Things that you need to change in 2016

What to Change

It is February already and if you haven’t started changing certain things in your, there is still time for you to do so. Every year is a chance for you to become someone better and enjoy the liberty of being a different person. It makes you a good person, it transforms your idea of love, passion, work and people. It lets you take decisions that you might have not wanted to and you may start to love it. So, these are not resolutions, but these are some things that you need to change in 2016 which will benefit your life and your lifestyle. So, if you are going to think of all possible ways to change something in yourself, you might as well give yourself all the credit and enjoy your life. So, here are some important things to change in 2016 that will bring good and happiness for you.

Top Things You Might Want to Change in 2016

1Sulking on the past

Sulking on the past

Do you know that there is no way you can bring back anything that is lost and gone? Well, yes! In no way can you actually bring back anything at all and even if you regret your decisions and if you think you could have done something better, it isn’t going to help you at all because it’s all in the past. You will end up realizing there is nothing much you can ever do if things are gone from your hand. Instead of thinking what you could have done better, maybe this time just does that! Do something better than what you would have done and see how happy you feel after doing it the right way. If you don’t want to change anything but you feel bad for doing the wrong thing, stay traditional and don’t do anything at all. When you don’t do anything, things may not fall in the right place. But, at least nothing worse would happen to you, right? So, just make peace with yourself and move ahead without any regrets. Never sulk over what’s done or gone.

2Coming out of a toxic relationship

Coming out of a toxic relationshi

There is a truth that people have to know when it comes to relationships. If it is toxic and if it isn’t working, then coming out of it is better than actually trying to fix it. Having to be in a toxic relationship is like two cut hands, which will never clap. So, if you are in such a situation or if you are not able to accept the fact that the relationship will ever work, it is better if you try and come out of it. You can remove that ‘someone’ immediately from your life and safeguard yourself from falling into a pit of crap. Trust yourself and your gut and just move on or tell the concerned person that you are not interested to stay in a relationship that offers you no happiness. Remember that what you decide now makes you decide your character and the person that you have become. If you can’t defend yourself and get yourself out of a relationship that you don’t want to be in, then that is something worse than actually being in a relationship.

3Don’t look for excuses

Don’t look for excuses

It’s never too late for you to change certain things and have a good life. Try to change the attitude of giving excuses and being a laid-back person. Motivate yourself to finish things on time, even if it is college or school work. That way you will know that you at least tried if you still didn’t finish it. Excuses and procrastination never will help you in life and you will miss the fun of finishing things. If it is anything small, you can let go of that, like if you prefer sleeping rather than going for an adventure trip. That makes sense. But, not finishing an important paper just because you have to go to a party, is wrong. You can always miss a fun stuff for a serious work, but you can’t miss a serious work for a fun stuff. If you give excuses for one thing, you will end up giving excuses for everything in life. That makes it only harder and much dumber.

4Don’t try to fit in

Don’t try to fit in

A lot of times you may not understand where you actually belong and what you are doing in a place that doesn’t understand you. Yes, may it be office or may it be anything else like friends, it is difficult for you to fit in sometimes. But don’t let that hurt you in any situation. If you think that you are not able to fit in, in a situation, change the situation and make people come up to you. You can definitely create a situation where people would like to spend time with you. It isn’t a simple and easy way though. You have to work hard for it, but at least you will have the satisfaction that you tried your best. Being in charge of your own life and things around you isn’t a big deal. Everyone does that. But making people like you and making them come to you, is. So, you don’t look for ways to fit in. Make people come to you instead.

5Don’t let fear engulf you

Don’t let fear engulf you

Everyone says that the world is a scary place and you are handling life very easy. Well, yes! Life is easy and you do have to handle life in the most amazing way possible. Being scared of something and making it come behind you is not going to help you at all. Being scared of life is not what you have signed up for. Being afraid to face the world, spending time behind your doors or not talking to people is not going to solve anything at all. So, be brave, face people and solve your own problems in the most amazing way. If you are afraid of everything, it is a subconscious problem and you might have to look for a professional to help you. But the starting of it starts with you. You have to face your fears, challenge yourself and go out in the real world. Make sure that fear doesn’t engulf you entirely.

-Pavithra Ravi

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