Top things that will not get you pregnant


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will not get you pregnant

Every girl goes through the first kiss, first sex and first make out sessions. The problem with the first time is that it will get you all tensed and curious about the chances of so many things that aren’t even close to reality. There could many times in your sex life when you are completely unsure of the things that are actually happening and before you know anything more, you freak out. Don’t worry ladies, we will clear out all your doubts and make things straight and clear for you. There are so many things that involve romantic gestures that needn’t really involve the doubt of pregnancy.

You might wonder at first if that is true, but we are here to tell you that it is absolutely possible that you will not get pregnant if you do certain things.So, to clarify further and to brush the air, let us put down the various things that will not get you pregnant where you can do without being scared of becoming pregnant.

Top things that you don’t have to worry about



Well, if your partner kisses you or anything that connects your mouths, don’t worry you are safe. Mouth to mouth actions are perfectly safe for you and that does not affect your cycle at all. Most of us obviously know this, but some of them out there might still be worried about the fact that kisses could lead to pregnancy.

Kisses are just a way of expressing love towards each other. Also, remember that the only thing you need to remember about kisses is that you need to have a clean mouth. Mouth is a large area where bacteria and virus can travel. So, always try to use mouth fresheners or mouthwash before and after a kiss.

2Oral sex

Oral sex

Well, if the guy is keen on going down on you, take all that he gives you because for sure I can tell you that it will not get you pregnant at all. Going down on a woman is just another way of satisfying her sexual desires. So, if you are worried about pregnancy due to oral sex, don’t be at all. The best thing about him going down on you is the fact that you will attain a great orgasm. And yes, you will not be pregnant at all ladies! Don’t worry

3Fingers and hands

Fingers and hands

Medical researchers say that inserting anything like fingers and hand are totally fine and that in no way can get you pregnant. Fingering will definitely not get you pregnant at all. I am sure you have heard what a fingering is. This is a good way to start your sexual progression.

Fingering will make you relax and will give you a headsup about how the sex will be. Obviously we all know that his fingers will not have anything that can ejaculate. So ladies, don’t worry about ejaculation here. The fingers will definitely not do anything to you, but to pleasure you and give you a happy ending/climax.

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4Penis against vagina

Penis against vagina

Rubbing the man’s penis against your vagina is not going to get you pregnant at all. Yes ladies, if he attempts to rub his penis against your vagina, it is just another way to arouse you and get you that high. Unless he goes inside you and ejaculates inside you, nothing sexual is actually happening. You will definitely not get pregnant if he isn’t entering you. The best thing about rubbing the penis against your vagina is the fact that you will attain an orgasm. That’s the best thing that will happen to you.

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5Love bites

Love bites

Well, I am sure by now you know what will and will not get you pregnant from the above points. But I shall anyway have to tell you that love bites will not get you pregnant either. If he caresses you or kisses you on your neck, bites it and gives you love bites, it doesn’t come anywhere close to getting you pregnant.

Come on ladies, you can let the man do what he wants to do without you being tensed about it. Neck kisses or love bites are just a very romantic way of showing each other how much you mean. So, don’t freak out and miss out on the fun things he has to offer you.



Well, ejaculation can be one way to forming babies, but if he does it anywhere outside, it isn’t going to affect you at all. Unless he attempts to cum inside you, you are super safe and you don’t have to worry too much about pregnancy. It all comes down to the basics ladies. Also remember that you are going down on him, you give him a hand job, using your mouth, taking in his cum in your mouth and so many more such activities will not lead to pregnancy.

The above sexual activities are pregnant free! So, don’t worry every time you have to go a little further than before.

-Pavithra Ravi

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