8 Fun Ways to Teach Your Child To Share- For Modern Mothers and Kids


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Bringing up a child is a tough job for mothers, but you can enjoy doing it. So, how is your childcare going?

Are you strict at times and polite most of the times? Great! But we want to make it clear that the way you are bringing up your child must be effective. Your struggle of molding them must not fail.

Before anything, parents must teach their kids ethics. If you are already working on it, you must implement some tricks and techniques. Your lessons and lectures are not for kids. The fun way and the effective way can only teach the little kids something crucial in their life.

Is your kid good at sharing? If you haven’t noticed it, start noticing it from now. Children can hardly learn ethics by themselves. They can only imitate their elders, parents and teachers. It is not difficult to teach your child to share. Would you want to see how easy it is? Then, glance the below and don’t forget to follow.

Why Sharing Is important For A Child?

Aren’t ethics important for every individual? The basic ethics in an individual can keep the humanity alive in the world.So, the ethics are to be taught from childhood. Every child should be taught ethics at the very growing age before it is too late. Today’s children who are not sharing will grow with selfishness, jealous and many bad qualities. To avoid such qualities in growing children, you must teach them to share. He/she must grow with pure heart of selflessness and then you will be called as a proud parent.

Teach your child to share- Teaching and learning is Fun

A mother is a first and best teacher for a child. Modern mothers should get updated with the tricks of teaching their kids. We gathered all the fun tricks which are easy for you to teach and fun for kids to learn.

1. Give the Live Examples about Sharing

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When you come across an incident, let your child learn from it. It can be with him or someone else, let them know how sharing is important in life. Do not put in the way that your child gets bored of listening to you. Give a brief explanation of why it happened and what is the right action there.

How does it help?

When you talk about the happening incident, it is easy for a child to catch the point. Also, they get to avoid the negativity in the incident and learn something positive. When you shout at them for their wrong act, they sit upset for some time. If your anger can affect the child on spot, the positive words can also register in his/her mind easily. Try to do this!

2. Focus on the Goodness of Sharing

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Yes! You must stress on the goodness of sharing. We are asking you, not to leave a chance to talk about sharing. But see that your kid is not bugged up with your talks. Reminding about sharing whenever needed is enough.

How does it help?

We teach kids, alphabets and numbers until they memorize them. Isn’t it? Then, is it difficult to stress on sharing and its goodness? All the magic of teaching is in your words. Your harsh words and ways of teaching will affect the child in a different way. So, stay polite and kind until they follow you.

3. Let them Play a Skit with Moral of Sharing

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Children love to play skits! So, utilize their interest to enact a short skit. Gather your child’s friends and let them play a skit with the moral of sharing. The roles are small but the lesson is big to learn. They feel excited to learn ethics and not bored at all.

How does it help?

Teaching cannot go with mere words all the time. So, we are asking you to find the tricks and skit is one of the best tricks. They will remember the play with the moral and they also feel good to play a skit. To make them feel happy, you can also appreciate their performance and then narrate the moral of the story in short.

4. Tell them Inspirational Stories

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Do your children keep asking for stories? Then you can take a chance of telling them stories about sharing. It is extremely easy to create a short story of your own. You can take any popular stories or your own created story, as the task is only to teach your child to share.

How does it help?

The short stories with important morals (R) are needed for growing children. The right impact on their young minds is easy. You can make it interesting for them with your actions. If your kid is around 5-7, let them understand how sharing is important. You can also question them and correct their answers in a polite manner.

5. An Animated Video can Teach well About Sharing

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Is your child a fan of animated movies? Then ask him/her to watch an animated video and ask them what they learned or liked the most from the video. As they may not focus to learn while enjoying the animation, it is your duty to teach out of it by asking questions and giving answers. If they are loving to watch and learn from the animated videos, then you can let them watch once in a while This idea is not only to teach about sharing but a great idea to teach other great ethics.

How does it help?

You are letting your kid learn from what they love. This is an effective way that you can prefer to teach your kids about ethics. You must understand why visual teaching is implemented in schools. Children can grasp things easily when something is illustrated. The colourful characters are doing the magic without boring your child. So, you can happily prefer to follow this way to teach to share.

6. Share your Personal Experiences of Sharing

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The children of 7-10 are interested to know their parents and elder experiences. So, you can talk about your own stories of sharing in childhood. They relate to your stories and they find it interesting.

How does it help?

As said above, children don’t learn ethics by themselves. They imitate their parents and elders. So, when they are capable of imitating your actions, they are also capable of learning from your stories. By doing this, you are making them believe the importance of sharing. The real stories are great to hear as they may start believing the reality than just imaginations.

7. Offer food or toys to Share and Notice

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This is a kind of test after teaching your child sharing. You will know if they are ready to share their part with their siblings, friends and people around them. If you feel why to test your kid about sharing. Of course! You need to know and then monitor your kid for what you taught.

How does it help?

It is your responsibility to your teach your child sharing and also your responsibility to know if they are ready to do. This important to correct them and make them understand the importance of sharing. One of ways to teach sharing.

8. Reward your Child When you Notice Her/Him Sharing

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Praise your child when you notice them sharing. Tell your child that you are proud of him/her for doing a good thing. Also tell them, why sharing is important. Praising them is an addition but the intention is to focus more on sharing.

How does it help?

You are encouraging your child when you are praising them for their actions. Your harsh treatment will damage the little mind. But your reward will be remembered by your child.

Childhood is a precious phase which must be enjoyed the parents and kids. You need not struggle to teach them important ethics when you have the effective tricks. Each way of teaching a child to share is easy for you and fun to learn for them. It is precious for every mother watching her child growing with good qualities. So, we want to make it easy for you!

Let the good impact be gentle and forever on the young minds with right ways.

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