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Household Chores for Weight Loss

There are many ways to burn calories and lose your weight. But everything doesn’t work like as you expect. The gym time or separate time allocated for your workout is tough. Then, you give up on your weight loss goals. Even after giving up the weight loss goals, you have the regret of not doing it. Of course, you feel sad when you fail to reach your goals.

Your weight loss goals need not be given up. You need to spend time in the gym or allocate time separately for a workout. Household chores can reduce your weight. It is awesome to lose weight doing the routine work at home.

Instead of getting the work done by your maid, you can do your own work. This makes you closer to achieve weight loss goals. Don’t you think you are saving time and money by doing your own household chores? If you think, it is a good idea to lose weight with household chores, you got some ways to practice.

Household Chores for Weight Loss

1. Sweeping and Mopping

Household Chores: Sweeping and Mopping

Sweeping and mopping let you unfold your muscles. You get to bend and get back which is a needed movement for your body. When you are sweeping, you bend your back and then you have a chance to reduce your tummy. The movements in your hands let you gain toned shape. As you keep repeating the movements can make you burn enough calories.

How many calories burn by mopping or sweeping?

Mopping floor can burn 193.7 calories.

2. Dusting out

Household Chores: Dusting out

When you dust out the heights of your house, you lift up your heads which is a required movement. Your neck rotates and neck movement is a must. When you are dusting the corners of the house, you get to bend which let you burn the calories. While dusting the windows and doors, you are working on your abs, glutes, arms muscles.

How many calories burn by dusting?

You can burn 173.6 calories while dusting and cleaning your house.

3. Cleaning Vessels

Household Works: Cleaning Vessels

Cleaning the vessels is a perfect hand movement which can tone your arms. The fat in arms can be reduced with daily cleaning of the vessels. It works as your scrubbing the vessels to clean them off.

You may feel the difficulty in washing vessels but it is one of the effective household chores for weight loss.

How many calories burn by cleaning vessels?

Cleaning vessels can allow you to burn 128 calories.

4. Cooking

Household Chores: Cooking

Cooking let you do the activities like peeling chopping, stirring and whisking which aid in a cutoff of the calories. You can also keep a check on your calories intake. We can say cooking all the ways good which avoid the outside food, for calorie check.

Also cooking and baking are fun more than just a household chore.

How many calories burn by cooking?

You can burn 150 calories by cooking.

5. Organizing Things

 Organizing Things

Organizing things and making everything look perfect at home is great. While organizing things, you get to lift the weights, walk, bend and move. Clear the unwanted stuff at home and see that everything is in place. If you find something messy in any corner, clear it off. This all helps in burning enough calories.

Anyways, organizing thins is a required part of household chores on a daily basis.

How many calories burn by organizing things?

The calories by organizing things at home is based on the weights you lift.

6. Laundry

Household Chores: Laundry

Laundry is the most effective household work that let you reduce your weight. Do the laundry by washing the clothes by hand. You aim to remove the stains and dirt by scrubbing the clothes. The repeated movements in your hands give the toned muscles. Rinsing the clothes in the water for final cleaning, you get to bend and stand back. Also press your cleaned and dried clothes is part of laundry. Then, you will be able to burn a good number of calories.

How many calories burn by laundry?

You can burn 116 calories by doing laundry for 1 hour.

7. Folding Clothes

Folding Clothes: Household Works

Folding the clothes may not help you too much of calories. But it is good for hand movements and allows you to do minor body movements. It is one of the simple and easy household chores.

How many calories burn by folding clothes?

A 120 lb person can burn 38 calories while standing and folding clothes. Folding clothes for 15 minutes, by sitting can burn 21 calories.

8. Gardening

Gardening: Household Chores

Gardening is an effective household work that helps in weight loss. You can drop the calories by planting, cutting the dried leaves and watering.

Gardening is also a refreshing activity. You can do gardening early in the morning where you get to take some fresh air. You are also letting all the toxins go out and take pure air from trees. Gardening can be an enjoyable part of your daily household chores.

How many calories burn by gardening?

You can burn around 287.8 calories by gardening.

9. Washing Your Car

Washing Your Car: Household Chores

Do not let others wash your car. You get to do lunges while completing the task of washing the car. Your arms, legs and abdominal muscles can be toned.

You can take a chance of losing your weight by washing your car. It is not that just by washing your car, you can lose your weight. But it can help and contribute its part in weight loss when you are also doing other household chores.

How many calories burn by washing a car?

Washing your car, you can burn 234 calories in one hour.

10. Paint a Room

Paint a Room

Do not call a painter to paint your faded room. Try painting your room by yourself. You will have to bend and move to paint a room completely. You will be able to complete your task of burning the calories for a day. It is also a fun household work to fill your room walls with paint.

How many calories burn by painting?

A person who is of 155 pounds can burn 167 calories by painting a room for 30 minutes.

The household chores are equal to a walk on treadmill and a short distance jogging. You must be a multi-tasking woman to reduce your weight with household chores. Along with household chores, also try to follow the healthy diet plans for weight loss. the All the household chores are letting you do the body movements. And it is an easy way to burn your calories.

Get ready to shed the calories by doing the household chores.

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