14 Gorgeous Bridal Nail Arts For Indian Brides- Flattering Nails


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Do you only related with bridal jewelry and bridal lehengas? Bridal mehndi designs are also a bit in touch I feel. But something that sounds new is bridal nail art.

When you let the fashion shower on you, you go non-stop in styling. You need that enthusiasm more as an Indian bride. Keep that enthusiasm and style your nails with the lovely bridal nail arts.

It is not just filling the colours on nails or just sticking the designs. It is to make your nails look bridal with stunning ethnicity. Be a stunning bride who doesn’t compromise on fashion and trends along with traditions.

Bridal Nail Art Ideas For Every Bride To Eye On

Bridal nail art designs are few but you can have several variants adding your creativity. A nail art design can contribute in making you look bridal and special.

You can get the traditional look with the simple elements like glitters and shades. The light classy colours make the bridal nail art look fancy. You have both fancy and traditional bridal nail art designs here. Eye on these designs and go fashionable-

1. Pearl Bridal Nail Art


An Indian bride is incomplete without pearls. Not just in jewelry, also add some pearls on nails to beautify. The pearl nail art for Indian brides looks traditional on the nail colours like maroon and red.

Give the nail art a stylish twist with tiny pearls on vibrant coloured nails. Pearl bridal nail art is easy to do. You can check the above design for clear idea.

2. Maroon bridal nail art


As an Indian bride, you must be looking for a lovely traditional nail art.

Just add the golden embellishments to maroon colour nails. You can give your nails a traditional makeover when you maroon and golden colour combo.

The simple designs transform your nails from routine to bridal with this combination of maroon and gold. You can also add rhinestones and pearls to

3. Diamond bridal nail art


No diamonds is no real brightness. So, add a giant diamond and make a bridal nail art. Though it is not precious diamonds, you can make your nails look grand.

You can look at the above image, how simple it is to make a diamond bridal nail art. You can just imitate the design to get the bridal nail art.

4. Half bloom flower bridal nail art


Half bloom flowers are tenderly beautiful. The delicacy of half bloom flower makes your nails look ethereal. You can be a little creative as shown in the above image. Let your single nail get the half bloom flower and cover the rest with rhinestones.

You can make different styles of flowers. The different styles of flowers make the different designs for bridal nail art. This half bloom flower nail art is simple and for brides who wants minimal art.

5. Butterfly theme bridal nail art


Do you want your nails to go with a beautiful theme? That is a lovely idea. You can do the butterfly design and give your nails the most super fashionable style.

Butterfly themed nails look brightest. The vibrant colours makes the butterfly nail art look bridal. You can look at the above butterfly theme bridal nail art. The flared feather with the scattered colour is all magical.

6. Curvy design bridal nail art


This kind of curvy design suit coffin nails. The nail shape elevates with design. You can keep it simple with curves and it all about the colour combinations.

The curves and twists makes the nails stylish. Most of the modern brides would love to go with this design for wedding rituals. You can also load the curvy design with some traditional embellishments for royal bridal nails.

7. Intricate bridal nail art


Intricate bridal nail art is with minor details and designing. You can make it a lovely design with the rhinestones load. If you are choosing to paint your nails, then let the twists and curves go with deep details.

Intricate bridal nail art makes you a bride high fashion.

8. Shell bridal nail art

1, 2

Shell bridal nail art is extremely beautiful. Shell nail art can be simple with plain design. As you want the bridal nails, add the glitters. Glitters and shell design is the lovely fusion for bridal nails.

Shell nail art also goes well with fancy bridal outfits like gowns. The colours like lavender and peach make this nail art a fancy one.

The shell can be of white colour which keeps the bridal nail art classy. The coloured shell design also looks pretty. The endless creativity gives you elements to add in. You can check out the above images how the shell bridal nail art looks like.

9. Leaf bridal nail art


Leaf design is the simplest of all. You can do this nail art for yourself. You will love trying this leaf nail art. Leaf nail art is not a monotonous idea. You can make the leaf nail art adding glitters.

Above are the bridal leaf nail art which can go on cute short nails or long stylish nails. This design is also for the Indian brides who wants to style the nails but with classy designs. You can do this nail art for wedding parties and rituals. This may not look grand but it is just part of classy stuff.

10. Feather bridal nail art


Feather bridal nail art is something that you must try for a fashionable twist. This makes your nails look perfectly styled on wedding day. As peacock feather adds the ethnicity on tiny space of nail, you can keep this design in your favourite list.

You can make the feather by painting or you also get the ready made peacock nail art stickers. All you need to do is add the embellishments like rhinestones and sequins to the nails. This way you can give your nails a traditional bridal makeover.

11. Flamingo bridal nail art

1, 2

Flamingo can top the fashionable nail art. The simple embellishments and glitter sprinkles can makes this art ethnic. The elegant flamingo standing on your nails is a beautiful idea. You can check out the images of this bridal nail art.

You can make the colourful nail art with flamingo. Every bride who is looking for nature inspired designs will love this flamingo bridal nail art.

12. Embossed flower bridal nail art


Have you seen too much of embossed nail art? It can be your new love with some variant designs and elements. The embossed flower nail art is the prettiest with stones. The stone work with raised design is must try for fashionable brides.

It makes your nails look attractive and bridal. You just cant take your eyes off your nails after this art. You can check out the design from above attached images.

13. Stone nail art


You have seen stones including in the most of the bridal nail arts. Then, how about the stones loaded bridal nail art. The stone work on the nails looks royal but it is a simple to do art.

The traditional essence that you want on wedding is possible with the stones nail art. The multi colour shining stones can make the art look bridal. You can also choose the pretty colour combination like pink and silver for stones bridal nail art.

14. Mandala bridal nail art


The mandala nail art is one of the most fashionable designs. As it has the traditional touch, it can be the perfect bridal design. You can get golden mandala design for bridal nail art.

This nail art is ultimate one that can go with saree on wedding day. The nail art also looks great with modish outfits like gowns and lehengas. The colours and shade you pick to do the nail art makes it traditional and fancy. This bridal nail art transforms your nails to grand look.

You will love every bit of yourself when you are trying something unique. These bridal nail art designs make you a fashionable and happy Indian bride. Style and fashion cannot skip out of an Indian bride along with traditions. That is all the bridal nail art says!

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