What are the reasons why you should have a destination wedding

destination wedding

There may be many a times when you don’t know whether you want a destination wedding or not. Budget, travel, proximity and many more things come into the picture! Yes, we know all that. But, we are definitely going to convince you to get a destination wedding (Do’s and don’t’s of destination wedding) with these 8 reasons why you should have one. At some point, every couple would have thought of the idea of getting a destination wedding done. After all, its your wedding and you would have played your ceremony in mind a hundred times. Isn’t it? Well, here are 10 reasons why you should take your memories and wedding into the road, wild and enjoy the perks of destination wedding.

Reasons For Destination Wedding

1You can go wild with places

You can go wild with places

Yes, destination wedding means anywhere! Literally anywhere! So, if you want to pick a place that is 1000km far or even 10,000 for that matter, it is totally cool and allowed. The world is your playground and you are the players who can run anywhere and get married. Doesn’t the idea of getting married anywhere appeal more than getting married in the same city?

2You will stand out from your wolf pack

You will stand out

It is easier to stand out from your group of friends. Imagine how happy your friends would be if they know they can get a mini vacation because of your idea of getting married elsewhere. Frankly, it also makes you feel really special that you are away from the city, routine and everything. That’s more exciting right?

Also, know what to ask your wedding venue planner

3Its an easy way out

Its an easy way out

The good thing about a destination wedding is that, many resorts offer plans and special packages. If you have a perfect planner to help you out with the entire process, it’s a cake walk for you. They customize the deals for you and plan according to your budget, which is the best part. To involve more of your ideas, a planner makes sure to come up with suitable ideas and themes, which will incorporate your suggestions also.

4Nature is your decor and setup

Nature is your decor

Think of all the money you will be saving on the setup and stage decorations? Flowers, special lights, decorations and everything take up a lot of money. But if its destination wedding, your setup and everything are already there. If you are going for a sea inspired soiree, a simple cloth decoration or no decoration also would look beautiful. A pristine beach, a blooming garden, or simply a historic house would do the needful.

5Enjoy quality time with loved ones

Enjoy quality time

A Destination wedding is all about what you prefer and predominantly spending your quality time with the ones you love. Since this would be one of last time as a single woman, you can spend all the happy time with your friends, family in an exotic different location while the planner helps you out with the other stuff. You would be spending close to a week at the destination, keeping 2 days buffer time both before and after the wedding, so why not use it for bonding with the families. It will be your best way to bid adieu to the singlehood!

6You don’t have to invite everyone

You dont have to invite

Now a days, not everyone is a fan of inviting a huge crowd to their wedding. This can be your best excuse to limit the number of guests you would want for your wedding. Hotel stay, post wedding party, travel can take away your budget. So, if you never liked your high school classmate or your neighbor, simply tell them you are getting married outside the city and you are free! You can definitely show them pictures of your wedding when you get back.

7It is almost like a pre-honeymoon


You will be licensed to romance with your fiance without hesitation of judgments! You are outside your city, nobody cares because you are getting married and most of all, you have all the rights to do whatever you want! Do you want some private time with him, just sneak out, have your share of fun and get back like an obedient one and get married to the same guy! Fun right? Do it to experience it!

8Upgrade to honeymoon destination

honeymoon destination

Many resorts or destination planners upgrade your package to honeymoon package. They will easily plan your honeymoon destination and give you all the benefits you would need for up gradation. The benefit of this, is that you will start your honeymoon much more prior to your original plan. You will easily get your tickets done and wouldn’t have to spend time in figuring out where to go and how.

-Pavithra Ravi

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