9 Great Yoga Poses for Anti-Aging – Way to Save Yourself From Aging


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Yoga Poses for Anti Aging
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You keep protecting your skin from various damages. Meanwhile other side, the skin takes the turn of aging affects. You keep checking your over all health but age makes you weaker physically. Your mental health comes down with stress, anxiety like emotions.

How do you prevent yourself from anti-aging? Healthy food and beauty products are the other ways. But to keep all your attempts effective, you need some physical movements. The powerful yoga poses can make you stay away from anti-aging effects internally and make you go strong externally.

You can stay young and fit with the yoga poses. We don’t think any women will ignore the ways to stay young and have the perfect skin while aging. So, here now, we are going to guide you with thew yoga poses that are easy to practice and effective in preventing anti-aging.

Powerful Yoga Poses for Anti-Aging

1. Fish Pose- Matsyasana

Image source: yogajournal.com

Fish pose is a simple pose with many benefits. You can stay fit and healthy including fish pose in your yoga practice.

Other Benefits of Fish Pose:

It helps in relieving the menstrual pain and it is good for abdomen health. Breathing problem can be prevented with fish pose. Most importantly, this pose can help you in digestion.

Steps to practice fish pose:

1. Lay down on the floor and pull your stomach in under your hips.
2. Press the palms on the floor, below your buttocks. Take a perfect support by keep your elbows on the floor and arms attached to your torso.
3. Lift your body off the floor and you will form a curve at your back.
4. Then, lift your head up and let the scalp part touch the floor.
4. Hold this pose for 60 seconds
5. Return to your normal position.

Watch the video to follow the steps:

Precautions and Contradictions:

Pregnant women should not practice this pose as it can put pressure on womb. People who are suffering from severe neck and back injury must not practice fish pose.

2. Dolphin Pose- Ardh Pincha Mayurasana

Image source: asmy.org.au

Dolphin pose can be practiced by beginners as well. The whole body movement can help in different ways over all.

Other benefits of dolphin pose:

Your core muscles can be toned, releases the fatigue and stress. This pose can promote digestion which is a problem for many.

Steps to practice dolphin pose:

1. Get into the practice by placing on your hand and knees on the floor.
2. Let the forearms stick the floor and keep your elbows and shoulders stiff.
3. Raise your hips off the floor and set your legs straight with the help of toes.
4. Now, let your head go into the gap of your two hands. Stay in the same position and take deep breathes and continue to hold the position.
6. Exhale out and rest your body normally back.

Note: See that you do not put too much of stress on shoulders, to avoid shoulder injury.

Precautions and Contradictions:

People with neck or shoulder injury should avoid practicing this pose.

Watch the video to follow the steps:


3. Lion Pose – Simhasana

Lion Pose Simhasana Yoga for Anti Aging
Image source: gmag.in

Doing this pose you can focus mainly preventing the wrinkles. Wrinkles are main problem that every women face and worried about her beauty damage.

Other Benefits of Lion Pose:

You throat and lungs can be strengthened. It can release your tension which affects your face. Wrinkles around your neck can be prevented with lion pose.

Steps to practice this pose:

1. Start in seated position by resting your hips on heels. You can place your palms on your knees.
2. Take your palms on to the yoga mat. Take a deep breath through the nose and open your mouth simultaneously and keep the tuck the tongue out of your mouth. Open your eyes wide and make a “haaa” sound while exhaling through the mouth.
3. Inhale back and get ready to repeat this 2-5 times.

Precautions and Contradictions:

People suffering from knee aches and injuries must not practice the pose.

Watch the video to follow the steps:

4. Tree Pose – Vrikshasana

Tree Pose Vrikshasana Yoga for Anti Aging
Image source: protips.dickssportinggoods.com

Tree pose is a bit difficult but you can challenge yourself to do this pose. You can practice following the proper steps which will be easy for you. Your mood can also get better practicing the pose with few breathes while practicing the pose.

Other Benefits of Tree Pose:

Increases the body balance overall and also strengthens the pelvic muscles. This pose also helps in strengthening the calves, ankles and spine. With tree pose you can have the emotional balance like stress and anxiety like common problems.

