10 Self Care Tips For Every New Mom- Be A Proud Mother


Some people don’t get enough sleep but still active the next morning. And few don’t take proper diet but energetic. All these are kinds of sacrifices to complete work at home or work place. But not to continue all this after giving birth to a baby.

Once a woman becomes a mother, she need to face new struggles. The sacrifices increases and self love decreases. But the fact is, this may also affect your health and happiness. Your health and happiness is connected to your little one. So, you must be little more wise than before.

You tend to forget yourself and your happiness. As it is tough to be a new mom, we would like to give away the self care tips for you. See what all it takes to keep yourself happy and healthy in this new big role- mother.

How to take self Care As A New Mom?

You may think that- Where do I even get time for myself when baby is my priority. Well! You must remember that, the healthy you can only give you the best to your baby. This will make you chase for your self care. It simple to say but tough in real. But don’t give up on self care as a new mom.

1. Mindful diet


You may have many favourite food items. But taste is comes after health and hygiene. If you are mindful with your diet, be little more mindful as a new mother. It is for you and your baby. Also make sure you take food on time and good quantity. Intake protein and vitamins oriented food. See that you take home made food and avoid junk. The new mothers who are breastfeeding the baby need to more careful with their diet.

You are giving your baby what you are eating.

Follow a healthy diet plan which is designed for new mothers.

2. Drink water


Drinking water is a routine tips for everyone to stay healthy. But as a new mother, you need to take an extra glass of water. If you are a breastfeeding mother, then it is highly important to stay hydrated. It is also important to maintain the flexibility and healthy skin. So, don’t forget to stay hydrated even after knowing the importance.

3. Ask and accept the help


Having a newborn baby is exhausting and you may not be able to manage things alone. The major care is needed during first two weeks when you must take any responsibilities except looking after baby and yourself. Then, you must take others help and accept it.It can be from your family members like husband, parents, in-laws. You can also have a helper who can clear the other daily routine chores at home. Then, you need not stress too much and also you can give little more time.

4. Take care of your body


You know self care but you may also tend to forget living your life properly. Postpartum makes your body go through some changes.You need to be soft with yourself as your body needs time to get back to normal. While you are moving or working, you need to be careful. You can practice some gentle postpartum exercises as well. You can ask your doctor when you can start exercising and go ahead accordingly.

You also take care of your body season wise. Climatic changes and seasons affects you and your baby as well. The mothers who are breastfeeding must be extra careful with their body and health.

5. Get some knowledge

Being a new mom, you need to know a lot about the role. There are many ways to gain the knowledge. A bundle of books, group of new moms along with your interest can help you in gaining knowledge. Associate with other new moms to share your experiences and listen to their stories. Doing this you will learn how to parent and give the best to your little one. This was also implemented by our parents and grandparents but the methods were different.

6. Self love

Self-loveSelf love add everything that makes you a best mom for you baby. Every woman would have her own beautiful story of being a mom. So, do not compare yourself with others. It is nothing but hurting yourself.

You need not leave your passion and wishes forever. You can be the same career oriented. It is tough and part of struggles that every woman faces after being a mother. A proud mother can raise a proud child. So, keep your wish list active

7. Calm your mind and soul


A new mother must take a break from the stressed life. Agree that you need accomplish and live up to your responsibilities but not to stress. Take a walk and some fresh air and meditate to have relief. Meditation and walking will give you space and peace. You can balance your emotions which will keep you mentally healthy and happy. Your happiness matters when you really want to enjoy the motherhood. So don’t stick to bed or one place.

8. Rest along with your baby


Every new mother’s sleeping times are controlled by the little one. Babies sleep most of the time in day and they also take breaks from sleeping every 2-3 hours.

While babies are awake, they want mothers complete attention. But mothers also need to rest at least for minimum hours in a day. The best to rest is, resting along with your baby. Your short naps can give you the energy to handle your baby or some other work. Every new mother must follow this wise idea.

9. Adjust yourself


You must adjust yourself to take up the new challenges and struggles. You must be prepared to do multi tasking and without stress. When adjust yourself with the role of mother, you will get a chance of celebrating motherhood. You will also find happiness from within you.

Adjusting doesn’t mean losing yourself but adjusting to find yourself. So, make everything possible and favourable to you and your newborn.

10. Take your own stand


Agree that you are physically weak for few days after postpartum. But you must not be mentally or emotionally weak. If you are working mother, stand for yourself at work place. Learn to stand for yourself at home or in society. Make sure nothing affects you and your baby.

As a new mother, the way protect yourself also impacts your child’s growth. Be strong always and take a stand for yourself when needed.

11. Medicines


As a new mother, you have to take medicines to set your health back. Medicines that keep energized and healthy. The medicines which help you in recovering from postpartum are a must for you. So, set the reminders to have your medicines daily at any cost.

12. Buy postpartum clothes

You need comfortable clothes which are more breathable. You can repurpose your clothes as well. Somehow, you must feel free and painless wearing the clothes. Use the clothes which make breastfeeding easy. Some of the clothes are fashionable and comfortable. You can choose something of that kind for casual wear.

13. Beauty care

Beauty-careFeel beautiful! Beauty care is not starting off the home remedies or using the products. Just follow your routine skincare regime. Every new mother must feel great taking up the role.

The basic skin care like moisturizing your skin and cleansing are enough after postpartum. You can show interest and self care in every aspect instead of leaving everything forever.

New mothers forget to take self care while they beautifully indulge in the mother role. The little time they get is dedicated for the baby or family. Every woman who becomes a mom must put up her best version. As she needs a guide that reminds her about self care, here are the tips. These tips are needed even for working mothers.

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