpaste pregnancy test still has a very dependable rate of accuracy. It has been seen to be almost 85 to 90% accurate in most of the case. There is still a 10 to 15% chance the result might not be accurate. Always use this test is only an indication of a possible pregnancy, do not Use this as an only way to test out your pregnancy.  Consult a doctor and carry out a proper blood and urine test to confirm your pregnancy before you announce it to the world.

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Advantages of Homemade Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

• Quick fix, for times when you do not have access to a pharmacy store or the time to you, buy a home pregnancy test kit, this homemade toothpaste pregnancy test can serve as a quick fix and a simple solution to find out if you’re pregnant.

• Easy. This test is very simple and does not involve any Complex procedures. It requires basic supplies and is also very easy to carry out.

• Cheap. If you are a couple planning a pregnancy, using a pregnancy test every other day to confirm pregnancy can get expensive.  This is a very simple and cheap method which only requires your daily use white toothpaste.  If the results of this test come up to be positive you can then re-confirm it using other pharmacy bought pregnancy test kit

• Fast, This test only takes about 3 to 5 minutes to complete and show results.  It is super fast and it does not require waiting for reports like you usually do and blood tests or urine tests carried out by a doctor for ascertaining pregnancy.

Disadvantages of homemade toothpaste pregnancy test

Can be confusing. Sometimes different toothpaste can give out different reactions with the even normal urine of a person. In such cases, the results can sometimes be confusing and difficult to understand if their positive or negative. This is one of the most common disadvantages of this homemade toothpaste pregnancy test.

Varying reaction time.  This test can sometimes have wearing reaction times for different individuals. It depends on the amount of toothpaste and urine sample that you’re using. So it can also depend on the chemical composition of the white toothpaste.

Mislead. While there are 85 to 90% chances that this can show accurate results,  there are still 15% instances where it can mislead you into believing otherwise. Blame it on the contamination by external factors, or composition of the toothpaste or just plain inaccuracy. This homemade toothpaste pregnancy test can sometimes really mislead you.

So there you have it, simple way to test your pregnancy at home. A simple and easy to make homemade toothpaste pregnancy test which comes in very handy in situations where you are not prepared to get your hands on a professional pregnancy test kit. A lot of women Resort to this simple homemade pregnancy test as a first response to checking out the pregnancy. Give this pregnancy test a try to see for yourself how it works for you.  Do write back to us and share your experiences with this technique. Hope this information helps you out.

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