8 Women Attire Tips for an Interview


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Women Attire Tips

Congratulations! You are now graduated. Now it’s time to get a job. Have you started searching for the job? It is a competitive world outside so you have to stand out from the crowd to prove your skills. If you have a formal presentation, interview or business meeting coming up that is important to you and you felt like you need to put your best foot forward then here are few tips what you can wear. It can be such a difficult decision. The time to prepare yourself for your interview in terms of what to wear isn’t the day before when you throw yourself at the stores. It is well in advance so that you have a couple of outfits on a standby for any time and opportunity. Then here, are some women attire tips for an Interview:

Women Attire Tips For A Interview

1Check on Before

Check on Before

Always try to check before hand what employees are wearing in the company. See what kind of clothes women are wearing at the company to get a fair idea of what you should wear.

For example, if you see most women employees wearing skirts or formal pants, try to wear the same thing for an interview. In some companies, employees wear casuals on Friday. So, avoid visiting the company on Friday. Also, check what accessories they are wearing. It can be jewelry or shoes.

2Ask the HR

Ask the HR

If you have doubts on what you need to wear for the job interview, you can ask the HR. It is no harm to clarify. When you get call letter in your mail, you can reply to it and ask “Would you please give me advice on what should I wear for an interview at your company?”

3Formal Suit

Formal Suit

When you’re unsure, wear a suit. It is the best formal attire, it can be a skirt or pant. Most of the companies prefer a skirt. Make sure the dress is not flashy. Always stick to darker colors. You can also wear high-end brand clothes, but it isn’t necessary. Along with a suit carry a briefcase or a handbag, or a scarf. The dress shouldn’t be above the knee.

4It is Not a Social Event

It is Not a Social Event

Remember, you are going for an interview not for partying. Your attire should show that you are very serious in this job. Present yourself in a professional way and look elegant. Your goal is to stand out with confidence, not because of your clothes you wear.

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5Stick to Business Casuals

Stick to Business Casuals

Women should wear a combination of a skirt and top for an interview. You can add a blouse, sweater or a jacket. Here are some of the examples of business casuals:

Khaki, corduroy, twill or cotton pants or skirts

Sweaters, twinsets, cardigans, polo/knit shirts

Solid colors work better than bright patterns

6Interview Wardrobe

Interview Wardrobe

When it comes to woman’s interview wardrobe, a pair of classic black slacks is an essential attire every woman needs to have. You can have a pair of pants with a button-down or blazer which can give you a formal look. You can also wear a sweater for a business casual. Peep-toe heels can also be paired with pants to give a moderate professional look.

7Internship Interview Attire

Internship Interview Attire

The internship is a very important part of a student’s career. It gives you a hands-on experience. Making the first impression is very necessary. Pair a fitted blazer with grey “skinny” pants together. Add a pair of loafers and a simple necklace. This will give you a professional look though you are a student.

8Attire Tips

Attire Tips
  • Always make sure you wear a proper interview attire and everything fits correctly.
  • Always make sure you prepare for the interview well in advance. Get your clothes ready a day before. This will help you reach for the interview on time.
  • Polish your shoes.
  • Take a breath mint and use it just before you enter the building. You definitely don’t want to smell bad.
  • Iron your clothes properly. Your clothes should be neat and clean.