Precautions and Contradictions:

1. Stand in straight position and let your hands be on your sides.
2. Take right leg in hand and place the sole of the leg on right thigh.
3. Inhale and find the balance to stay in the position.
4. Set your back straight and raise your hands to join together.
5. Hold the position for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then exhale out by coming back to normal position,
6. You need to repeat the same steps for left leg.

Precautions and Contradictions:

It is better not to practice this pose if suffering with high blood pressure. Skip tree pose in conditions like migraine and insomnia. If you have any acute knee injury or hip injury then do not stress your muscles to bend in this pose.

Watch the video to follow the steps:

5. Warrior Pose 2 – Virabhadrasana II

Image source: vancouverhealthcoach.com

Warrior pose 2 can work for all over body fitness as it lets hands and legs stretched. You will also have to twist the hip slightly and the minor movements makes a bigger difference in yoga and this is a best example.

Other Benefits of Warrior Pose:

You can get rid of back aches with the practice of warrior pose 2. Your chest and lungs open which also helps in healthy respiratory system. Stamina can be built which is major problem for many.

Steps to Perform Warrior Pose:

1. Stretch out both your arms and keep them parallel to the ground.
2. Also stretch out your legs open your legs and bend your right knee forward. Meanwhile, keep your left leg the straight stretched.
3. Turn your back right slightly(90 degree) and hold the position till 3-6 natural breaths.
4. Then, release your body from the pose and pause for 10 seconds.
5. Now, repeat the above steps for other side.

Precautions and Contradictions:

Not supposed to perform this pose when there is knee, hip or neck injury. The person who has high/low blood pressure should not practice warrior pose 2.

Watch the video to follow the steps:

6. Standing Forward Bend Pose – Uttanasana

Image source: yogasportlife.com

This pose is for all reputed for many health benefits. It is one of the oldest poses of yoga. Any beginner can practice asana. It may not be that perfect at the very first time but you will learn to do it perfectly after 2-3 days of practicing.

Other Benefits of Standing Forward Bend Pose:

The pose prevents menopause and the other countable benefit is blood circulation in brain. Strengthens and increases the flexibility of spine.

Steps to practice this pose?

1. Place both your hands on either of the sides and stand straight. Then inhale gently.
2. Exhale and bend forward by downing your head below the knees. See that you don’t put over stress on knees and while bending, do it gently and carefully.
4 . Now, try to hold both your heels with both the hands from back.
(You can place your hands on the yoga mat first, to make it easy for you)
5. Stay in the position until your feel the stretch on your upper leg.
6. Repeat the steps for 2-3 times to make it an effective practice.

Precautions and Contradictions:

The people who are suffering from knee problems, spine, hip and ankles injury must not practice this pose.

Watch the video to follow the steps:

7. Bow Pose – Dhanurasana

Image source: yogajournal.com

Your body need to stretch out to work better for the long day. Bow pose is focused on the torso and legs for the formation of a bow shape. You may find it tough to practice but it can enhance your flexibility with regular practice.

Other Benefits of Bow Pose:

Women who are suffering the menstrual disorders need to practice bow pose for a better cure. It also improves one’s appetite and digestion. With regular practice, chest, thighs, ankles, groins and abdominal organs strengthen.

Steps to Practice Bow Pose:

1. Lay down in reverse position touching your belly to the floor.
2. Now, exhale and bend your knees. Take your hands to the back to hold both your ankles with both the hands. You can place your heels on your buttocks to hold the knees easily.
(Do not open your knees wider and let them be your hip width)
3. Now inhale and take the heels away from your buttocks. Simultaneously lift up your upper thighs and keep chest up without touching to the floor.
(Here, you come to the right position of bow pose by fixing your belly and part of thighs on the floor)
4. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds. While holding the pose, you must not stop breathing even if it is difficult.

Precautions and Contradictions:

At first pregnant women should avoid this pose. People who are suffering from heart problems must not practice this pose. The one who is in these conditions are asked not to practice bow pose: with high or low blood pressure, neck injury, lower back pain, hernia, headache, migraines or a fresh abdominal surgery.

