6 amazing professions for every restless soul!


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When we were young, our parents used to make it a practice to ask us what we wanted to become when we grew up. Most of our answers were baseless and never depended on the person we were back then. It was always fancy to say something like – Astronaut, Doctor or Engineer! Well, eventually when growth spurts hit us, we realize that this is not something we want in reality!

Some of them started to go against the routine and do jobs that gave them satisfaction or that mostly fit the habitat they lived in. Our sanctity lies in the very fact that we are utterly high on energy levels and a typically sedentary work life cannot bring us much happiness. If you are one of those souls who never wanted to do the same thing over and over again, and are one of those who are restless as hell, then, check out these amusing job professions that are perfect! At least, I am one of those! Let me pull you through what I feel is an amazing work life!

Six Prefect Amusing Professions

1Connecting words to life

Connecting words to life

Being a restless kind of a person, if you are one of those who loves putting down and expressing everything in writing, then you are visiting my favourite place! Writing is the best feel in the world that connects your thoughts, strings it with words and finally displays it on the paper! Explore the world out there and drown into the thought of words. Becoming a travel writer, is even more fun if you love both traveling and writing. That way, you have fun doing the job you already love! Sounds like a plan! Doesn’t it?

2Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

Here’s a situation – Sitting in front of the computer and working all day long without even sipping your coffee! Or, spilling the coffee on a piece of paper, adding colors to it, to see if the design would work out to be the new ‘it’ design on your t shirt? Well, working with plenty of clipboards, color pencils, miniatures, stationery and house full of paintings! If this isn’t the kind of work every enthusiastic person is looking for. Then what is? A Fashion designer’s everyday job is to create the uncreated! If you are restless kinds, this could be your new gig!

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If you love kids and teaching, this profession is like a cherry on the cake for you! It adds to your profile because being a teacher is not only a dignified job, it is also a job that involves a lot of fun, enthusiasm and moving around with kids. You wouldn’t be sitting in one place and doing a boring job over and over again. You have the decent working hours that comes in handy if you want to earn something extra (Side business) apart from being a full time teacher.



Many people think it’s easy to be an entertainer. This could easily be one of the most difficult professions among the others. An entertainer can be anyone ranging from a dancer, singer, mimicry artist or even an actor! But, if you love what you do and if you are looking for a busy life, go for it! Get involved in the character you are playing, hit the right chords and tap your feet to the perfect kind of music! Its basically like having a fun time as your life goal!



Speak through your lens, create magic through your creativity and make visual that appear normal look spectacularly different with the power you have! Traveling, long hour shooting, meeting new people, visiting the places you never thought you would be would become your everyday life. If you want to have a lot of fun while you work, this is the right kind of job you should be looking for. There are millions of courses out there for photography! Learn and get equipped the right way.

6Journalist/ Reporter

Journalist/ Reporter

Learning new kinds of things every day, people approaching, covering unheard news and sweating out the intellect in you will become your routine if you study journalism and get into reporting. A reporter is a full time job with no time flexibility. You are on your own, but when work demands you to be there, you ought to be there, no matter what! With all the additional perks that TV channels give you, this profession is easily one of the most challenging ones. Plus, think of all the first hand news you will get to know even before the world knows! Exciting, isn’t it?

-Pavithra Ravi

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