Dry Cuticles- Know The Causes, Home Remedies And Prevention


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You may ignore the less pain or no pain conditions of your skin. The scratch on your skin, the minor dryness cannot bother. If the condition is damaging your beauty or starts annoying you, then you look for the solutions.g

One of the annoying skin condition is dry cuticles. They annoy by getting stuck to the clothes and give horrible pain when it starts flaking. You need to fix the dry cuticle with natural treatment.

It is never suggested to take a chance of ignoring even a minor skin condition. Don’t wait until it gives your unbearable pain. You have enough information to know about dry cuticles. The brief guide of home remedies to treat dry cuticles are simple and effective.

Causes of Dry Cuticles

Unknowingly you let some health and skin conditions to grow. To have awareness, you must know the causes for dry cuticles. When the treatment is important, awareness of the reasons is also important. So, we have mentioned the possible and common causes for dry cuticles-

  • Using chemical oriented hand sanitizers
  • Frequent hand wash
  • Using harmful nail polish remover
  • Nail Biting
  • Malnutrition or vitamin deficiency.

When intake is less or insufficient, it causes skin conditions like dryness and scaly. If the body is getting proper nutrition through food, then it shows the results on hair, skin and nails.

Health Complication of Dry Cuticles

Generally, there are no health issues due to dry cuticles. The only problem you face with dry cuticles is redness, pain around cuticles and swelling. These conditions are common for many and there is no serious effect but gives you the unpleasant feeling and pain around your nails.

Home Remedies to treat dry cuticles

1. Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is good to treat your the dried skin with moisturizing properties. As the skin gets dried due to lack of hydration, compensate with coconut oil. As it is loaded with properties along with the combination of fatty acids which will fix your dry cuticles.. With the regular application on your skin around nails can remove the dead and dried skin. Coconut oil is the best at rejuvenating the skin and also soothes your chapped skin.

2. Vaseline

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The oils that are infused in Vaseline can be the best treatment for the dry cuticles. Let the Vaseline stay for the whole to treat the dried skin. The swelling and redness of the skin reduce with Vaseline application. It is better to apply Vaseline to prevent your skin from dryness as it can give the super hydration.

3. Beeswax

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You will find beeswax in many beauty products like moisturizers. Beeswax is well known to re-hydrate and soften the dried skin. It can reduce itchy sensation that is caused by dried skin around the nails. You can apply beeswax to your dried skin around the nails. As it is loaded with vitamin A, you can have the perfect heal for your dried skin. It is natural remedy to treat your dry cuticles.

4. Oatmeal

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You can take the help of oatmeal which is a solution for many abnormal skin conditions.

You need a cup of oatmeal powder, lukewarm water to mix together. Then you can add your favourite essential oil into it and mix the ingredients. Soak your dried out fingers in the oatmeal mixture for 15-20 minutes. You will be able to fix the dry cuticles with oatmeal and the other ingredients included in this home remedy.

5. Olive Oil and Brown Sugar

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Olive oil is great with antioxidants which are needed to cure the dryness and itchiness. Brown sugar combined with olive oil can work as the perfect to exfoliate your skin. The dead skin can be removed with gentle scrubbing. You need to mix both the ingredients(olive oil and sugar) and massage your dehydrated cuticles for a few minutes. Then wash off your nails after the gentle massage. You can do this 2 times a week and do not exceed more than times a week.

6. Banana and Honey Soak

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Honey is rich with humectant which is an antibacterial agent. The vitamin A in banana also brings back the lost moisture to your skin. With the application of banana and honey, your skin becomes soft and supple with full moisture which you need. You can mash banana and honey to the mash. Then mix both the ingredients finely. Then soak your fingers in the mixture for a few minutes. You must repeat the process to heal your cuticles.

7. Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera can even treat the deep skin damage and keep your skin away from any infections, allergies. Aloe vera is can also treat the painful dry cuticles. You can extract the aloe gel from a fresh stem and apply it on your cuticles. Let the gel get dried and then you can rinse off the gel with plain water. You can apply the aloe gel on a daily basis to see the efficient results.

8. Mint Leaves

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Your needs to be prevented from the infections and you need the properties for that purpose. And mint leaves are rich with antibacterial properties and gives your relief from pain around your nails. You need 5-10 mint leaves to treat the dry skin around your nails. Simply, make a fine paste of mint leaves and extract the juice the leaves. Apply the extracted mint leaves the juice on your dried skin, before going to bed and leave it overnight. Then, wash your hands the next morning with lukewarm water.

Prevention for Dry Cuticles

Let your skin not get affected with harmful products like harsh soaps and chemicals included sanitizers. Using nail polish removers your nails and skin can be dried out. It is also toxic for your body. In cold weather, you must protect your hand with gloves to save your skin from chills. You must apply the cold cream to prevent your skin from dryness and itchiness. Use warm water for bath not hot or cold water. Lukewarm water can keep your skin moisturized without drying out. Also, follow the home remedies along with the basic care.

If you are feeling the itchiness and dryness around cuticles, then start working with the home remedies to heal your skin. Today you may not have the pain but your ignorance can lead to pain, redness and swelling.

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