Top ranked body art tattoo designs – Part 1

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The tattoo industry is super good and everyone likes to get tattoos. Here are some of the top ranked tattoo designs for women all over the world. The specialty of these tattoos is that you can wear it anywhere in the body and it won’t look a bit bad at all. All you have to do is just pick the right one.

Top Ranked Tattoo Designs for Women

1Heart tattoo designs

Heart tattoo designs

A normal heart tattoo generally is inked in black or red color only. But, tribal heart tattoos are very versatile and make your designs look beautiful with its special color feature. If you want a bold tribal heart tattoo, then it is generally mixed with two or more elements. The tattoo artists will give you the option of mixing the heart design with other designs. You can go for heart with flames, heart with feathers, heart with cross, heart with rings. There are a lot of options you can choose from when it comes to heart. Many people get heart tattoos to show their love for their partner or for something that is close to their heart.

But if you want to safe and not get something controversial for your life, stick to a heart tattoo that is small, cute and red. If it is red, black or colored, make sure you get it in the right place. Behind the ear, on your wrist, feet, neck, forearm are some of the famous places where people prefer it. You can also mix your initials and create a heart out of it. Heart tattoos are very common, but try making your special and personal!

2Small tattoo designs

Small tattoo designs

Wouldn’t you want to know how cute and different are these small tribal tattoos that convey so much meaning and intensity in such small designs? Well, a lot of people prefer small tattoos because size sure matters to most of them. If you are a first timer in the tattoo business, then start with something small and something that conveys a meaning. If you are working in a professional set up and your work requires you to be in formals all the time, then your job also wouldn’t let you have funky tattoos everywhere. So, a small tattoo can satisfy your urge and the advantage of getting creative is also available.

Minimalistic tribal tattoos are of different kinds. You can just stick to basic ones like geometric symbols, initial tattoos, paper plane tattoos, music tattoos, positive tattoo designs, butterfly tattoos, feather or bird tattoos, rose tattoos and so many more. When you stick to minimalistic ones, you can explore and also can get more than one tattoo if you like it the first time. Since it is small, you can try and get it in a place that is appropriate even for official purposes. Small is bigger now!

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3Animal tattoo designs

Animal tattoo designs

A lot of people would love to get animal tattoos according to their wish. Yes, animal tattoos are not only interesting, but are also very much appealing to look at. Of course, every tattoo has its own symbolism and meaning behind it as to what it represents. Tribal animal tattoos also do have their set of meanings and representations according to the animal tattoo you choose. For example, if you are planning to get a bear, it represents physical strength, confidence and leadership. If you plan to get a butterfly tattoo, then it represents transformation, freedom, etc. Deer tattoos represent grace, survival and gentleness.

There are many such representations of each animal. The tribal animal tattoos can be inked anywhere according to your choice. If you are going for small tattoos, get it done in peculiar places like the back of the ear, on your fingers or on the torso. This way the tattoo screams out whatever you want to represent and makes a fashion statement as well. There are so many other animal tattoos that you can get like fox, eagle, dragonfly, horse, scorpion, squirrel, turtle and so many more. Choose the right one and get an amazingly one done!

4Butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly tattoo designs

When someone says butterfly, what comes in your mind? The immediate associate to the beautiful colors and the wings is what most of the people can think of. Throughout the world, almost all countries are famous for butterfly tattoo designs. Subtle shades mixed with fiery design will make your tattoo remarkable. You can stick to just black butterfly tattoos as well, but colors add beauty and so does the look of it. Butterfly tattoos are widely preferred by women only because of its feminine nature. Butterfly implies freedom, transformation, and rebirth. In some cultures, a butterfly symbolizes a person’s soul, love and delicateness. If you can associate yourself with any of the symbolizations with the butterfly, you have a green light to get this design done.

It is flawless, chivalrous and very pretty too. Get a butterfly tattoo on the back of your neck, hip, chest or even your arms. Tribal butterfly tattoos are mostly small and compact in nature. So, getting it done anywhere is a possibility. Hollywood stars Drew Barrymore has one on her belly button, Paris Hilton has a butterfly design on her back and Julia Roberts has it on her lower back. It sure screams out sexiness, isn’t it?

5Flower tattoos

Flower tattoos

Do you know that women actually prefer more traditional tattoos that are mixed with modern sense into their tattoos? That is why most of them love to get tribal flower tattoos that bring in a mix of both worlds. The tattoos have a huge variation and there are a lot of options you can choose from with their beautiful patterns and designs. Tribal flower tattoos are very close to the Hawaiian tattoos and have a wide range of designs in them that can be worn anywhere and in any size. You can even have rainbow colors imbibed in these beautiful tattoo designs. Isn’t it interesting to mix and merge a lot of these colors and get a tattoo that looks traditional and totally sassy?

Of course you can mix and match certain other designs into the tattoo – You can mix music and flower, flower and your name, flower and your initials and a lot more. We don’t have to tell you how many flowers are there in these tattoo designs because they are uncountable. This tattoo design is preferred mostly by the women only since it is artistic and creative. Make your tattoos meaningful and pretty!

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-Pavithra Ravi

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