12 Stunning Mughlai Mehndi Designs – Wrap Your Hands With Mehndi Art


Mehndi designs are many and all the designs look unique. There are no limits in variations of mehndi designs. The talent mehndi artists and people make different designs. Some of the designs look like jewelry on hands. One of the attractive mehndi design is Mughlai mehndi design.

Mughlai mehndi designs are intricate and they form with delicacy. The patterns and the turns with the mehndi make the hand adorned. The intricacy in the jewelry matches with the mehndi designs. The royalty in Mughal culture and traditions can be clearly seen in the mehndi designs.

You have some of the latest Mughlai mehndi designs to try. To jewel up your hands with unique and intricate mehndi, you can check out the latest Mughlai designs. Make your hand look special with the designs of Mughlai mehndi.

Latest Mughlai Mehndi Designs

1. Floral Mehndi Design


Floral designs come in all kind of mehndi designs. But in Mughlai designs, the floral designs take the attachments and embellishments. The dots, chains and leave around make the floral Mughlai designs unique and mesmerizing.

2. Bracelet Mehndi Design


Bracelet designs are simple to make your hand look beautifully adorned. Bracelet woven with mehndi is a unique Mughlai design. You can attach the tiny jewel designs which can decorate your wrist with mehndi. You can also attach delicate chain designs which add attraction to your hand.

3. Peacock Mehndi Design


Peacock mehndi design is the loved mehndi design. The peacock mehndi design looks even more beautiful with the Mughlai style. The intricate designs around the peacock mehndi make your hand look elegant. Peacock mehndi design can be in various styles and it makes your hand look traditional.

4. Coloured Mehndi Design


The modern mehndi styles added the colour. The modern style can still look traditional with the sprinkled colours. Coloured mehndi design is stunning art on hand. The intricate design and the details of Mughlai mehndi designs become gorgeous with the added colours. It can be the captivating art for any special occasion. Looks beautiful on the bride’s hands as it is brimmed with colours and detailed designs.

5. Mesh Mehndi Design


Mesh design makes your art easy but breathtaking. The mesh design is with the lovely designs makes the Mughlai mehndi look special. You say mesh design is also quirky with the shading. The dark mehndi with mesh design must be part of Mughlai design to make it look grand.

6. Bride and Groom Mehandi Design


If you are planning to decorate your hands with mehndi on your wedding day, then you can choose a bride and groom design. Bride and groom designs make your hands expressive and special. The bride and groom mehndi design can be added with tiny details.

7. Finger Mehndi Design


You can make finger mehndi design where you get to make many variations. You can do floral designs on fingers. You can simply cover your fingers with leaf design and make stylish. With mehndi designs, you give rings to your fingers and it looks fashionable.

8. Feet Mehndi Design


You can make your feet look jeweled with designs. The designs that take the curves and the fillings make the feet look prettier. The beautiful feet shape gets elevated with the Mughlai mehndi design. You have beautiful bridal feet mehndi designs in Mughlai style. Let your legs be wrapped with breathtaking designs as shown in the above image.

9. Bohemian Mehndi Design


Bohemian mehndi designs of mehndi are totally feminine and eccentric. The design chains and hangings make the design look like a bohemian style. You add the royalty of Mughlai designs to the stylish bohemian style.

10. Spiral Mehndi Design


You can make spiral mehndi designs in a simple way. It looks like beautiful jewelry on your hand. Attaching the flowers and leaves around the spiral design looks magnificent. The spiral mehndi designs make your hand look incredibly awesome with the simple twists.

11. Anklet Mehndi Design


You can cover your anklets with mehndi designs. The chains with mehndi make your hand look charming. Anklet designs make your hands look stylish with pretty embellishments. Anklet mehndi designs in Mughlai style is easy to make. You can do anklet mehndi designs for festivals and special occasions.

12. Side Pattern Mehndi Designs


You can have a side pattern design in Mughlai style. It looks pretty on both front and back sides of hands. Side pattern design can be a mixture of designs. Let your hands look all stylish with the side pattern design. Side pattern are trending for its stunning appearance when it turns into dark mehndi colour.

You got to try the new styles and designs of mehndi. Make it simple and stylish with Mughlai mehndi designs. If you want it heavy and grand, grab the lovely ideas. Your hands can never look dull when you have such creative designs. Let your hands be adorned with the royal and special Mughlai designs.

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