5 Books That Can Motivate You To Become Best Self


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Books That Can Motivate You To Become Best Self

I how difficult it is to live a motivated life, of a better self. We all like to develop the best in our self, and live a happy as well as fruit full life. But, most of the time it is easy to motivate others, rather than own self.

In life we need inspiration and motivation in every step of our life. A motivation to achieve, what we want. A motivation to follow our dreams, a motivation to live a fulfilling life. So, here are 5 books that can motivate you to become best self.

Inspirational Books That Can Change Your Life

110 Percent Entrepreneur By Patrick J. McGinnis

Patrick J. McGinnis

We all know that building a startup means a lot of hard work and too many long hours. With many stock payments, that can turn out to be worthless. A Wall Street venture capitalist, Patrick J. McGinnis, asks us not to worry because we can live our startup dream without even leaving our day job.

McGinnis says, to devote 10 percent of our time as well as capital to pursue our dream. Which can help us to keep our job and the security that can go with it! He shows us how to invest our resources in a more savvy way, and develop on our business. In the book, McGinnis, teach us about how to reach our dream for an independent business, which will help us to perform better in our day job with the mentions step-by-step plan.

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2Abundance Now By Lisa Nichols and Janet Switzer

Lisa Nichols and Janet Switzer

Basically, abundance means living an ideal life, one which can be professionally, personally and also financially fulfilling. “This life of abundance is something you get to define for yourself,” a motivational speaker is what Lisa Nichols writes.

In the book, Nichols writes that all the nuts and the bolts of the journey from “broke and broken” to “prosperity and possibility,” and also invites the enthusiastic readers to follow plans for achieving abundance in their lives. She stresses more on determining, what we must want from our life like, career, relationship, and family, with forgiveness, spirituality, trusting our self, healing from the past, and also learning from past mistakes. Nichols conveys most of her advice from enthusiasm as well as conviction.

3All the Leader You Can Be By Suzanne Bates, David Casul...

David Casullo and William Macaux

According to the authors, numbers are one of the most important parts in the leadership game. Like, does that leader have ten qualities or nine? How many qualities make them him a great leader? How many steps can make him a great leader? Etc.

These executive presence, is an indefinite leadership quality which enables these talented people to become successful, in the terms of authorship. Suzanne Bates, have developed a science-based approach which enables to locate an individual executive-presence identity. This volume is the guidebook for each of the stage of a rising executive career.

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4Art Thinking By Amy Whitaker

Art Thinking By Amy Whitaker

Remember that thinking something big, is not at all a new concept. Every motivational speaker, or every person who have established and made something big, always had an idea or thought of something big. But, author Amy Whitaker, brings a refreshing notion, which can help business thinkers to learn from writers and artists.

Whitaker takes a human from the humanities and then injects it back to the business world. According to her creativity is always messy and uncertain, and there must always be room for failure. She also believes in providing a program which can cultivate art thinking, and how this leverage creative failure can be converted into the invention, progress, new products or even services.

5Business for Punks By James Watt

Business for Punks By James Watt

BrewDog, the Scottish craft beer company is becoming the fastest growing beer drinks brands around the world. James Watt, the author for Business for Punks, describes on how BrewDog, is developing with their rule-breaking and punk attitude, and why they can be an example. Watt, also intends that his book must be “no less than the business bible for a new generation.”

He believes in four mantras for a punk business; like to forget sales, business plans, ignore advice, and putting everything on the line for what you believe. He also believes that old business rules do not work anymore.

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