Watch the video to follow the steps:

8. Downward Dog Position – Adho Mukha Svanasana

Image source: yogajournal.com

You have to stretch your joints and let them unfold. You can look at the image of the pose to know how well you can stretch your body practicing this pose. It is not a tough pose to practice and great to be part of your daily workout.

Other Benefits of Downward Dog Pose:

All your body muscles strengthens. With this pose, blood flow in brain becomes easy and promotes blood circulation. As it is also extending your spine while practice, your spine becomes strong. With downward dog pose, you will get to build your shoulders and arms strong.

Steps to Practice Downward Dog Pose:

1. Firstly, put your knees and palms on the floor.
2. Extend both your hands, just by taking support with palms still placing on the floor. Simultaneously, extend your legs by taking support of your feet.
3. Raise your hips up and let your head go into the gap of your both elbows.
(Your whole body looks in V shape in downward dog pose)
4. Now hold the pose for 15-20 seconds and keep breathing normally.
5. Com back to first step and relax for few seconds. Then, repeat the pose for few times.

Precautions and Contradictions:

If there is any injury in shoulders or knees, must stay away from this pose.

Watch the video to follow the steps:

9. Chair Pose – Utkatasana

Chair pose is good for physical fitness. It is similar to squats position and looks like you are resting on a chair. The stretch in your muscles is needed and the pose allows to give a proper stretch to your arm muscles, buttocks and thighs.

Other Benefits of Chair Pose:

By practicing chair pose, you can increase your body balance. You also can get into the correct posture. Chair pose will let you increase the strength of your legs and ankles. Great pose for healthy heart as you will release more carbon dioxide and intake the oxygen.

Image source: doctoroz.com

Steps to Practice Chair Pose:

1. Set yourself comfortably in standing position.
2. Then, foot of your legs stay apart with little gap and keep your hands parallel to the floor.
3. Now, slightly bend your knees. Hold the balance of your body in the position, until you feel the stretch in your muscles.
4. Come back to the normal position and repeat the pose for few a times.

Precautions and Contradictions:

The people who are suffering from headaches, knee problems, arthritis, low blood pressure, insomnia, must stay away from practicing the chair pose.

Watch the video to follow the steps:

Yoga is the top most workout form for overall health, fitness and beauty. The yoga poses followed from olden days are golden for modern world. To believe the statements and works of yoga poses, you must start practicing them. Start practicing the above poses before you find the aging skin problems. Stay fit and stay young! Health and beauty are the basic leads of happy life.

Benefits – How Yoga Helps for Anti-Aging?

Yoga is capable of preventing specific diseases and abnormal health conditions. Age grows with different skin conditions. Yoga can stop aging by controlling the hormones. Daily practice of yoga can give you stress relief and also natural beauty. We must call the below benefits of yoga as needs. Any of them are not working can make the health condition bad. It also affects the skin health with various effects.

  • Free from mental tensions: Do you agree that stress is the starter for several health problems? Stress grows with age and the reasons of stress are various. You can get rid of stress and mental tensions by practicing yoga on daily basis. You are truly saving yourself from stress
  • Right body balance: You were young and strong and it is routine. But older and strong is possible with yoga practice. The body balance is required while you are growing older. The balance in your body can keep and show you young. The stable and unfolding body is turns weak easily with aging, the physical movements can reserve the happening.
  • Adds flexibility: Your body needs to flexible to stay fit physically. Yoga makes you body flexible and you can have benefits like fewer injuries and less body pains. Your strength and stability increases with flexible body.
  • Healthy Muscles: Several people above their 30s-40s are suffering with joint pains. The health muscles can let you stay away from the pain at back, joints and spine. The stiff holds, stretches are a need for your body and yoga poses can do that perfectly.
  • Better breathing: There are chances of facing breathing problems when growing old. Yoga poses focus on inhale and exhale process which goes in a pattern. The breathing patterns while practicing yoga exercises can make your breathing better.
  • Appetite gainer: Many of the aged people lose appetite and it is long suffer. So, you can get rid of this long suffer of appetite loss with yoga practice. Yoga poses help in digestion and the best way of keeping your appetite normal.
  • Boosts Immunity: Young or aged, immunity is a need for everyone. Aged people are more attacked with immunity issues. So, make yoga a part of your lifestyle and boosts your immune system.

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