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You take enough care of your skin. But the effecting and healing process is routine. So, skincare is non stop to have healthy and beautiful skin. When we say skin, it is not only the facial skin. So, you are forgetting to take care of your cuticles. And this results in dry and painful cuticles.

The damage of cuticles also makes your hands look bad. So, you must give your cuticle some care. If you want to heal and calm your cuticles, then you must try the cuticle cream. Cuticle creams can fight with the causes of dry and damaged cuticles. You have the best cuticle creams in India.

The cuticle creams are responsible to treat the skin around your nails. It prevents your nails from any kind of damage. Once you start using cuticle cream, you feel that your cuticle is on the safe side.

Cuticle Creams That Take Care Of Your Cuticles

1.Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream


If you are someone who often suffers from weak and dry cuticles, then this product will save from all of it. Women who often involve their hands in water need Burts cuticle cream. It is also a good treatment for people with painful cuticles. You will notice your nails staying strong without cracking and breaking- simple words, your nails become strong with the cream.

How to use?

Simply apply the cream on your cuticles and let it remain overnight.

2. The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment


A little amount of the cream keeps your cuticle and hands moisturized. It is a cream that allows retaining the lost moisture. You can use the cream for soft and smooth hands as well. It is a quality product that makes you feel safe using every day and every time. The vitamin E oil keeps your nails and cuticle hydrated. It is a way for prevention from flaking and painful cuticles.

How to use?

Apply the cream right before bed taking a small amount and leave it overnight.

3. Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream


Once you start using the product, you will stick to it. You can include cream in your daily routine skin care. It effortlessly absorbs the skin and lets your nails grow stronger. People are loving the smell and coming to the texture it doesn’t make your cuticles oily or greasy.
Even it helps in keeping your cuticles healthy and look younger. Every benefit makes you want the product. So, you can happily go for it!

How to use?

Take a small amount and apply over your cuticles. Nighttime is the best time to gain the benefits of this cream.

4. Vedic Line Cuticle & Nail Cream


To treat the damaged and weak cuticles, you need a gentle product. Vedic line cuticle cream can give your cuticles. If you are suffering peeling or painful cuticles, then you can try this product. The cream also prevents your cuticles from infections.

It consists of impressive ingredients like tea tree oil, amla, tomato, mango and tamarind extract, sesame oil and eucalyptus oil. The ingredients in the oil make it a super effective cuticle cream.

How to use?

Apply the cream to your nails and cuticles, then leave it overnight for desired results.

5. Crabtree and Evelyn Jojoba Oil Hand & Cuticle Cream


It is one of the best products to get listed here. You can use it every day to protect your cuticle from drying. It is helping mostly, in winter days. In winters, your cuticles may get dry often due to loss of hydration. Then, you can get this product to save your cuticles and hands. All the credit of the cream goes to jojoba oil which. Jojoba oil is filled with moisturizing properties. So, a completely safe option for healthy cuticles. Many are fans for the fragrance but people with sensitive nose may not like it.

How to use?

Gently apply on your cuticles and hands before going to sleep and let it stay all night.

6. Bharti Taneja’s Makeup Essential Nail Cuticle Cream


The cream is suitable for nail skin types. It is a product that promotes your nail growth. If you have dry cuticles, this cream can moisturize the skin well. It is the best option for sensitive skin. It helps in making your nails look healthy. It is an expert at healing the damaged cuticles and the healing process is instant.

How to use?

Take enough amount and apply to your cuticles. Leave it overnight for the best results.

7. Aroma Magic Cuticle Softner


Aroma magic is cuticle cream is a herbal product and it is suitable for all the skin types. The cream works well in removing the discoloration of the nails. It is a lightweight cream that keeps your cuticles non-greasy.

It is a much affordable product with good quality.

How to use?

Apply the cream when you need it. For best results, you can apply before bedtime.

8. Fabindia Olive Hand & Cuticle Cream


The cream leaves your hands and cuticle moisturized. Your hands become supple and soft. The cream doesn’t give you a greasy feeling as it absorbs your skin once applied. A little amount of the cream can make your hands and cuticles look healthy. It gives a protective layer which will never make your hands dry or flaky.

If you are expecting your nails to grow then, this product is not for you.

How to use?

To experience the best of the product, use the cream during night time. Spread the cream on hands and cuticles and leave it overnight.

9. Moha Nail Cream


Dry nails and cuticles are not impressive. It is not only beauty damage but painful when cuticle starts peeling. You can keep the nails and cuticle problem at bay using the moha nail cream. It makes your nails glossy and gives a natural shine. Your nails become healthy after using the product for a few days. It soaks your cuticles in the moisture instantly. It also helps in the growth of stronger nails. A much-loved product!

How to use?

Clean your hands and your cuticles. Leave it overnight and you will see the difference the next morning.

10. Vaseline Intensive Care Hand & Nail Lotion


You don’t two products for hands and cuticles, nails. The lotion is good for multi-purpose. It is non-greasy and non-sticky cream. It makes your hands softer and cuticle healthy. The lotion also strengthens your nails. It can cure the dry cuticles, nails and hands. using this lotion, you can save your nails from breaking and damaging.

How to use?

Spread the lotion all over your hands and nails covering your cuticles. Let to stay all night for desired results.

The cuticle cream is to make your cuticles healthy. The creams are formulated especially for cuticles. Any of the product from the list makes your choice wise. The painful and peeling cuticles are not less than any curse. So, don’t wait to try one of these amazing products to cure your dry and painful cuticles. Once you realize that cuticle health is important, this list will be useful for you.

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