Your Guide To Back Combing Your Hair Like A Pro

Back Combing
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While we all love our elevated crown buns, high poofs and Slick pulled back hair. But going to a salon every time you want to make a perfect back combed look is not possible. So how do you achieve the perfect backcombed hair look right out of the salon, at Home? We have the answer. Just follow these simple steps and you soon become a pro at making these wonderful hairstyles that will make everyone’s heads turn.

How To Back Comb Your Hair-

How To Back Comb
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  1. Wash your hair thoroughly with a volumising shampoo. If you have hair that is not naturally voluminous, this shampoo will add volume to your hair and make any hairstyle look more full, thick and rich.
  2. Apply a little bit of shine serum to your hair. Take a pump of this shine serum and apply to your hair from mid length of your hair to the end and evenly distribute it. Do not add it to your scalp as it may clog the scalp pores and build up product around it.
  3. Take some texture giving mousse or cream and apply it over your entire hair length. Esp near the base. Massage the product into your hair and let it stay for 2 mins.
  4. Bend down and start blowing a dryer on the hair at a warm setting. Point the hairdryer at the base and slowly work it down to the ends. Also, comb your hair in the same direction.
  5. Now, flip your hair back up and create a parting. Center or side, whatever you want to style your hair in. Lift the section up and spray some hair setting spray. Do not use too much, or else it will become too stiff.
How To Back Comb Your Hair
  1. Take a section of hair that you want to backcomb. Hold the ends in your hands and start backcombing with a fine toothed comb from mid length to the base.
  2. Repeat till you have achieved a thick voluminous base, now put back the section and with low pressure, superficially comb the upper hair of that section.
  3. Do not try to de-tangle the base or put pressure on the lift. Or else it may end up falling flat.
  4. Style your hair in whatever style you want. Like a bun at the back a normal poof and open hair or anything at all. The backcombing will give you the look of extra volume that you are missing.
  5. Accessorize your hairdo with nice accessories and clips to glamourise the look.

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