Fashionable Sarees For A Summer Wedding


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Sarees For A Summer Wedding

Weddings are always beautiful, amazing as well as gorgeous and we all love everything about a wedding. But wedding during winters are hugely different from wedding during summers. Plus, it add more into discomfort when the wedding is outdoors. With all the sweat, hot, humidity we almost forget to enjoy the wedding, and all we plan is when it will get over and we can go under the AC. So can you imagine wearing something that is draped around your body? No write, you will try to go for something more comfortable and can help you to cool down. So here, are some fashionable sarees for a summer wedding, that you can wear and look beautiful with or without the outside venue.

Sarees For A Summer Wedding

1Cotton Sarees

Cotton Sarees

What can be the best fabric material to wear than cotton during summers? Cotton fabrics are a blessing during summer season. It is also one of the most popular material, light as well as absorbent. It is the perfect material for hot and sweaty days, when dressing up seems like a chore. Moreover, cotton can take on colors very beautifully and can also easily be dyed in a range of pretty colors, including green, yellow, red, pink, blue, orange and purple.

For wedding, summer cotton sarees are pretty bright, bold with much of a nature inspired motifs like, flowers, trees, leaves, animals, birds, and many more. You can also try traditional Indian techniques of Bandhej, or tie and dye, or hand block printing or even resham embroidery. These designs and look can enhance the vibrancy and beauty of summer cotton.

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2Net Sarees

Net Sarees

Net fabric is basically used in a section of garment, that is layered over a sturdier fabric or to cover the whole garment entirely. It especially owes its most popularity to all the mystical aura that it basically generated when being worn. They can also be worn in many variety of ways. The diaphanous pallu of the net saree is the mostly highlighted part of the garment. It can also be any kind of light jewelry, that do not take away the gauzy look away from the garment and high heeled shoes. This amazing saree can be worn in both weddings or any informal occasions.

3Linen Sarees

Linen Sarees

Linen is basically made out of fabric, that has been procured from flax plant, also known to be linseed. This beautiful fabric is also known for being very sturdy, durable and highly absorbent. It is not only used to make clothes but also to make tablecloths, towels, bags, napkins, cushion covers and aprons. Just like many other it is also embroidered on or can be printed to create different patterns or even designs.

Linen is known to be one of the oldest fabrics and its most earliest evidence of being manufactured is dated to Egypt, that is almost 4000 years ago. Clothes that are made of linen fabric were mostly worn by some of the most wealthiest memebers of the society. It is because, linen were quite difficult to manufacture comparing to other fibers and fabrics.

Linen is very popular because it is a very cool and refreshing fabric as compared to other materials. It is also because of its refreshing and cool fabric it is considered an ideal wear for Indian summer. Linen tend to have a quite very fantastic fall and is also fit as well as best suited as a formal wear. As linen is basically very rough to look, it is always pleasing to pair this beautiful fabric with some simple minimalistic accessories, such as the wooden jewelry.

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4Ombre Sarees

Ombre Sarees

Another interesting and gorgerous saree type that is very highly suitable for a summer wedding is of the dual tone or ombre designed saree. As per the name suggests, these sarees do come with two distinct type of color tones. They are pretty visually appealing and so comes through with the pleasing contrast between the upper as well as lower half of the saree. They are very stylish and appropriate for any special occasions, and they can also have little embroidery or even embellishments, which can make them perfect for a hot, outdoor summer wedding. These ombre designed sarees are available in many comfortable summer fabrics like cotton or linen.

5Silk Sarees

Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are considered as one of the luxury in India. Basically, they are used mostly in the weddings for the bride. But even you can try out, with minimal budget and look wildly beautiful. There are many types of silk sarees available in the market. Some of the most famous silk sarees are, Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Mysore, Assam and many more. Every different region of silk sarees can be found of different motifs and designs that is being inspired from that region. These sarees can be heavy, so also be prepared to tone down your makeup and jewelries.

6Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon is considered as a very lightweight as well as plain-woven fabric which have mesh like weave and can gives quite a transparent appearance. The word Chiffon originated from a French word which means a cloth. It is primarily made of cotton, silk or sometimes even synthetic fibers like nylon, rayon as well as polyester. Chiffon is most commonly being used to weave the sarees, dresses and scarves. The shimmer texture on chiffon comes from the silk fabric and make it look more appealing. Though it is pretty lightweight, the fabric is of considerable strength.

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