Surprise gifts to give your new husband


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Surprise gifts

There are so many gifts that can get your husband excited about the ‘The Day’. Since wedding day is the most important day of your life and you have been waiting for this moment, you can make it even more special by giving your man something special and extra. Girls are so self engrossed that many a times they forget that the wedding day turns out to be the man’s important day too. While gifts and wishes are poured in, the attention is all on you and the way you look. The man is given one or two glances and that is it. So, don’t make him feel left out on his big day. He definitely deserves something more than a glance, right?

Give him something in return and size doesn’t matter in this. Yes, it can be a rose or a lovely kiss on his cheek saying that he is the most wonderful thing that happened to you. While you are planning your wedding night, make sure to plan a great gift for the new husband. Since he is the new husband, he will definitely adore and love whatever you give him. So, we are going to give you some ideas on what to gift and surprises for your new husband on the wedding night or during the wedding ceremony.

Top Gifts to Surprise Your New Husband With

1Embrace culture and tradition

Embrace culture and tradition

Traditions are not given a lot of importance in this century, but there are still some things that can get your groom excited about. Well, culture and tradition are not the priority of any bride’s list. Yes, it doesn’t matter if he has already seen you in the wedding dress or not, make sure to stay hidden until he sees you in the mandap for the first time. Hire a professional camera man to click the reactions of him when you walk down the aisle. That is something you can gift him on the night of your wedding telling him how much you love him.

Many traditions don’t let the groom meet the bride before the wedding. Yes, it is one of the most followed cultures whether you are a south Indian or a north Indian. The urge to see each other’s face is what keeps you going, they say. So, embrace that tradition even if you aren’t one of the traditional women. Think of his face and his reaction when he sees you dressed up and beautiful. That is when he will know that you belong to him. Leave some mystery before you disappear. Make sure to hire a friend or a camera person to click all his reactions. That can be your wedding night collage gift. You will definitely have a great laugh and cute exchanges when you look at the photos.

2Do something unexpected

Do something unexpected

Well a lot of people may think this is very tacky and cliché, but they don’t do it thinking it could be a weird idea. But have your bridesmaids or your friends plan on something so that you are the centre of attraction. Don’t tell anyone about this. Make sure mainly your new husband doesn’t get to know about this. Dance, sing or play an instrument. You would have definitely known his favorite album, his favorite song or the dance numbers he loves. So, surprise him and others on the day of the wedding itself. You can definitely try dancing if you haven’t tried at all. Take dance classes before the wedding and that can be the big surprise gift for your new husband.

Write a poem, speak about him in front of others or try to sing a song to dedicate to him. We are sure he will be surprised with any kind of surprise.

3Plan a un-called for honeymoon

Plan a un-called for honeymoon

While people think honeymoon is something that should be done in a certain conventional way, you can make it totally opposite and you can definitely plan for something no one would have expected from you. Yes, you can surprise your husband by hiring the coolest car in town to go on an after marriage drive for half an hour. You can get out of the hustle and bustle just to drive away somewhere and tell him how you love him. That can be the start of your honeymoon. If you have a lot of traditions and culture followed by your marriage, then you can plan an adventurous honeymoon without his knowledge. Exploring new things together can be the start of your new adventure honeymoon plan. Skiing, adventure cycling, cliff climbing or even bungee jumping can be your thing.

Also knowSigns that he wants to marry you

4Save yourself for him

Save yourself for him

This is one of the most cliché thing but, it still has all the beautiful intimacies in it. Saving yourself for the wedding night will be his ultimate gift. If you are getting an arranged marriage, this could be the first option. But most couple nowadays have pre marital sex and it is totally acceptable. So, probably have a no-sex pact until marriage. That could be your best gift for him! The concept of having sex for the first time as husband and wife is definitely new and exciting which has not changed at all. Put in a little efforts to make it special for your new husband. Buy new lingerie, wax and go on spas before the big night. You can surprise your new husband with probably a bottle of champagne or probably naughty sex toys or may be you can ask him to do role playing. This could take your husband by a lot of surprise.

Little surprises are the best and you don’t have to do something extravagant for him. It is the thought that counts and not the size of the gift. So, if you really want to surprise your new husband, you should try any of these and let us know what you think about it.

-Pavithra ravi

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