7 Ways to handle a bad hair day at work


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Bad Hair Day

There are those days when you don’t want to step out of your home just because of your hair. You see yourself in the mirror and feel disgusted by the way you look. Your hair is probably making the worst statement, you are late to work and you can’t even skip work today. There are a number of things you can actually do to handle a bad hair day at work. You wrestle with your locks, look for ways to make it better and you are so annoyed that taking a head shower could feel like defusing atomic bombs. So how can you win the battle and leave your house looking acceptable by yourself? Here are some easy tips for you to handle a bad hair day at work.

Tips to Handle a Bad Hair Day

1Hide under a hat

Hide under a hat

It is extremely easy to do this trick to handle an unruly hair. You can easily pull over a beanie or a cute hat and hide your messy hair under it. For indoors, you can’t explore much, so stick to just a white beanie or a cute small hat. When you have to go out after work, you can buy those big hats where your hair can hide inside and wouldn’t look bad at all. You can make a style statement using a hat simply and using different kinds of hats will create a niche for yourself.

2Pull up a pony or messy bun

Pull up a pony

When your hair is over acting and wouldn’t listen to you, a simple tip could be to tress your hair back into a ponytail. This would be better than having a loose hair. If you have a long hair, try a messy bun otherwise. Messy buns are a great fad among the models and celebrities when they are off work. It would look like you have literally spent a lot of time setting your hair when you put a messy bun. If nothing works, just plate your hair till the end and look cooler at work.

3Use the right kind of product


Have you been having a lot of bad hair days? Then it could be because of the products you are using and not your hair texture. Though hair texture, weather, volume plays a major role, not every day can go wrong. So, remember that you are probably using the wrong kind of products. Take professional help here and find out what kind of product should be used for the kind of hair you have. Some hair needs styling with products to keep it under control. Some don’t need gels or sprays, because they work naturally. Until you are sure what you should use, you are going to find for alternatives for your bad hair days at work.

4Hair mask

Hair mask

Going natural or herbal for your hair would be the best thing to avoid frequent bad hair days. You could always make a homemade mask while watching your favorite show on TV. Your hair needs a good conditioner and nothing works better than an herbal one. Central heating and winter days can play a havoc on your hair, so save your hair by conditioning it with a great homemade mask.

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5Whisk a wig


No, you don’t have to be ashamed to be wearing a wig to your workplace. In fact, it is one of those cool-fad things among a lot of women. You can just wear a wig when your hair doesn’t listen to you. Women are wearing it to parties nowadays too. All you need to do is find the right texture, natural-real looking one and go ahead wearing it. Pretend like you wanted to wear a different style to work and act cool. Nobody will find out as long as you make it look natural and not made up.

6Do the opposites

Do the opposites

If your hair is naturally straight and is just not doing fine for a particular day, try to curl it and if it is curly, try to straighten it. When you change the texture of your hair for a particular day, it actually listens more than normal days. So, if you have been struggling to find out ways, turn on your straightener or curler and make your hair breath better just for one day.

7Chop Chop works

Chop Chop works

You could be facing a lot of bad hair days at work because of one simple thing – Not getting a good haircut! It is always good to get your hair cut at least once in 4-5 months. So, if that appointment with your stylist is pending because you have no time, it is now the time to go and get your cut done. Haircuts can save your hair most of the times from tangles, greasy texture, messiness and much more. Get a great cut from your stylist who knows what works best for you and your hair. This could save all other alternatives and save you both time, money and the efforts you put everyday on your hair.

It may seem like a totally cliched idea to follow any of the above tips, but trust us, we have been there and done all of this! This in fact is tested, tried and now is under use. So, the next time you are finding ways to diffuse the feeling of bad-hair-day, quickly try any of the above guidelines and rock your day!

-Pavithra Ravi