Top tips to help you mentally and physically for childbirth


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Doesn’t it feel like everything is going in a fast forward action when it comes to childbirth? Well, yes! Things could really move upward and faster in the childbirth process. It has been proved by researchers that childbirth nowadays takes at least 2 and half hours more in time than it used those times. Well, everything is in your mind. If you want a peaceful birth, then there are certain things that you could follow from the very first month of your pregnancy. Pregnancy in fact, is a huge process in itself. You need to understand that as first timers you could find it hard to handle such hardships. You could think that it is moving extremely fast in nature and that you are doing it all wrong, but don’t worry about that at all ladies. It is now time for you to concentrate on all the nice and happy things you do for your baby inside the womb.

Since there are a lot of theories relating to childbirth and pregnancy, we are going to list down a few tips for easy childbirththat will help you both mentally and physically to prepare for your childbirth.

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Top Tips to Prepare Yourself for Childbirth

1Take up a class

Take up a class

There is nothing wrong to not know anything about childbirth. So, to get yourself fully equipped, go on a childbirth course and enrol yourself into it. These classes run upto 12 weeks and can be attended by both the parents. These classes help you to mentally prepare yourself for the best and they teach important yoga positions that are good for the baby and you. It is important that you understand that these classes will keep you prepared even physically. It is fine to ask tough questions in the classes.

Ask a lot of questions regarding labor pain, hospital environments, complications, c sections, etc. When you ask tougher questions, you will be able to clear out all the pent up doubts you have in your mind. It is better to be open in these short term classes because the trainers would be more than happy to give out the best possible answers for the most difficult questions. They will teach you the stages of labor and will sooth your mental pressure in the process.

2Try to find out your strengths

find out your strengths

Focus on your strengths when you are pregnant. Yes, it is very important for you to go through this in the most peaceful way possible. So, try to take up yoga lessons online or go to pregnant women yoga classes.

The thing about yoga is that it not only strengthens your body, it also eases your mind. It gives you flexibility and your stamina is easily improved. Before all this, you need to relax your mind. When you are relaxed, your baby will also calm down. Before you take up these classes, be sure to make yourself free from all the mind blocks you might have. A peaceful mind and body is the best home for your baby.

3Nix negativity

Nix negativity

This is the most important process of childbirth that you should avoid. Yes, you need to eliminate negativity from your life. This is because, any kind of negative thoughts or comments can directly affect your baby inside.

For example, if you see some graphic images and get scared or grossed out, your baby inside will feel the reactions to your actions. It is always better to avoid scary movies, negative thoughts and discouraging ideas. It is also very important for you and your partner to understand that fighting or arguing about things may disturb your baby and mess with the baby’s idea of life.

If you have negative thoughts, let me tell you that your delivery would be a stressful process. You will feel more pain that usual and there will be a lot of discomfort. If you tend to see something gross, immediately change the channel when you think it is getting uncomfortable. If you are fighting with your partner, take a walk or immediately change your mind to something nicer. That way, you and your baby will not feel the negative stress taking a toll on you. In fact, even Facebook and YouTube videos can bring out some negative thoughts in you. So, stay clear of all that.

4Read a lot

Read a lot

Reading a lot of good books will help you and your baby. Yes, when you read good-knowledgeable books, you can be sure that your child will be a very contended child. Read stories to your child. Yes, children inside your womb can start hearing and feeling you from the 10th day of their growth. So, read up a lot of books and make the reading time enjoyable.

You can read out rhymes or even some comic books to your child. That way, you are staying clear of all the negative thoughts and you are educating your little one inside the womb.

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5Be active

Be active

It is extremely important for you to be active when you are pregnant. Take a walk, do a little bit of housework, clean your room, go for slow dancing classes, take a swim or simply, walk inside your house. When your body is active, your baby inside will also be active. It is important to be stress free and a little energetic at this time of your pregnancy.

Remember that when you are in your final stages, you need to get your baby’s head to the pelvis. It could be difficult to do that if you are lazy and keep sitting. Jiggle a little, wiggle a little and see how easy your childbirth will get.

-Pavithra Ravi

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