Different lipstick shades and what they tell about you


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Every lipstick color has its own story and statement to make. There are so many colors that a person has to choose them. The whole idea is to find out what these colors suggest from their looks and feels. Of course, women get confused a lot of times because of the spoilt choices they have. But, there are a few things that lipstick shades tell you. There are stories, there are inside meanings and definitely a hidden perspective in these lipstick shades. Personality is also one of the most important things when it comes to choosing a color. However, most of the times, the color that you choose is always your to-go color that makes you want to wear it more often. So, we are going to bring those colors to you and tell you what these lipstick shades and their meaning, tells about you and your personality. Ladies, here’s what every color has to talk about you!

Top Lipstick Shades and their Hidden Meanings

1Brown shades

Brown shades

Everybody knows that brown is a very warm color and this shade is basically all about being natural. When you wear a brown color lipstick, it shows that you are probably a submissive, down to earth, light hearted, calm and relaxed person. Personality researchers have also said that people who wear brown shades are mostly the ones who are extremely good at what they do and are very dependable. You are wearing a neutral shade, which also means that you are a little shy in nature. Also, ladies, remember that when brown shade worn right, can impress a lot of men with those inviting, subtle lips. Brown shades are preferred and can be worn with statement outfits for special occasions and special ceremonies that doesn’t require you to be brightly dressed.

2Orange shades

Orange shades

Orange is a bright color and it gives out a very bold meaning. Orange is all about fun and exciting and mostly on the lines of creativity. When you wear an orange shade, it says that you are a very confident person and you are also fun to hang out with.

You are ready to show the real you, no matter where you are and no matter what you do. It also is a color of trend and fashion, which gives you a upper hand on all the fashionable outfits you can wear it with. But, when orange color is turned into peach, the meaning varies too. Peach is a lot warmer and neutral unlike orange. So, ladies, when you head out for parties or some crazy events, orange can be your go-to shade.

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3Pink shades

Pink shades

Pink is all time favorite and you are probably making the right statement every time you wear a pink shade. Pink is definitely one of the girly colors and it shows the sense of girly nature in you, the beautiful face is lifted up and you are given a whole new makeover when pink is worn.

Lighter shades of pink can look very subtle and bring out the lighter side of you. It shows that you are a positive person when you wear a lighter pink shade. But, darker pink is all about being a loud personality and is a great congrats to the lighter shade. If you are a socially active, bubbly, enthusiastic person, then go for darker pink shades. Pink shades are awesome at any time of the day, for any outfit and definitely for any occasion. Embrace it ladies.

4Purple shades

Purple shades

Purple is a strong and a very, very bold color. Not many prefer it because of its looks. But, fashion models and runway models would indefinitely prefer purple for its outgoing looks. A dark or a light shade of purple is as famous as the outfit you wear. A regal person would definitely suit her for a darker tone and a romantic woman can go with lighter shades like lavender, lilac etc. If you prefer berry colors that are balanced between light and dark shades, then you will be perceived to be a very balanced, independent and a very strong woman. Of course, this color goes with almost all the outfits you want to wear and will look super sexy on you.

But, you just have to be careful about one thing. People may assume you to be super dangerous and in power if you wear this particular tone. However, ladies, if you want difference, if you want fun, frolic respect and flowery looks, go for any of the light or darker shades of purple.

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5Red shades

Red shades

Red is hot! Red is romantic! Red is sexy and red is all about fierce passionate love. The color red shows off these qualities when a woman wears it. Every woman, according to me should definitely own a red lipstick that speaks elegance, beauty and most of all – sexiness. Red pours out the personality of you being hot and sexy. Red colors show how positive, confident and independent you are. Of course, when paired with the right kind of accessories and outfit, this will be the standing out portion of your face and body. A red lipstick can never go wrong. Trust me when I say this – own a good and a rich red lipstick for yourself.

6Black shades

Black shades

Black lipstick is very much dangerous and most women don’t use it because they feel it gives out a wild and a dark side of you. Well, let me clear it up for you! Black in any form is elegance and being smart. When you wear a black lipstick, remember that you don’t have to make any statement. It will spill out the beans for you automatically. So, if you want to look dangerously sexy for an event costume party or for a wild party, go ahead with black.

Ladies, remember that these are just examples of personality types that define the colors you wear. You as a person wouldn’t be judged because of the lipstick you wear. This article is to give out information about the kind of person you might perceived and if you want to be perceived, then what you should choose.

Have fun!!

-Pavithra Ravi

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