Top reasons why Rajinikanth is the Thalaiva of Indian Cinema


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There are no words to express how much everyone down in the South India are big fans of the superstar. It comes as no wonder or surprise that he is one of the most relatable human beings who has proved that you can live a life from being a conductor to being the second most paid actor in the world. Well, Rajinikanth who was born as Shivaji Rao was from Maharashtra. He was born and bought up in Karnataka and has a Kannada background although he took up Tamil movies from the  very beginning. Being a huge Thalaiva fan myself, I am so happy to say that I have literally followed every movie of his. Though Rajinikanth came into the Indian Cinema as an anti-hero, he nailed the roles perfectly well with his excruciating efforts.

He also made his debut in the Bollywood industry with a movie called Andha Kanoon. It doesn’t stop with just that because he is one of the very few actors to have played an important role in a Hollywood movie called Bloodstone in 1988. This enigmatic star, who is the love of millions  has always been the super star for many reasons. He is not just a great actor, but is an amazing human being as well. He believes in hard work and encourages his fans to work hard for achieving their goals. Hard work of one person, love from million fans and with entire India is proud of him, here we are to tell you the top reasons why reasons why Rajinikanth is the pride of Indian Cinema.

Reasons for Rajinikanth Being an Amazing Actor in Indian Cinema

1Prototypical style

Prototypical style

Whether people accept or not, he is easily one of the oldest stars in Indian Cinema who still draws huge attention with his walk when he enters a hall. His fast moves, his swift hand actions and of course his child-like smile is all that needs for a 16 year old to fall in love with him. He is one of the best actors when it comes to showcasing style on and off screen. There are a lot of people who have adapted his style and mannerisms over a period of his acting career. You will never forget his style and swag if you have seen the cigarette-flipping scene in the movie ‘Basha’. He is the synonym for being the most stylish actor in the Indian Cinema. If it is swag, it’s Rajinikanth, the superstar!

2Sharp dialogue deliveries and punchlines

Sharp dialogue deliveries

Indian cinema has got a thing for punchlines. Everybody nowadays are coming up with punchlines, but the god of them was always thalaiava himself. His amazing sharp dialogues and punchlines will keep his audience hooked to their seats. The words that he uses are brilliantly written by screenplay writers who keep in mind his actions, sequences and his dialogue delivery. There have been so many actors from Bollywood who have been inspired by the punchline delivery of Mr. Rajinikanth. His famous punch lines are –

“Na oru dhadave sonna, nooru dhadava sonna madhiri” (If I say once, it is equivalent to saying it a 100 times)

“Kannaaa Panninge than kootama Varum, singam Singalatha Varum” (Only pigs come in groups, a tiger comes alone)

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3High-octane stunts

High-octane stunts

Most of Rajinikanth’s movies are compiled with action sequences. His style, his high octane deliveries and the fight sequences will make you go crazy about him. The action stunts are never old or typical. He carries his own approach of fighting sequences and makes sure he nails it with perfection. The action sequences and stunts grow on you and you will be thrilled to see thalaiva fighting his enemies, amazingly. It is a happy ride when you sit with a bucket of popcorn and see the king doing his job perfectly with grace.

4Comedy and sarcasms

Comedy and sarcasms

Rajinikanth’s debut in rib tickling full comedy sequences started from a movie called ‘Thillu-Mullu’ which was directed by late K. Balachandar. Until then, Rajini was only into action and serious movies. But the director had forced him to make a debut into the comedy world too. The movie was very successful and was a hit in the box office. It was believed that Rajini was not ready for such a movie until actor Kamal Hasaan and K.B sir convinced him to do so. His famous comedy scenes are from movies Annamalai, Padayappa, Thillu Mullu, Shivaji, Chandramukhi and so on. He adapted a part of comedy in his movies after his debut.

5Grand and appealing

Grand and appealing

Recently, Rajinikanth’s movies are not only about the scripts and the lead actors, but also about the grand set up, visuals and appealing nature. There are so many recent movies that are filled with grandeur that you as an audience will be thrilled to watch it over and over again. His famous movies like Shivaji, Enthiran, Lingaa and so many others have achieved appreciation for VFX and for matching to Hollywood standards.

6Off screen hero

Off screen hero

Rajinikanth is not just an on screen hero. He is a great man by nature and has done so many good deeds for people in India. He is one of the very few actors who doesn’t talk movies on stage. He is in fact the only big actor who doesn’t bother to dye his hair, shave his beard or trim his moustache. He is who he is and doesn’t put on a mask or makeup in front of his audience. That could be one of the simplest reasons why people love him to the extent of building temples for him in interior TamilNadu.

He believes in hard work and advises the same to his audience. He is a great man both on and off screen.

7Friendly natured

Friendly natured

He has many friends in the Indian Cinema and has good rapport with them. He is on good terms with almost all the big actors like Kamal Hasaan, Amitabh Bhachan, Aishwarya Rai, Mohanlal, Mammuty to name a few. He believes in friendship and has never forgotten his friends from the conductor days as well.

One thing that definitely stands out about Rajinikanth is his simplicity and hard work. As huge fans, he expects us to follow the same. Speaking for lakhs of people out there, I can assure this  ‘Thailava, we will be true followers of your words and work hard at what we are good at’. Let us all look forward to two of his big movies that would be released soon in the coming years – Kabali and Enthiran 2.

Oh also, Belated Happy 65th Birthday Thalaiva!

-Pavithra Ravi