Trending This Season, The ‘No Makeup’ Look


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no makeup look

Well, trends come and they go. In the name of trend, we have seen some really shocking ones too, Like the Naked Jeans Remember? And some more sublte makeup trends too but one such recent trend that we heard of, piqued our interest so much we had to give it a try. And when we did we loved it perfectly for a makeup leave day. The trend is the ‘No makeup” look. It is perfect for every occasion where you don’t want to look all made up and yet want to hide all the skin blemishes. We found a perfect to achieve this look and keep it long lasting. Here are some hacks to achieving the perfect no makeup look.

1. Start with a Scrub

Since you want your skin to look natural and yet flawless, start off with scrubbing and removing any dead skin cells or previous day’s makeup bits from your face. This exfoliation will reduce any minor tan. It will also make you face secrete less oil and look radiant and glow naturally. Use a mild scrub if you like doing this step more often, Otherwise use a regular face scrub and use it only once or twice every week. For a sheer base apply a thin layer or sunscreen for coverage, moisturizer and sun protection.

2. Skip the base

Since you want to look like you haven’t put on any makeup, skip the base. Do not use any foundation or primer as base. This will make your face look too even and unnaturally polished. Sometimes keeping your face natural with minor flaws makes it unique and yet extremely beautiful. This is also great for days when you want to give your skin a break and let it breathe.

3. Use a Concealer

If a zit decided to show up at the last minute, or you have red spots or under eye circles. And you want to cover them, Just dab some concealer and cover up the darker areas like dark circles. Do not use a brush, instead use your finger and use very little product. The whole idea is to keep it minimal. Finish your face with some translucent powder for a more natural look.

4. Neutral Cream Eyeshadow

Using a powder eyeshadow will show and make it look made up. Instead, opt for some neutral colored cream eye shadow with pearly finish. It will make your eyes stand out and yet look really natural. Use a brown eyeshadow to fill in your brows and set them. To add a different sparkle use a Champagne pink cream shadow, it will illuminate your face and still look mysteriously natural.

5. Do not miss the Highlighter

When you do not use base on your face, getting that perfect pink glow can be difficult. To achieve that dewy shine on your face without making it look like makeup is not that difficult when you have a subtle simple highlighter. Use a neutral shade close to your face color and highlight your cheekbones and T zone. It will instantly make you glow. We cannot stress enough on the difference a highlighter can make. It is something that adds that little extra n your face and yet no one will realize what it is and they will keep guessing.

6. Mascara is your friend

For this trend, where girls have ditched their Kohl and eyeliners, Mascara has become their new friend. Apply a layer of nice black matte mascara to complete your eye look. It serves as a great and natural way to brighten up and open the eyes out. It is something which will not stand out yet make a really big difference. If you are someone who cannot miss her kajal, Just smudge a little kohl on the lower outer

7. Shine up that Pout

Last but definitely not the least, swipe on a little lip tint of a shade only one color brighter than your natural lip color. This will put together the entire look and make you look brightened up and finished. Use a glossy lip color or balm as matte finish colours may look Plastic and fake. To keep up with the whole theme of the no make up look, Just use a subtle gloss and you are good to rock this look.

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