Tips for Healthy Pink Lips


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tips for healthy pink lips

A pair of luscious pink lips, soft to the touch, as poetic as it gets, to taste, could brighten up any face on the dullest of days. They are the lips, which give definition to the smile, and the tinge that they reflect, show the state of your health.

Proper affection towards the lips are more often than overlooked, and the results may be pretty disheartening for your countenance.

Read on about these tips for healthy pink lips, because you really never know, when you may need them.

Ways to Natural Lips


MoisturizersDry and chapped lips can be not such a pleasant sight, except perhaps, while killing the Eskimo look. Dry and chapping of the lips causes darkening of the region through loss of pigmentation. A lip balm if kept handy, specially during the dry seasons, could prove to go a long way in keeping the lips luscious, as you may desire.

Slight caution should be maintained while choosing lip balms, as they tend to get addictive. Balms that are petroleum jelly based, should be avoided, as they tend to cause more harm in the long run than the intended benefits.

Ingredients such as natural bees wax, Cadillac Wax, Glycerin, Almond Oil and Vitamin E are ideal choices for your lips.

Stay Hydrated

Stay HydratedAdequate moisture in your systems keeps the lips glistening and hydrated. Drinking ample water is a habit which is sure to be beneficial in all season, for all ages. Your system stays hydrated from within, which goes a long way, as compared to superficial application of moisturizers.

Lipstick Alert

Lipstick AlertFor some lipsticks may be about juicing up the pout, while for others it may be about a lip salve. You may however want to apply a coat of lip balm or moisturizer on your lips, before you intend to put any lip paint on.

Most lipsticks, specifically those with a matte finish, tend to dehydrate the skin. A creme or a satin finish may be gentler on the lips comparatively.

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Lip Scrubbing

Lip ScrubbingScrubbing the lips help you get rid of dead skin cells, which may be a major reason for the darkening of pigmentation, in case of people with dry skin. You may chose to apply a good dab of a heavy lip balm, or clear butter over your lips and leave it overnight, to be gently cleansed with a wad of cotton.

You may alternately prepare a sugar base scrub for yourself, by mixing some sugar granules with petroleum jelly or lip balm.

Rose Petals

Rose PetalsMix some crushed rose petals with a spoon full of honey and equal parts of milk powder. Applying the mixture deep cleanses the skin, scrubs away the dead skin cells and gives the living tissue, a much needed protein boost. You may however apply a thin coat of moisturizer for some additional hydration.

The roses add the obvious blush to the lips, the honey lightens the skin pigmentation, while also toning it. Milk powder is all of the protein boost, along with moisture retention.

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