7 Amazing things you can relate if you are a music lover


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Someone once said, ‘The only thing that hits you and doesn’t give you pain is MUSIC’. If there is something that can do multiple things like healing, making you feel happy, cry or fix anything and everything, Music could easily qualify first in the list. It sure is hard to imagine life without music because everything involves a beat, a rhythm or a note. Without music, life could definitely feel and look too lonely. So, to start off with, here are some amazing things every person or precisely a music lover would relate to.

Every Music Lover Would Relate To

1No specific genre

No specific genre

As long as you have the beat up and going, the rhythm perfectly suiting the mood and a person singing perfectly singing it, you don’t stick to one particular genre at all. It can move from melody, folk, western or even rap sometimes. Most of the times, Indian music definitely gives a mixture of all this in one movie album itself and it gets easier to listen to a shuffle of songs. You may never know how to answer if people ask you, what’s your favorite genre because you don’t choose the genre, the genre sets your mood.

2You get genre stuck according to your mood

You get genre stuck

Contrary to the previous point, you sometimes get stuck to one kind of genre. Not because you choose to like one particular kind, it is because the mood sets the genre you want to listen. For example, if you fall in love, you tend to listen more of love melody songs, if you want to go out and party, you listen to the Desi Daru songs. If you want to let go, dance and go wild, you end up listening to all those local folk numbers.

3Music comes as a priority in a relationship

Music comes as a priority

If you have a perfect looking guy, that would probably become secondary if you love music more than him. Yes, this is because you would want him to have similar taste in music as you have. It makes more sense being in a relationship where you can sing, dance and probably love each other singing songs to one another. That could be the most romantic date according to you. Isn’t it?

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4Your alarm and ringtones are your favorite

alarm and ringtones are your favorite

This could possibly be the easiest way to relate for music lovers! If you are a music lover, you end up setting the alarm and ring tone to the song you love. This keeps changing according to the song you like in the current phase. This not only gives you the satisfaction, but you want yourself to listen to the song so much so that you can voluntarily change it since you have over heard it.

5A song stays on loop for months

You would obsess over a song for days, months and more months until you find a new song to do the same with. You hear it more than a 100 times and still aren’t bored of. You start getting annoyed with the song so much that you would hate it, but still listen to it. Yes, this happens a lot!

6Headphone on, world off

Headphone on, world off

When you have the headphones on your ears, you go out of control. There is dancing, singing aloud, inappropriate dance moves and what not! Earphones give you the maximum pleasure!

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7You keep increasing your playlist

You keep increasing your playlist

The wondrous thing about music lovers is that, they don’t delete any of the songs on their playlist. Even if they don’t like it – it stays. If you are one of them, then you surely fall under the category. You obsess and dislike a song, but don’t have the nerves to press the delete button. Plus, you share the wisdom around and tell people to add the songs you love.

Songs are everything. They heal, they make you do everything on their own! It is also proved that listening to songs while working in office has been practically increased the work progress of people. So, listen to a lot of songs, enjoy and love music!

-Pavithra Ravi

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