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tribal tattoos

Tribal tattoos!! Surfing over the internet to find awesome and different types of tribal tattoos, here are the few very famous and are mostly used to describe a particular thing.

1Tribal Hawaiian tattoos

Tribal Hawaiian tattoos

Hawaiian tattoos are generally very breezy, vibrant and definitely colorful too. They have a specific meaning for everything and represent their culture and their rich tradition. Getting a tattoo is easy but understanding the meaning behind a tattoo is difficult. Hawaiian tattoos also represent their culture, heritage, ranking, status, devotion etc in their tattoos. Tribal Hawaiian tattoos imbibe natural style in them. Hawaii is a place of water, exotic flowers, lizards, turtles, sharks and all the sea water bodies. Tribal is all about culture, their dressing, their belief system etc. So, when you combine these two, you get a perfectly blended tribal Hawaiian tattoo.

The upside to this type of tattoo is that, you can get it done anywhere in your body. Very famous areas are your leg, your shoulder, hip, hands, back etc. Whether you are looking for a traditional tribal design or a breezy Hawaiian tribal design, you can get it done in colors or just in black. Tattoos like Hawaiian heart, Hawaiian tribal flower, Hawaiian tribal lizard, wing designs, beach side designs etc are very famous ones when it comes to tribal Hawaiian tattoos. All you have to do is to choose the right one!

2Tribal arm tattoos

Tribal arm tattoos

Did you know that tribal tattoos are actually a symbolic representation of artistic design and fascinating culture? Well, tribal tattoos have been in the world for the past 5000 years now since the bronze era. A lot of people from different races, culture, caste and creed have worn this kind of tattoo and have left back their traces in the intricate details of this tattoo. They say that in European culture this tattoo is a representation of membership and recognizing fellow Europeans in that era. Tribal tattoos can be worn on the arm mainly by both men and women. Most of the tattoos that are inked on the arm are generally in black but nowadays some colors are mixed as well to show peculiarity and experimentation.

You can sometimes ink it only on one side of the arm or get inked like a sleeve as well. The best thing about an arm tribal tattoo is that you can get it done according to the element you want to follow. Elements like hope, faith, god fear, love, hate, unity and more are the symbols that represent the tribal tattoo. If you want to show strength and beauty in one, then tribal arm tattoo is your answer.

3Tribal Dragon tattoo

Tribal Dragon tattoo

Dragons are known for their mythological existence and also for their fierceness and strength. It is said that these creatures are the most famous in countries like China, Japan etc. They still believe in the existence of the strong creature and that is one as one of their customs, they still perform the dragon dance for special occasions. Dragon tattoos can be worn by both men and women and the best part is that you can get very creative with this kind of tattoo. Chinese dragon is a symbol of goodwill and wisdom. If you are planning to get a dragon tattoo, you should know that they come in different sizes and in different colors too. You can get it done anywhere on your body, but the most interesting body part would be your shoulder or your upper arm where the entire dragon can be inked.

Dragon is a symbol of excellence, good luck and mainly fire. There are black dragon tattoos, Chinese dragon tattoos, Celtic dragon tattoos, western dragon tattoos, Baby dragon tattoos and so many more. If you have always wanted something relating to fire and want to be subtle about it, a cute dragon tattoo can speak for itself!

4Tribal shoulder tattoo

Tribal shoulder tattoo

You should know that the tribal shoulder tattoo is worn mostly by the men community because it is big, it is very open and sometimes since it is big, it is also painful. In fact you should know that most of the people who get tribal shoulder tattoos are inspired by the Polynesian people. Tribal tattoo styles also has Celtic tattoos, Aztec tattoos and Japanese Yakuza designs inspirited in them. There are a lot of men who prefer shoulder tattoos, but nowadays even womenfolk want to get it done. Tongan tattoos, Samoan tattoos, Tahitian tattoos are also inspired by tribal tattoos. These tattoos represent strength, masculine power and manhood. For girls, extended designs like flower, lotus, cat, dragon and feminine designs are infused to make it look more girl-like.

The main idea of getting a tattoo done on the shoulder is because it shows a lot of strength and most of the times guys consider their bicep to add to their manly looks. Shoulder tattoos don’t just stick to shoulder, they can move up to back neck, hand etc. When you decide to get a shoulder tattoo, it is important that you decide on the implication, meaning and its effect on you!

5Tribal cross tattoos

Tribal cross tattoos

Despite the fact that cross is a symbol taken from Christianity, if you want to get a cross done, it doesn’t mean you should support Christianity. It is recognized world wise and you can use cross as just a symbol as well. There are 2 main kinds of cross designs if you are looking specifically like the Celtic and the tribal cross that represent ancestors, respect and their tradition. There are some unique Gothic cross tattoos as well in the ink business. You can add anything to the cross design to make it more creative and attractive. Designs like flower, hand, fire, dragon, snakes etc can be infused into the cross tattoo design.

The best thing about a tribal cross tattoo is the fact that it looks very interesting. It is creative and definitely not plain in its looks. It is a unisex tattoo design that is embraces both by the men and women. The upside to this kind of tattoo is that it can be small or big and can be inked anywhere in your body according to your wish. Try the upper back side of the neck, arm, wrist or even your frontal neck. It look stylish and very chic.

-Pavithra Ravi

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